Invoking the Cosmic Energies of Venus: A Useful Spell Sheet

What does the archetype of Venus symbolize? She is an aspect of the Great God(dess), associated with desire, beauty, artistry, pleasure, romance and financial success; she commands the forces of attraction and magnetism. She is the in-dwelling blossom of creative ephiphany that is cyclically born, lives and then undergoes a transformation after decent to the underworld and regeneration into new life. Venus can lend her support in the battle for survival in life; she favors financial acumen, banking and the financial industry at large. She also presides over personal values and attitudes towards the body and sex; also bi-sexuality and the revenge of nature in situations of imbalance. Petition can be made to her for guidance, healing, attraction or abundance in any of the matters mentioned above.

An astrological chart provides the crucial timing both for making a spell sheet and for using it in magical scrying as needed. A sheet made at a powerful time in the past can still work in the future, because on the quantum level past, present and future are happening all at once; there is no linear progression of time. However Do the Working When the Force Is With You, which means following as many of the conditions listed below as is possible. Before working with this sheet please set wards according to personal preference. Results can be greatly enhanced by doing the following actions:

(1) Bathe in a salts bath for purification, then dress in colors of blue, green, turquoise, azure, amber, olive, yellow-green.

(2) Have a pen or pencil handy for tracing on the spell sheet.

(3) Light five (number of Venus) candles of blue-green color, or blue or green. Add items representing Venus such as seashells, roses, an emerald or similar green stone, a lamp, a girdle (belt).

(4) Scents/Incense associated with Venus: Benzoin, Rose, Red Sandal, Copal. Burn some!

(5) The Moon can be in a phase from four days after New to a day or two just before completely Full. Note: There are other magical operations that can be conducted at other phases of the Moon, but these are designed to banish or retire that which needs to be cleared or cleansed. Operations of dark intent are most powerful in the three days before New Moon or right at the lunation.

(6) Mercury, archetype of communication needs to be in direct motion, as does Venus and Mars.

For this example, the original sheet was fabricated on April 25, 2007 at a particular time which reflects when ink began to be applied to a penciled-in design. The energetic utility of this sheet comes from the following delineations:

For Venus: Venus is in direct motion, not retrograde; as is Mercury (communication) and Mars (creative spark, ambition, aggression, drive, libido). Venus is at her classical, most easygoing best when transiting in Taurus, Libra or Pisces. This sheet has Venus in Gemini and the eleventh house, while the Sun is in Taurus, ruled by Venus. This is a light and breezy Venus, inclined to socialize, travel, learn and gather information. Knowledge and ideas are valued, however loyalty may be negotiable. This is not a Venusian spell sheet specifically devoted to the generation of material abundance; another one with more favorable plantary positions in the second, eighth and/or eleventh houses would be required, along with Venus being positioned in Taurus, Libra, Leo, Aquarius, Capricorn or Pisces.

As a general observation, the Venusian mode may be less warm and cozy when the planet is traveling in Virgo (sign of fall) and more inclined to jealousy, grudge-holding and manipulative intensity when in Scorpio (sign of detriment); transits of Sagittarius are not recommended either, as Venus with this Jupiter-ruled sign can go overboard, be "a touch too much". She is exalted in Pisces, which is traditionally ruled by Jupiter; Piscean energy is warm and yielding, however it can also vibrate as victimization or needless sacrifice). If Venus is not in one of her home signs, an invocation for her can be done just as well during a time when the Sun travels in Taurus or Libra.

-Ascendant in Cancer: Tender, nurturing, ssensitive, proprietary yet keeps a defensive shell.

-Midheaven (most elevated point of the charrt) in Pisces: Universal, collective, yielding, surrendering, otherworldly, artistic force; Venus is exalted in Pisces.

-The Moon is Waxing, just past first quarteer square to the Sun. Moon and Sun are in a mutual reception by exaltation.

-Moon-Saturn in Leo: In the second house off the future and natural house of Taurus, also the house of personal assets and values. This placement grounds emotions and feelings, yet generates a unique sense of self. Admittedly, Moon-Saturn can make for a tough cookie and/or be a bottomless pit of neediness but here the Moon is moving away towards the material limitations of Saturn and towards the other-worldly connections of Neptune.

-Saturn-Moon opposing Neptune in the eighthh house of sex, death, intimate relations and occult matters: This aspect can separate fact from fantasy, dispel illusions of a dream lover or any tendency to not see matters as they really are. Provides clarity in vision while bringing information from the occult planes into conscious realization.

