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Key Transits for the Third Quarter of 2022

As July began the world at large was still riding slightly off the tracks courtesy of the very powerful solar eclipse, the second Saturn-Uranus square of the year and Mercury retrograde in Gemini that occurred in June. Then martial Mars squaring life or death Pluto before moving into fixed sign Taurus, already residence for rebellious, reactive Uranus, triggered off a fresh round of turmoil that included the US Supreme Count doing away with abortion rights and climate-change reform, on top of the usual public mass death and extremist activity already in play.

Determined, war-like Mars will continue moving up on Uranus during July, culminating in a spectacular conjunction between those two conflict-inclined planets and the North Node of the Moon at the end of the month The suggestion here is to lay low, focus on creative projects and keep to the simple life in the remaining weeks of July and on into August, as the potential for quarrels, fights, accidents and general mayhem is running extremely high. But at the same time we will be pushed to make more of ourselves, our creative products, our bodily health and the capasity to accumulate assets and manage them well.

In so many ways we humans never seem interested in taking responsible for the ravages that a cult of excess cultivates; nay, fear and rage is currently roiling over any possibility that the magic cornucopia of modern commerce will stop gushing cheap abundance. And just how does one find value in meaningful creative or spiritual pursuits, when the competition can be boiled down to the latest clever Tic-Toc clip, produced by some influencer living in Bali, making millions from daily bikini shots?

Another noteworthy summer milestone is Eris as planetary archetype of chaotic creativity and discord, celebrating one hundred years in the no-slouch sign of Aries at the start of July. The power of her vibration has been amply demonstrated as she has danced with Uranus and then Pluto since the beginning of 2012, and hasn't the general worldly tune gone quite exotic with shades of the 5th dimension blurring the 3-D with increasing strength since then? It shouldn't feel abnormal to be highly energized and inspired one day, weak and wondering if apocalypse lurks just around the bend on the next day. Are we going to come out on the right side of this chaotic era? I tend to think so, but not at all matching much to the current incarnation of modern psychotic, consumerist man or fundamentalist fanatic. But [they] are going to try real, real hard to keep the old template, hence the greater loss that must play out first.

July 13, 2022: A Full Moon of climaxes shines at 21° Capricorn 21, applying to a meet up with transformative lord Pluto, both of which are in opposition to planetoid Ceres traveling with the Sun. Ceres and the Sun are in Cancer, a sign of maternal nurturance if so inclined, however opposed by Moon-Pluto which generally speaks to a harsh, authoritative drive to impose stringent control over the functions of gestation and reproduction or grainfields, for example. This opposition is in a dynamic t-square with Eris at 25 Aries, messenger of discord, chaos and therefore martial conflict over the status quo of cultivation rights.

Uranus the ruler of rebellion and sudden, volatile change is at 18° Taurus 12,therefore shortly joining up with the North Node of the Moon; this duo is being tailed by a hot, determined Mars at 05° Taurus 54'. The god of war and conquest is in a sign that essentially promotes those who demand having their own way. There is an us-versus-them flavor in the air, floating along with poor impulse control, courtesy of Jupiter running fast and overly impatient in Aries. Extreme sports such as the Tour de France or blind dating can be rife with sudden accidents and dramatic combat, but the exuberance can be intoxicating, darling.

Venus at 24° Gemini 50' is in square to Neptune at 25° Pisces 22'and in trine Saturn retrograde in Aquarius; everybody here is in aspect to the current lunation, and not in an easy way. Saturn here can represent ideology imposed without compassion; Neptune and Venus throw in lofty ideals not grounded in common sense and wafting a flavor of QAnon-type conspiracy-mongering. All is definitely not well in Whoville, but if we can stay focused and mind our own business tremendous progress can be made now on important projects.

