Meditation on the Sun

by C.M. Hafeman 2005-08

The Sun is also called a luminary or the Greater Light. It completes a circuit of the zodiac once a year, spending about a month in each sign. The mean daily motion is 59 min 8 sec. The star has been thought of as symbolizing the masculine force (which belongs to Mars), and the principle of linear-rational logic (which is the domain of Mercury). It can sometimes symbolize the father in a horoscope, but perhaps it should not be saddled with that designation too vigorously.

More precisely, the Sun represents androgenous, vital life force, creative abilities and the drive for genuine self-expression. It is the essential, spiritually attuned self, the individuated self each one of us is striving to become. Individuated self is not the ego-centric construct of self that can be mistaken for the only self one has. How can the true self be hidden? It is easily lost behind the constant chatter of the mind, and buffered out by a sort of hypnosis originating from societal conditioning, fear and greed. The Sun can function as a channel in a horoscope for all planetary energies to the extent indicated by aspects between the Sun and other planets. The Sun rules children in general, and the firstborn in particular.

The Sun symbolizes authority as in self-empowerment, not the dictates of an external authority. A well-placed Sun is indicative of leadership, the capacity to take charge of affairs, and can retain control when challenged. A Sun that falls in a sign of detriment or is in hard aspect to other planets can have difficulty expressing basic drives and talents. Someone with an afflicted Sun might not know where they leave off and others begin, or conversely, be so burdened with ego that they cannot tolerate the company or equality of others.

The Sun emits life-sustaining light and heat and is essential to life on Earth. But an excess of Sun energy can incinerate anything into ash. Therefore, Sun energy can sustain and invigorate you, or burn you alive. Therein lies a test of right choice, and right application of will.

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