-The Sun is not aspected; Therefore its eneergy is free and unencumbered to work on developments in career and public life.

-Two Grand Fire Trines: This chart has a doouble-whammy in Fire involving Mercury (thought and speech) and Ceres (nurturance of exploration and risk taking)in Aries; Moon (emotions, intuition, feelings, security needs) and Saturn (authority, ground, limits)in Leo; Pluto (transformation, regeneration in a house of karma, service) and Jupiter (fortune, expansion) in Sagittarius. This compound aspect pattern energises the faculties of imagination, fantasy and inspiration to nuclear levels, so we would hope Saturn does its grounding work well.

-Venus in square to a stellium of Uranus, tthe North Node of the Moon and Mars in Pisces, in the ninth house of higher mind, travel, publishing, broadcasting, philosophy; Indicates that this energy of Venus will be challenged to evolve through attracting opportunities in higher learning, travel, exposure to other cultures, high-tech communication systems, and occult knowledge.

-The Lightening Bolt: Jupiter in square to Uranus, part of a Grand Cross involving Venus, Saturn, Moon, Uranus, North Node and Mars. Energizes fast developments, stimulates affairs into changing rapidly. Visions, ideas, blueprints, sudden fortunate developments and emotional needs are encouraged to seek ground in material form.

Components of the Spell Sheet: The Western Tradition Cabalistic structural form and Hebraic script is a symbolic method commonly utilized by occult students, however if one is more comfortable with other characters such as Runes, please use them in composition. This treatise is intended simply as an example of organized magical intent. If you would like to create your own free horoscope chart for a working this can be done at: Astrodienst. If making your own sheet, the names of the decanate angels will have to be changed to reflect those in alignment with the position of Sun and Venus at the time a new chart is erected.

Below are listed Sephirothic associations of Venus, derived through the Sephiroth Netzach. The Sephiroth are universal cosmic forces eminated from the One that is All and None, (expressed in archetypal form as is convenient for an earthly perspective) that underlay the movement of that which is manifest and unmanifest. Sephiroth Netzach also refers to Yahveh Tzaboath, God of Hosts; also Aphrodite, Hathor, Bast and La Sirene, Maeve and Astarte, Cybele, Kali, Lilith, Isis, Freya, etc.

In a Nutshell: Creative energy is to be "stepped down" from the Divine World to the material level. There are four words of power associated with each of four levels of descending manifestive phenomenon, also affiliated specifically with the Sephiroth Netzach.

Perform In Order:

(1) Verberate and trace the God Name in Atziluth: YHVH TZABAOTH
God of Hosts, Universal Fire.There is no visualization at this point, as this level is beyond comprehension.
(2) In Briah: sound the messenger of the Atziluthic force, Creative Water.
Verberate and trace the Name and Sigil of the Archangel: Haniel
(3) After tracing the Sigil, trace the image of Venus; try to maintain one continuous line until done. Here is where the most active visualizations should occur. Verbalize about what you desire as mentioned above.
(4) In Yetzirah: The Astral World, Formative Air.
Verberate and trace the Name of the Chora Elohim, active in the life-forces and in the triumph thereof.
(5) In Assiah: The Material World, Formative Earth Verberate and trace the Name and Sigil of the planetary angel Anael.
Verberate and trace the name of the planetary intelligence Hagiel.
Verberate and trace the name of the planetary spirit Qedemel at your own risk, as these entities are not always on best behavior.
(6) Verberate and trace the Name and Sigil of a stabilizing influence in Yetzirah, Hagith.
(7) Verberate and trace the names of the decanate angels closest to Venus and the Sun in the horoscope at the time the sheet was drawn. Note that different angels would be designated for each ritual occasion, depending on the time and date of operation.
In Taurus:Myal
In Gemini: Shedoni
(8) Trace the symbol for Fire:
The selection of this element has to do with the cosmic signature present at the time of creating the sheet; a different element may be employed at other times given other cosmic orientations.

(9) Release your intensions fully to the cosmos for fulfillment; it is not wise to hold the object or visions of your desires too closely, nor visualize outcomes or hold any expectations about what may or may not be provided to you. Let go and Let God(dess) do what shall be done; visualize this action also. Dismiss the wards moving counterclockwise starting in the north, then close with giving great thanks and gratitude for all these influences and angels helping you on this day of petition.


©2007-13 by C.M. Hafeman