Claimants to the Spear of Destiny

By Marguerite Hafeman, ©

The Spear of Longinus, housed in the Weltliche Schatzkammer of the Hofburg in Vienna, is heir to a strange legend. The claimant to this old talisman of power has a choice between the service of two opposing Spirits in the fulfillment of world-historic aims- a Good and an Evil Spirit. He who would lay claim to the Spear is one who would alter the destiny of the world; Napoleon was aware of the Spear's legacy and attempted to acquire it in his time of power. Hitler was also obsessed with the artifact, and claimed ownership of it immediately after German troops entered and occupied Austria. Near the end of World War II the item was hidden beneath the ruins of the Oberen Schmied Gasse, just below the towering Fortress which became the American 7th Army Headquarters in Berlin. Upon entry into Berlin, Allied manpower was ordered immediately to search out and retrieve all Hapsburg regalia. The United States of America became the new claimant to this Spear of Destiny at 2:10 pm, April 30th of 1945. (1)

At the time of retrieval General Patton was the only American General who realized the true significance of the fact that the USA was now the official custodian of the Spear. He would also have known immediately of the terrible significance behind the imminent fulfillment of its legend. Patton was one of a very few at the time who knew the United States had manufactured the atom bomb; the dropping of these ultimately destructive weapons occurred during the time the Americans retained guardianship of the spear. It was held in American hands until January 4, 1946; upon orders from General Eisenhower it was then conveyed back into Austrian custodianship.

A look at a horoscope chart erected for the time of acquisition can perhaps provide a blueprint for the manifesting energy invoked and directed through this event. Virgo rules on the chart Ascendant and therefore is chart ruler; Virgo, its ruling planet Mercury and their natural rulership of the sixth house have been identified by this author as being primary indicators for the activities of magical operation. Virgo on the Ascendant and ruling at a critical last degree on the cusp of the mundane second house of the future is therefore functioning from a very potent platform of directed will; a militant Aries Mercury placed in the eighth house of occult affairs and relations with power sits in conjunction with an Arian Venus, both in quincunx to expansive Jupiter, master of dogma in the first house of will in motion. A more ancient role for Venus-amongst the Sumerians and Mayans, for example, was as a goddess of war; here located in Aries and the eighth house; surely this arcane spirit was being awakened. Venus also rules on the Midheaven, therefore receiving the blessing of ruling authority, besides co-ruling the mundane second house of the future, money, values and ownership of assets.

The yet-to-be-discovered planetoid Eris (revolution through discord, strife) is located at 6°Aries 06' in the claimant chart eighth house of death, power and occult matters; she is in conjunction with the chart Part of Fortune within minutes. Both points are in square with karmic Saturn in Cancer and the eleventh house of community affairs; this aspect provides a strange harbinger of events to come, relative to the time of posession of the spear by the United States

The Virgoan Jupiter is in square to and disposits Sagittarius Moon in the fourth house of root psyche and home base; the aspect is one of excitable emotion in a heat of dogmatic fervor, a waxing enthusiasm for the hunt. The Moon, reflective of the past and the people at large, trines Mercury and Venus, therefore in harmony with the intent of the artifact acquisition and the powers it summons. The Moon angular is also in opposition to revolutionary Uranus in Gemini, dominating the tenth house of ruling authority. Once again Mercury is given prominence, in its role as planetary ruler of Gemini.

The proceedings would appear to be emotionally keyed up, without much rational detachment; on the table is a rebalancing between inner and outer worlds, a radical re-adjustment of the status quo on all planes. Uranus and the Moon are intercepted, perhaps indicating that many of those connected with the event were not consciously aware of the occult dimensions and forces being contacted through claiming ownership of the spear. Moon also trines Pluto, lord of the underworld located in regal Leo and residing in the mundane twelfth house of the collective; the old imperial dream of global domination is once again being invoked. A kite aspect pattern is thus formed involving Uranus, Pluto, Moon and Mercury-Venus, triggering visions of grandeur and inspiring those present to seize the reigns of destiny. Uranus is additionally powerful through its association with Aquarius, ruling on the cusp of the sixth house of magical operations.

Additional keynotes are provided by Libra Neptune retrograde in the second house of the future, in square to Cancer Saturn in the eleventh house of legislature, international community and fantasies; could this aspect pattern represent a tendency to paranoia, fears of security being threatened by others abroad, also preparing to meet the competition and be tested? Neptune is also in opposition to the Part of Fortune and Eris in the occult eighth house; ideals of working with other countries to further global economic expansion are being weighed against the potential for making even more money through war and domination. Asteroid Chiron the wounded healer is in the first house of will in motion, in opposition to Pisces Mars, located in the seventh house of partners and open enemies. Chiron-Mars themes have to do with taking initiative, being the spiritual warrior; in Virgo the conscious intent is to be a sacrificial healer, here righteously striking out against perceived enemies. The face of the enemy is either not particularly clear, or represents an aggressive ideology (Mars in Pisces) that goes against the grain of those in possession of the spear.

