The Inner Star

Greetings, I am Utu of the Sumerians who mounts a chariot at dawn to ride across the sky. During the day I see all that happens in the world; at dusk I descend in the west into the Underworld. I carry a scythe of two sides with which to administer justice in the night, alongside my twin sister Inanna who holds the wisdom of the heart.

My star symbol holds thirteen pieces; the four points stand for Taurus who anchors spiritual and physical life, Leo who rules and acts the drama, Scorpio who destroys and regenerates, and Aquarius who embraces the web of diversity in life. These are the most ancient signs of my domain and markers for the four quarters of heaven. Each of the four are the domain of royal stars known as the Watchers, who are named Aldebaran in Taurus, Regulus in Leo, Antares in Scorpio and Formalhaut in Aquarius.

The two wavy rivers between each point of fixation stand well for Gemini-Cancer, Virgo-Libra, Sagittarius-Capricorn and Pisces-Aries. The central Eye of my Star channels the unknowable, all-knowing, all-seeing and all-animating Divine that emanates within and without of all living things. Consider thusly:

Each of the two-sign rivers reflects a duad of function on the material plane. Gemini gathers information and compares dualities; Cancer integrates this information with heart wisdom and thus works to individuate the soul. Virgo organizes and categorizes things so that right balance can be maintained in body, heart and mind, which leads to the ability to participate honorably in formal social contracts ruled by Libra. Sagittarius refines the law and supports the merchant and mercenary, so that in Capricorn people and resources can be managed wisely and the products of abundance realized. Pisces governs the dissolution of obsolete structures and reunion with the Mother; she who weaves new life to be fabricated and animated in Aries.

Together the four and the eight make twelve, with thirteen crowning the ultimate Divine that rules them. Each living being has twelve fields of mastery to refine from the realm of Assiah for the quest of evolution. These fields as inscribed by the Signs are represented thusly:

Aries: Explore, experiment; practice the power to assert
Taurus: Cultivate sustenance, create beauty; practice the power of attraction.
Gemini: Gather information, learn, compare and contrast; practice the power to influence.
Cancer: Collect, nurture, travel, integrate; practice the power of emotion deployed.
Leo: Self-expression and kingship; practice the power of charisma.
Virgo: Organize and maintain, work with others; practice the power of good health and diet.
Libra: Social graces and formal contracts with others; practice the power of commitment.
Scorpio: Right deployment of power, control and sexual union; practice power over others.
Sagittarius: Structures of commerce, justice, learning, philosophy and religion; practice the power of social management.
Capricorn: Authority of management and ascension of the hierarchy; practice the power of maturity.
Aquarius: Progress and invention, collective communication; practice the power of equinimity.
Pisces: Surrender, detachment, psychic connection to the collective gestalt and personal Divine; practice the power of letting go.

Interactive with but not to be directly correlated with the zones of the zodiac, there are twelve fields of mastery to refine in the realm of Yetzirah; consider the chakras as energetic power centers thusly:

Chakra of Cosmic Connection
Crown Chakra
Third Eye Chakra
Alta Major Chakra
Throat Chakra
Heart Chakra
Chakra of Transmutation
Solar Plexus Chakra
Sacral Chakra
Root Chakra
Rainbow Chakra of Empowered Manifestation
Earth Center Ground Chakra

Interactive with but not to be directly correlated with the zones of the zodiac; there are twelve fields of mastery to refine in the realm of Beri'ah; consider the Bodies and what they represent thusly:

Third Causal Body
Second Causal Body
First Causal Body
Spiritual Subtle Body
Fear Body
Pain Body
Emotional Subtle Body
Merkaba Throne Center
Torus Center of Transmutation
Etheric Subtle Body
Defensive Body
Physical Subtle Body

Corresponding with but not attached to any one zone of the zodiac, there are twelve Rays of engagement and fields of mastery to refine from the realm of Atziluth; consider the Rays and what they represent thusly:

First Ray of Will or Power
Second Ray of Love and Wisdom
Third Ray of Active Intelligence
Forth Ray of Harmony through Conflict
Fifth Ray of Knowledge and Science
Sixth Ray of Devotion and Idealism
Seventh Ray of Order and Ritual
Eighth Ray of Cleansing
Ninth Ray of Joy and Potentials
Tenth Ray of Recognition of Divinity
Eleventh Ray of Operation from the Fifth Dimension
Twelfth Ray of Christ Consciousness and Doorway to the Avatar of Synthesis

Consider eleven dimensions as going into fabrication of the physical plane. The twelfth field vibrates all apparent manifestations between Being and Not Being. The Lord of All designs the Here and Not Here, curves Time and Space to support Gravity, animates the fusion between Matter and Anti-Matter. The Loving Ecstasy of the Unknowable is never static or perfect but rather eternally dynamic.

All things alive are at their root a hologram of condensed energy. While the hologram is in play on the physical plane there are two emanations of Divine Mind/Love to consider, namely the God Within and the God Without. That which in its guise of yang and yin, masculine and feminine takes endless inspiration from intuition and designs forms which are actively deployed into the holographic display that is the cosmos. Inanna and I are eternally locked in a passionate dance of sublime frequencies that vibrate from wave to particle and back again, eternally.

What of survival? For that, there is free will; if believing abundance will be withheld because of unworthiness, that wish will be honored. If asking humbly for a path to open toward the nectar of sustenance it will be shown. If willingly open to co-create in accordance with the Flow, the secrets of the four elements, the engines of the stars without and the transmuting furnace within will be given to you, after resolution of outstanding karma and the release of any toxic ancestral inheritance. This because action on an enhanced platform cannot proceed far without removal of that which would block and distort it.

If rejecting terms and conditions as inconvenient, the first steps are taken towards the mill that grinds down impurities and makes flour for new life. In the dream of the world at large take care, as the innocent may indeed be sacrificed, a Demiurge worshiped, the envy of worldly power and success driving many for lifetimes. False gods are not supposed to be honored, but from hunger they are created often. Be glad, as the damage wrought in the ages of Aries and Pisces that has ruled over earth is now ending. A new age has recently begun, wherein the gifts of creation will become easier to master; but hear now that to continue clutching the old paradigms, is to amble on towards madness and apocalypse.