The degree by Sepharial for the lunation is “A plough.” Those capable of arduous and protracted labours are favored. An inherent force of character will carry one through all difficulties and beyond all obstacles. Endowed with much definition of purpose, determination and incisiveness, one will make headway against all obstructions and cut out a line in life for themselves. In all probability the recompense of labor will be found in association with agricultural projects and in the utilization of old and waste materials. It is a degree of DETERMINATION.*

July 17, 2022: Venus goddess of attraction, love and finances enters Cancer, wherein she is more sentimental and emotional. Home remodel and beautification projects will be favored, as will be entertaining at home and indulging in the finest of food, drink and lounging apparel. Since both Venus and Cancer are associated with collections of abundance, this Venus transit can enhance income with a little effort.

July 18-19, 2022: Mercury ruler of all things communicational opposes Pluto retrograde in Capricorn before entering the sign of Leo. Not the best for easy dialogue and a definite invitation to an ego-enhanced bout of large-and-in charge type orations. Meanwhile Chiron the shamanic maverick stations retrograde at 16° Aries 26'around the same time, which signals that this is not the time to push one's luck with pushy tactics. The lord of the Rainbow Bridge will resume direct motion on Christmas Eve at 11° Aries 56'.

July 22, 2022: The Sun opposes Pluto retro in Capricorn before entering the sign of Leo. Once again we have urges pushing towards power-plays or feeling ambivalent about doing any. But once in Leo, home sign of its rulership, the Sun is ready for fun and dramatics. It's a great time to take short trips, push yourself a bit with exercise, put the shoulder into enjoying the best life has to offer.

July 28, 2022: A New Moon of Beginnings shines at 05° Leo 38,in a nice fire trine with Jupiter stationing retrograde at 08° Leo 43' and generally uncluttered otherwise. Fire aspects are excellent for feeding the imagination and inspiration, but also can manifest as excited volatility, exaggeration and general overflow fed by agitation.

That said because the other main lunation aspect consists of the aggressive Mars-Uranus-North Node package, and this powerful ball of reactionary energy will be moving in square to Mercury, ruler of all things communicational in flamboyant, dramatic Leo, which is also a fire sign. The overall pattern bespeaks of great agitation over getting attention, if not financial matters and market activity, also a general mood of great pique and restless desire for change at home base, whether speaking of whole countries, partnerships, family or one's own font of consciousness.

Based on global events of the past few weeks, it would seem people are angered at both the right and the left of the political spectrum, while at the same time feeling relatively powerless to promote meaningful positive change. The judicial system in the US also seems to be quite compromised and subject to partisan manipulation and extremely creative interpretations of the law, that only a few years ago would have been considered nonsense and today are taken at face value.

Which is an example of how crazy-making the current state of affairs can feel. On the personal level, moving towards new partnerships and associations over summer will definitely be of benefit, and/or moving or moving out of the way if current circumstances are not suiting ones needs. Inner equanimity can get quite rattled, so once again consider focusing on interesting projects related to home, or travel in good company to wherever is somewhat out of the way for social unrest. For the rest of the year, the overall mood out there will be turning increasingly extreme in alignment, liberal or conservative, with all the planets from Jupiter on out in the process of going retrograde just like last year. A predominance of stubborn, forceful Taurean moodiness combined with fire aspects in the next few months will tempt one to speak out or act in frustration and passion, but do please pick the battles carefully at this time.

The degree for the lunation is “Two crossed swords above a gauntlet, forming an escutcheon." It denotes a proud, martial nature with a penchant for athletics, deeds of daring and prowess, contests, feats of arms and the like. Somewhat given to argument and contention, ever ready to rush into disputes regardless of danger. Some will succeed as a soldier or in active service requiring courage and strength; but some will be liable to reverses of fortune following upon undue self-assertion. A degree of PROWESS.

July 28, 2022: Jupiter ruler of benevolent authority and abundance will station retrograde at 08° Aries, 43'; it will backtrack into the radically different vibrations of Pisces in late October for one last dip, stationing direct at 28° Pisces 47' on November 24, 2022. Do expect quite a jolt around this time as affairs and mindsets will shift from forward to backward motion, concurrent with Mars turning retrograde. Abundance can still be had during this Jupiter transit, however contract signings and payments may be delayed or money is generated from old accounts and established clients.

