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2020 Predictions for Magic Workers
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    Key Transits for the Last Half of 2020

    April 25, 2020: Pluto Station Retrograde (SRx)at 24°43' - Station Direct (SD) October 4, 2020 at 22°29'.
    May 10, 2020: Saturn SRx at 01° Aquarius 14' - SD September 28, 2020 at 25° Capricorn 20'
    May 13, 2020: Venus SRx May 13, 2020 at 21° Gemini 50' - SD June 25, 2020 at 05° Gemini 20'
    May 14, 2020: Jupiter SRx at 27° Capricorn 14' - SD September 12, 2020 at 17° Capricorn 24'

    The official Covid-19 lock-down time is supposed to end with the beginning of May. At that time both Pluto and Jupiter hover on the US Sibley Chart Pluto in the second house of our money, reflective of the rich getting even richer by easy pickings, also of the massive financial aid the federal government will be offering, however not necessarily to those in need. As this is the first Pluto return for the USA, we may be moving towards a total revolution and transformation in how the United States conducts its commercial affairs and treats its workers.

    The Sibley chart is cast for a particular moment on July 4, 1776 when the US declared independence from the tyranny of British trade taxation; so far this time around we are running up a deficit due to Covid bail-outs that could gut much function of the central government and remove all social net programs designed to support health, welfare and retirement completely. However to visit such privation upon millions of individuals will result in widespread civil disorder, which will be extremely expensive to police, not to mention destructive on the infrastructures necessary for adequate country-wide transportation and utilities functions.

    On the personal level, May and much of June will be a time of researching, re-trenching, of re-organizing and attempting to re-new whatever projects rank high in priority for us. With four major planets moving in retrograde motion, there looks to be a slow and careful re-organization, re-extension and re-opening of businesses shuttered in prior months. With both planetary financial indicators retro along with the heavies, it's not a good time to spend money you don't have, also not an auspacious time to start a new romance or get married. Otherwise it will pay to be frugal in dietary and dress habits.

    A second wave of infection may also occur under this striking cosmic signature, due to opening economies too quickly; better for those already working from home to continue to do so for the duration of 2020 and beyond, even if just to keep urban conjestion in particular down. On the national level a re-examination of the health care system and its short comings is in order, as we will not be free of the virus or other plagues from now on, until our relationship to the rest of the ecosystem is definitively changed to something much more holistic, here suggesting a model that is much more mutually supportive of interspecies support, instead of rapaciously destructive.

    Uranus SRx on August 15, 2020 at 10° 41'- SD January 14, 2020at 6°43': Look for radical incidents of public unrest around the days of the Uranus station; a sense of disruption and/or a sudden change of direction or plans can occur at the personal level. As the planetary archetype for progress through breakdown and sudden change is moving through an earth sign, the disruptions occur as manifestations in the material realm, they don't just hang in the mind. Specifically in Taurus, the sign of Fall for Uranus, the station and any heavy aspects Uranus makes can also translate as power grabs or aggressive moves made by dictatorial powers at large. Otherwise, any physical structure that has outworn its current function and form will be knocked down; it is fashionable in the US to give top management big bonuses, then simply gut an otherwise viable company via bankruptcy.

    July 21, 2020: Eris SRx at 24° 33' - SD January 11, 2121 at 23°27'
    September 9, 2020: Mars SRx at 28°08' - SD November 18, 2020 at 18°13'
    October 13, 2020: Mercury SRx at 11° Scorpio 40' - SD November 3, 2020 at 25°53'

    We are in for a truly tedious retrograde affair, as Mars in its home sign of Aries will promote more belligerent, passive-aggressive and irrationally passionate intensity than usual for about two whole months; followed by obnoxious, aggressive and violent action when Mars goes direct for at least a month. During both phases the archetype of martial action will be putting on the screws through passing over Eris the archetype of creative discord, while both make a harsh, slow cardinal square to the Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn grouping in Capricorn. Note that the Covid-19 crisis splattered across the world most spectacularly as Mars moved in conjunction through this same planetary grouping in early March.

    So we can expect some sort of blockage and/or civil disorder on a large scale, as Mars square Saturn-Pluto is resistive, stubborn, quarrelsome, obstinate and abusive in the extreme; Jupiter included just means more, bigger, better and exaggerated quantities of whatever is already jamming the toilet drains of the nations globally. During the retrograde the collective will be locked in a deep stall, deciding whether to immerse itself in lies crafted by the far right rich (Blue Pill), or hew to the changes dictated by scientific fact, relative to earthly environmental status and the need to make a living (Red Pill). When Mars goes direct it will pass back over the planetary square, demanding what it wants now and not afraid to use force to get it.

    On the personal level, the long Mars aspect is not supportive of good health, whether speaking mentally, emotionally or physically; collectively we will indeed be under siege. Positively, this transit is good for going over plans and projects with an eye to re-structuring, re-directing or re-tooling; in the purely physical sense body conditions related to inflammation will be aggravated. Mentally or emotionally it will be easy to dwell on grievances or adopt a stubborn, intractable stance relative to others requests for change or assistance. This is a perfect storm for the provocation of abuse in its myriad forms, whether speaking of people, animals or environment.

    Consider finding a place of peace where some separation from aggravating circumstances and people can be procured. On occasion there may be a nagging inner sense of fear, anger and frustration, which can be mitigated by moving in nature, engaging in some gentle, methodical form of exercise or going deep in meditation. Resorting to sensation dampeners such as binge TV, excess drugs and/or alcohol or believing that arguing with others to press your point or shopping more will save you, will not yield benefit. Obviously it's not the best time to push a new romance or rely on men in particular to be charming, at all; domestic violence and child abuse however, should have a field day.

    Meanwhile Mercury the ruler of all things communicative and trade-related moving retro in the classic sign of grudge-holding, revenge and power brokers does not bode well for a sweet, clean election process, nor does it encourage easy relations on the personal level, although some uncomfortable truths could surely be revealed. The month of October is classic for market correction in the US; the Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn grouping hangs in the US Sibley second house of our personal assets and money, so we can expect some extreme cramping and slowdown in financial action and perhaps another wave of infection gumming up business as usual too. Another possibility is extreme political infighting and riots in the streets. Intriguingly, the presidential election day is November 3rd, the very day Mercury stations direct; in Scorpio the ruler of all things mental and communicational will have spent the last month either digging up dirt or spreading it, relative to the rampant growth of manured disinformation.

    Saturn will re-enter the sign of the water-bearer on December 18, 2020, followed by Jupiter entering on December 20 of the waning year. We do want to end this troubled year with a ray of hope and promise for the future, even as culture and economy will be mired in the process of transmuting to new and strange forms. Aquarian energy wears two faces out in the world; one is progressive and innovative, sublimely inclusive in embracing reforms beneficial to the welfare of humanity; respectful of tempered individual expression as we move cooperatively towards mutually beneficial collective goals. The flip side is dictatorial and coldly detached, demanding absolute power over others while demanding absolute freedom for itself; because it knows best, of course.

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