Another potent muti-aspect structure serves well as a representative for the actual unleashing of the powers associated with the spear. The base apex would be represented by the South Node of the Moon in Capricorn, a perfect symbol for an ancient authority affiliated with occult powers, placed here in the fifth house of speculation and gambling. The "energetic arms" of the pattern are provided by a quincunx to Pluto in the twelfth house (adjusting ancient ambitions of power to the current vassals of destiny); a quincunx to Uranus (the unleashment of a lightening bolt (atom bomb?); and a trine to the Sun of national identity in materialistic, security-minded Taurus and the ninth house of social ideology. Note also that the Sun squares Pluto (ambivalence over the proper wielding of power?) and is in sextile with Saturn and the North Node of the Moon in Cancer. Fears about future security and nurturance of the US anchor the distal end of the nodal structure, its vision of the future dazzled by Neptunian perspective on US economic prospects and the nature and face of the enemy. As a crowning touch, Algol Caput the malevolent star of war and bloody misfortune sits on the Mideaven, holding court with Capulus, representive of swift-moving violence.

One way to test the potency of a magical operation performed at a designated time would be to compare the horoscope erected for that time against one delineated for the manifesting event in question. In this case, there is possession of a known talisman of power aligned with a conscious intent to perform an act of devastation designed to change the balance of power in the world. Would there be strong astrological connections between the time at which American interests became claimant to the spear, and an event chart erected for when the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima? (2)

Some interesting features of the Hiroshima event chart taken by itself include Virgo on the Ascendant with planetary ruler Mercury located in the twelfth house of karma and self-undoing with its finger on the trigger of a fateful Yod pattern. Additional energy is channeled there through nefarious Neptune (an enemy bent on mass destruction), and Jupiter (righteous authority), both rulers of the seventh house of enemies. Neptune in the first house of Hirshima and Eris in tight opposition from the seventh house, form a grand cross with the chart Nodes of the Moon (major shift in status quo); Eris can certainly represent the bloody goddess of war, she does not disappoint here. All three planets associate with the South Node of the Moon (bad luck for Hiroshima) at the apex of the Yod pattern; the "energetic arms" are represented this time by lethal Pluto (mass death) at 9 ° Leo on one side and equally lethal Mars at 9 ° Gemini on the other.

The out-flowing energy of the pattern is directed at Saturn (here ruling the house of children), Moon (ruling the house of community) and Venus (ruling the house of the future and the house of social structures) all in Cancer, sign of the family of man. Saturn is a traditional indicator for death, so the Moon- Saturn conjunction speaks for itself. The three planets are clustered around the North Node, here symbolic of a path of soul growth in the literal sense. Lightening-bolt Uranus is located within 15 minutes of the chart Midheaven along with Mars in applying conjunction close by, signifying an event of sudden and widespread destruction; Uranus is also in tight square with the Ascendant-Descendant axis of the event chart. The Sun, ruler of the twelfth house of collective karma is in conjunction with Pluto, deadly ruler of the house of the neighborhood, also representing the cataclysmic device that was transported there; they are ill-met in the eleventh house of the community.

A review of the two charts placed in a bi-wheel with the Claimant chart on the inside, the chart for the time the bomb dropped on the outside, does indeed produce several interlocking aspects that align with the precision of a well-made clock. Busy-bee Mercury transiting and ruler of the Claimant chart, rests within minutes of rising on the Claimant chart and is in the process of turning officially retrograde on the day the bomb was dropped; this alignment could be likened to a magical finger placed directly on the trigger. A plethora of tight aspects between the two charts would seem to reinforce the picture of momentous powers unleashed in a meeting with destiny. The Hiroshima event Ascendant is conjunct the Claimant chart Jupiter within nine minutes, while the transiting Midheaven and Uranus in the Claimant tenth house of ruling authority is in square to Jupiter, applying by a little less than a degree to partile aspect. Transiting Jupiter is also in conjunction with the Claimant Chiron-Mars opposition. Transiting Mars is in applying conjunction to the Claimant Uranus-Moon opposition, also in the Claimant tenth house of ruling authority.

Transiting Moon is conjunct transiting Saturn in Cancer; they are in square to the Claimant Venus-Mercury pair within minutes. Transiting Pluto is square the Claimant Sun also within minutes, indicating an explosion of power willfully directed. Last but not least, transiting asteroid Chiron is in square to transiting Venus; both make tight aspects with the Claimant Vertex of fated events. Note that Jupiter and Neptune were retrograde at the time the spear was claimed, direct by the time the bomb was dropped; Eris was direct when the spear was claimed, retrograde at Hiroshima. The sheer number of tight, hard aspects could seem offer an excellent demonstration of curious quantum alignments in motion over time. Perhaps this example can provide some convincing astrological evidence for a transaction of willed cause and desired effect between two significant events of global importance.

(1) The Spear of Destiny, by Trevor Ravenscroft, Samuel Weiser, Inc., York Beach, Maine, 1973.

(2) Eyewitness account provided by Colonel Paul Tibbets,

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