July ends with Mercury in Leo opposing Saturn retrograde in Aquarius while Venus squares Chiron retrograde, a rather neat recipe for withholding information, resistance to exuberance and hurt feelings ignited in relationship. Step carefully as the Mars-Uranus-North Node combo in Taurus will be firing up and strange developments in affairs are sure to blort out awkwardly at all levels.

August 1, 2022: This date marks the exact Mars-Uranus-North Node conjunction, enjoy and take heed as whatever happens during the last week of July and the first of August will be a harbinger for messy matters sure to surface in the last months of the year.

August 4, 2022: Mercury enters Virgo, a sign of its rulership. The Messenger in this sign supports precise logic, sharp attention to detail and excellent analytical skills. It also contributes to efficient planning and organizational structures and the practical application of concepts. If overheated, a trivial preoccupation with oceans of data, shallow patter and nit-picking can predominate.

August 7, 2022: Mars, Uranus and the North Node in Taurus still moves in square to Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, at 22° 24' of the signs. Venus opposes Pluto retro a day later. The signature bespeaks great potential for government or judicial coups, with general abuse and stubborn resistance at the personal level, especially in relation to power, money and sex. The North Node is supposed to represent the evolutionary path forward, but in the vedic astrology system it is the great tempter and driver of desire, the force that keeps us on the wheel of incarnation and away from spiritual realizations.

August 7th also marks the cross-quarter day of Lughnasadh, where in ancient times the savior consort or priest-king of the Great Goddess was sacrificed in thanks for the harvest. Or another spin features a hero such as Orpheus descending to the underworld to re-claim his dead wife and learn some wisdom; or Innana goddess of love descending to be stripped and tested by her sister Ereshkigel, Queen of the underworld. The summer world is soon to be left behind as the descent into reflection deep within starts; wherein grapes of knowledge are pressed into the wine of wisdom, and wounds are opened and cleansed prior to rebirth of the soul into a new year of growth.

This year Mercury in Virgo looks to be of major planetary influence, which is fitting and apt as messenger and contact for other worlds as is found in the eighth house.. ( I do take the houses and signs at face value for these charts as befits the zero degree latitude location for global affairs.) He has sensible words to say and Fortune might follow his direction, however there is great interference going on via a Saturn retrograde with lousy boundaries sitting on the IC, in square with the Mars-Uranus-North Node group here in the seventh house of enemies and important partners.

Note also Ceres and Black Moon in Leo, in square with the Ascendant-Descendant axis, which denotes mischief potential issuing forth from administrative leadership and big egos. The Venus-Pluto-Neptune-Eris aspect would care to be engaged in power plays associated with wishful thinking particularly around sex, money and mind control. So maybe focus on the nice Fire Grand Trine forming between the Sun, Moon and Chiron retrograde, to bouy up the mood and support frequencies of spiritual support. The other difficult aspects can be turned into discernment and discrimination, instead of looking for blame.

Consider lighting a candle and holding ritual with milk, honey and bread, giving thanks for the many blessings of another season of growth soon to pass into the time of harvest and storage, as the fine days of lush bounty give way to the bleak winds of autumn. The cross-quarter days are particularly powerful for conjuring and releasing, also calling down particular planetary energies that would be useful for whatever purpose intended. Consider foregoing temptation, breaking up old, crystalized patterns of rigid habit or asking for will power if doing difficult diets or physical therapy.

August 11, 2022: Venus ruler of love, beauty and fun moves into regal Leo where she will be ready to dress up, throw parties or take to the stage. This placement amplifies attraction to the opposite sex and can turn romance ardent and extravagant. One does need to take care if gambling or otherwise splashing out the money to impress, as too much parted will feel too pinched later.

August 12, 2022: A Full Moon of climaxes will shine at 19° Aquarius 21', wherein the Moon is also applying to a meet up with Saturn the karmic taskmaster retrograde at 22° Aquarius 05'. Moon-Saturn here is serious, restrictive, conservative and limited. The Sun, Moon and Saturn will be in a t-square with the North Node, Uranus and Mars combo in Taurus, and this exceedingly difficult energy will be fed by aspects from Neptune retrograde in Pisces and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn.

