Meditation on the Sun

The Sun is also called a luminary or the Greater Light. As viewed from earth the star completes a circuit of the zodiac once a year, spending about a month in each sign. The mean daily motion is 59 minutes and 8 seconds of arc. In the Age of Pisces the Sun has been thought of as symbolizing an authoritative masculine force (a function that belongs to Mars), and the principle of linear-rational logic (which is the domain of Mercury). Traditional Western astrology and religion also have a habit of using the Sun to symbolize influence of the father and the Father God, but perhaps the golden orb should not be saddled with that designation too vigorously.

More precisely, the Sun represents the androgynous, vital life force, creative abilities and the drive for genuine self-expression. It is the essential, spiritually attuned self, the individuated self each one of us is striving to become. Individuated self is not the ego-centric construct of self that can be mistaken for the only self one has. How can the true self be hidden? It is easily lost behind the constant chatter of the mind, and buffered out by a sort of hypnosis originating from societal conditioning, poisoned by collective currents of fear and greed. The Sun symbolizes authority as in self-empowerment, not the dictates of an external authority. A Sun well-placed in a supportive house and augmented by strong aspects from other planets is indicative of leadership and sovereignty; the capacity to take charge of affairs, and the ability to retain control when challenged.

The natal Sun rules in Leo and is exalted in Aries; the solar principle is strong in these signs so can flow freely as vigorous health and enthusiastic gamesmanship, or overflow into a quest for dominance and extreme displays of flamboyance. Those graced with a natal Sun in Aquarius, the sign of Detriment or Libra, the sign of Fall or a Sun in hard aspect to malefic planets can have difficulty expressing basic drives and talents, or may operate with some sort of distortion in play. Someone with an afflicted Sun might not know where they leave off and others begin, or conversely, be so burdened with ego that the individual so blessed cannot tolerate the company or equal status of others. Someone with an unaspected Sun can operate as a loose cannon, driven by impulse; a Sun receiving nothing but easy aspects can indicate one who operates on subconscious autopilot, taking good fortune as a matter of course and otherwise waiting for others to do it for them.

Sun in Aries: Explores and conquers, stimulates and inspires. Starts but does not necessarily finish.

Sun in Taurus: Grows and stabilizes; sensual gratification, the power of attraction and a taste for luxury, loves to be alone.

Sun in Gemini: Thirst for knowledge and quest for data; comparisons and mirror doubles, bipolarity.

Sun in Cancer: Acquires via finance, nurturing, travel or collections; development of individuality and the quest for maturity.

Sun in Leo: Refinement of the ego, or refusal to take responsibility for an ego; center stage, warmth and generosity.

Sun in Virgo: Health and organizational skills; perfectionism, discrimination and judgement, then sexual issues in a double life.

Sun in Libra: Formal contracts with society, the law and partners; the gracious diplomat harboring extremes of private opinion.

Sun in Scorpio: Penetration and survival; struggles with power, control, sex, crime, and fruitful union with others.

Sun in Sagittarius: Adventurer, entrepreneur, scholar or athelete. Quest for truth or the ability to twist it, skillfully.

Sun in Capricorn: Hard beginnings in a climb to the top. Keen on status but loves a loss of control in safe settings.

Sun in Aquarius: Common man or genius, alternative sexuality or stringent dictator. Progressive mind or reactionary quack.....

Sun in Pisces: Sublimely spiritual or low down in the depths of delusion, the ends will definitely justify the means.

The Solar Spirit can function as a channel of focus in a horoscope for all planetary energies to the extent indicated by aspects between the Sun and other planets. As an archetype it rules the heart, back, spinal cord and right side of the body; it plays a key role in the support of health, vitality and longevity. The solar luminary also has dominion over governing authority, speculation, the metal gold and the pursuit of pleasure. It favors children in general, and the firstborn in particular. It emits life-sustaining light and heat and is essential to life on Earth. But an excess of Sun energy can incinerate anything into ash. Therefore, Sun energy can sustain and invigorate us, or burn us alive. Therein lies a test of right choice, right application of will and keeping a dynamic balance with darkness.

  by C.M. Hafeman ©2005

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