The Angel's Salutation

Welcome to a site from old Dodona,
The sacred oak grove and oracle that lays in ruin today.
Once great before Delphi, before Apollo usurped them both.
I am Asarial, angel of Neptune and the Muse of va’Daath,
The Sephira that does not exist, speaks here.
But I assure the seeker nothing exists without it.

The orbs of Becoming and Dissolution always travel with me,
I hold the living Holy Grail that is so often misunderstood,
Or sought without paying the necessary price
In remembering how to awaken,
To silence the inner dream of negation;
Step away from those who demand
The carrying or sharing of their hell.
Release too, the illusion of power by control.

The enchantments that bind in shadow rooms,
Starving the heart and stifling creative breath
Can be escaped.
Other worlds await and all doors will open,
By granting the courage to walk
Both clockwise and counter,
Embrace the sacred transmutations and rich fertility
That burn in the waning phases of the Moon;
As well as the growth and expansion of waxing time.
Both serve equally the One eternally loving Source.

I can guide within to the central hall
Of celebration,
But Grievances festered in fear and hate
Must be sacrificed at the door.
Airy reason and Earthly hunger must be tempered,
As the sacred Fire of intuition and blessed
Water of the Numinous must come first,
In any choice reviewed by the mind.
Otherwise, so blinded the seeker cannot continue
Into the Outlands where dragons live,
Soaring on the wind of freedom.

If sure that mind is the only kingdom of God there is,
That is where to start by going still,
As the elixir of immortality cannot be brewed,
Where our name, the judge or ownership
Hold too much weight.