The sum total energy signature will be full of torque; think exploding and contracting, pushing and pulling, opening and closing. Signals from authority will be mixed, partners and enemies will be demanding; the key is to sit tight and secure the home front. The potential for disruption and death out in the community is great; the cause may be man-made or natural, or it can be both. This is not a time to spend or invest money frivolously. Others may be asking for a loan or ready to start a new business but think twice before doing it. This can be a good time for making money through short trips, community affairs or short-term opportunities, just be methodical and keep to the practical basics.

The degree for the lunation is “A great tortoise.” A patient and plodding spirit, disposed to rusticity of habit, endowed with great powers of endurance, an even disposition and contented mind. The position in life will be secure, owing to great prescience and providence, and by slow and patient toil the means to security and well-being can be secured. Those in old age are favored with independence and security from all harm. A solitary and retired nature, deeply philosophical, patient, and contented with simple ways of livings. A kindly disposition will live long to enjoy the fruits of labors and the esteem of others. A degree of PROVIDENCE*.

August 20, 2022: Mars ruler of ambition, aggression and passion will move into Gemini, starting a trek in this air sign that will last for the next nearly 8 months. The warrior spirit in this light, airy sign favors intellectual channels for a competitive spirit in mind and speech. Restlessness can take over, flowing either into impulsive action or hastily considered words. It becomes easy to spread oneself too thin in too many directions or get sucked up in skillfully spun spheel; or to throw away a valuable connection due to a fugue of consuming boredom. This placement provides plenty of pull for making romantic connections, but they tend to be of the use 'em and lose 'em type. Gathering field data and doing research on various options or indulging in air-related sports such as kite-flying can garner much benefit for peace of mind.

August 22, 2022: The Sun will move into Virgo, where health and hygiene can gain some attention. Virgo energy is good for sorting, organizing, categorizing, concluding and removing what is no longer useful, in addition to getting the kids ready to go back to school. Another kind of Virgoan vibe may be moved to explore the outer limits of something, but most especially exotic sexual horizons. Take care as Mars in Gemini is slowing down and essentially in square to the Sun. Any repressed anger or trauma will fester, and thinking can get cloudy, as Neptune in Pisces blurs the boundaries and sends out pixie dust too.

August 24, 2022: Uranus, ruler of progress through disruptive change will station retrograde at 18° Taurus 55'; note that surprising, volatile and even violent events tend to happen around the three days of the Uranus station, so once again try to move with prudent caution when out and about. Once firmly in retrograde motion, Uranus will favor a more conservative approach such as supporting dictatorships, far-right political candidates or insecure lovers vying to be the next in line to control you, but not them. This Uranian vibe may be wax tiresomely dogmatic, change alliances suddenly or refuse to cooperate because of having to "do its own thing" at any cost. Uranus will resume direct motion at 15° Taurus 19' on December 24, 2022 along with Chiron the shaman swinging into action too.

August 25, 2022: Mercury ruler of commerce and communication will move into Libra, wherein skills of diplomacy and subtle persuasion can be enhanced. Or, as befits the sign of the scales some may slide to the far side of any fence, liberal or conservative, black or white. As befits a cardinal sign, the Libran mental vibration will want to change or take charge of whatever the attention falls upon as needing adjustment. Or, one may be moved to waffle more than usual, trying to hedge bets until the best horse for the race is chosen.

August 27, 2022: A New Moon of Beginnings shines at 04° Virgo 03', in square to Mars at 04° Gemini 00'. The Saturn-Uranus square is tightening up again with both planets in retrograde motion, meaning that the tension between social and political polarities will be amping up through the next month. The focus at the lunation is on community events however there may be a fevered aspect to the proceedings and a great deal of debate involved. The potential for death through war or terrorist acts remains high, and the ongoing strain of living in a fractured society may promote more chronic sickness.

Moderate financial gains may be made from partners or business connections from the past, otherwise the general mood may be pompous, miserly and untrusting, courtesy of a fine opposition between Venus and Ceres in Leo in opposition to Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. This is not the best time to seek a lasting romance or try to fix one that is ailing. The urge may be to socialize to meet new contacts, however be patient as others may be too engrossed to immediately pay attention or reach out.

The degree for the lunation is “A soldier prepared for battle.” A ready spirit, quick to respond to the calls of duty; noble instincts and well-disciplined habits will prevail. Said demeanor will favor both ready and willing friends and redoubtable opponents. Success in life comes through ones own executive powers and the credit which fall to those who strive will be well earned. A degree of EFFICIENCY.*

September 4, 2022: Venus ruler of love, money and creativity moves into Virgo, sign of her fall. Which doesn't make her any the less powerful, just harder to please and prone to perfectionist bullying. Love and romance can be analyzed too much, taking out the fun and spontaneity, and thriftiness can be carried to irritating extremes. Used positively, consider spending time on artistic detail and taking a spa day to pamper the body; release the gerbil wheel of busy work, for awhile please.

September 9, 2022: Mercury stations retrograde at 08° Libra, 55'; the lord of travel between the worlds will backtrack into Virgo on September 23, then return to direct motion at 24° Virgo 13' on October 3, 2022. This transit may read something like showing up for a big party or political event, only to be caught off guard by what is actually said and done, therefore backtracking to re-consider one's values and placement relative to friends, associates and affiliations. Given all the other stressful aspect in motion at this time, it might be wise to retreat and review, repair, rework, and research rather than push out into new venues. Merc retro is never a good time to get married or make a major purchase, unless doing a transaction like fix-or-flip houses or something similar.

September 10, 2022: A Full Moon of climaxes will shine at 17° Pisces 41', vibrating in melancholy fashion on the Saturn-Uranus square moving at 18-20° of the signs. There is a trine between Mercury retrograde at 08° Libra 55' and Mars in Gemini at 11° 23' that might be mostly lip service but at least people are talking. The Moon will be moving up shortly to a sextile with Uranus retrograde (control), followed by a meet with Neptune (sacrificial ideals) retrograde also in Pisces before culminating with a sexile to Pluto (test the edge) retrograde in Capricorn.

The emphasis is on digging into convictions with conservative memes, and projecting all other untidy business onto alleged trouble makers somewhere “out there.” Essentially the collective will crave a trip to the past, rolling back into nebulous ideals and lavender fog, which can also be applied to having fun with recreational vices or glamorous nighttime locals, if in the mood to fly away. Venus as ruler of romance and finance is tidy and detail-minded while traveling in Virgo; she will shortly make a sexy square to Mars slowing down in Gemini but the seduction will be of a mental kind, and not necessarily lasting. Venus will then be transformed in the furnace of the Sun also in Virgo and therefore prone to blinkered self-absorption and alternative sexual orientations, for awhile too.

The degree for the lunation is “A horse and its rider falling at a fence.” The career may be broken either in some foreign land or in the pursuit of an enterprise that is strange and foreign to ones own nature and capacity. The spirit will be adventuresome and headstrong and the course pursued regardless of consequences. A taste for outdoor sports will be prominent and will lead into dangers, especially if following equestrian pleasures. Calamity can accrue from transgression of the law, so let all keep passions in subjection by the power of the will and a bridling of the desires. A degree of CATASTROPHE.*

September 22-23: The Sun meets up with Mercury retrograde as she enters Libra. The Sun in the sign of the Scales is interested in socializing for the purpose of making lucrative connections that will lead to developments such as contracts, mergers or marriages. But in passing Mercury retro the mood might be to hedge the bets, hold the poker hand and otherwise re-evaluate the territory in which one is interested. Technically the Sun in Libra is in Fall, which means natural vitality may be somewhat subdued. Other people are to be met half way and cooperation is the key buzz-word; the Sun as representative of ego is not served well by claiming the center of attention or demanding my way as the highway at this time.

September 23rd also marks the Autumn Equinox, wherein the hours of day and night are once again equal in duration, with the time of darkness gaining from hereon in until the winter solstice. This is a good day to light a hearth fire and spend some time in meditation outdoors in the twilight, listening to the hum of nature at harvest time. At the exact time of equinox Venus in Virgo is in opposition to dreamy Neptune in Pisces and Mars moving in square to them both; this is quite the signature for unrequited love and anguish over frustrating dreams, artistry or ambition that has not yet come to fruition. The Moon is void of course and balsamic in its phase; it's a good time to do magic related to endings and banishings, to quiet the soul hungry for meaningful encounters that have yet to occur.

On a more mundane note the Saturn-Uranus square still runs strong, even tending to fanaticism as planetoid Vesta accompanies restrictive, fearful Saturn. Mercury retrograde is combust the Sun, therefore doubly not of much use for clarity, creativity or making sense to others listening in on one's words. Chiron retrograde moves in quincunx to the South Node, amping up insecurity and hoping that old ploys will work yet again.

September 25, 2022: A New Moon of Beginnings shines at 02° Libra 48' in opposition to Jupiter retrograde at 03° Aries 48'. The lunation is also accompanied by an ever tighter Saturn-Uranus retrograde square from fixed signs Aquarius to Taurus, that is further heated up by Mars crawling along in Gemini and moving in trine to conservative Saturn.

This is not a progressive, people-friendly complex aspect; the urge to dictate rules and regs to others and promote elitism will be strong. Jupiter performing as the benevolent authority will want to hammer something out that will appeal to a conservative grassroots that may want to walk back judicial and rights reform put in place before. Otherwise powers behind the throne, organized social/religious institutions and those who hold the financial power will not be cooperative or forthright either, why should they? Everybody does want to have their cake and eat it too, including those heavily vested in quick money, corruption and/or the misuse of power personal or institutional..

If that does not suffice to cause a rash, we can go with an opposition running from Venus at 25° Virgo 44' and Mercury at 27° Virgo 32' to Neptune retrograde at 23° Pisces 40', which is further enhanced by a quincunx from Eris ruler of discord and chaotic creativity retrograde at 24° Aries 40' and a trine from Pluto lord of transformation retrograde at 26° Capricorn 09'. The Venus-Mercury-Moon-Sun stellium at the lunation will want to parlay and get organized, however a distorted view of the facts (Neptune retro), a penchant for willful quarreling (Eris retro) and the deployment of power plays (Pluto retro) will likely make the coming weeks another exercise in frustrated mayhem.

On the personal level, promote positive developments on the home front and consider how to best protect the interests of those involved in supporting home and family. This is an excellent time to double down on values associated with simple, wholesome living, and otherwise keeping the bigger picture at arm's length. Still not a particularly good time to travel abroad, strike up new business deals, or believe all of what anyone is broadcasting. Religious authority may be especially prominent and demanding of allegiances, however do remember that in most areas of the world one still has the right to keep their own counsel on such matters.

The degree for the lunation is “A man in chains.” A reticent and self-centered spirit, disposed to take life according to their own views and beliefs. Some will suffer much as a consequence and will be estranged from their people or may be in distress for means of a livelihood and will be at some time be deprived of their freedom. A degree of BINDING.*

At the end of the month on September 29, 2022 Venus enters Libra, a sign of her rulership, which with the Sun already in Libra will do much to warm up a sort of frigid room. People will be looking for congenial socializing in refined and elegant surroundings. Matters will be helped along by Mercury going direct early in October, which will free up the tongue and promote an easier exchange of views and opinions. Do watch a tendency to be extravagant with luxury expenditures, or overly interested in a trophy romantic prospect instead of fishing for a real, down-home sort of item.

Do consider finding some fine autumn venue an easy way down the road, to take in the last of summer's glow and easy-going pleasures, as the last three months of the year are going to be quite challenging and confusing in content and mood. About half of us are working hard to embrace the challenges that will arise as the eon of Kali Yuga winds down. The other half are resisting mightily, trying to turn society back to an earlier time when nature could be trashed with impunity, otherwise embracing a lifestyle of simplicity, regimented safety and ethical superiority which in reality never existed; but we humans were so much better at playing charades.

*Modified from The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized from a set in "La Volasfera" translated by Sephariel, 1898.

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