Two Tree of Life Spreads for Health and Energy Patterning

by C. Marguerite Hafeman ©2009-10

Below are presented two health and well-being spread patterns based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The basic pattern was likely developed by occultists during the late 1800's for use in divination. Begin by focusing and grounding, shuffle and mix the cards as is customary; if reading for another have them split and re-assemble the deck before putting the cards down. Or have them select cards pictures down from the deck laid out before them. The order of laying down proceeds from the top down, moving from right to left at each level of the tree.

When ten cards have been laid in the proper pattern, the querient can select one more for the va'daath position, located midway between the sixth and fifth levels of the tree. This position refers to inner wisdom and how this can be used to balance the overall resonance field, by working to unite upper and lower centers of energy. An additional one to three more cards may be chosen, to remain face down until the reading proper has been done for the tree itself. These last cards are "wild" cards which can provide more information as to how the querient can take charge and make changes to the situation displayed by the Tree of Life spread. The spread is read from the top or crown card, moving downwards in zig-zag fashion from right to left, with the wild cards on the side turned over last. The same pattern can be used for generating a reading on the overall mood and state of being also.

Credit must be given for the information given in these spreads, from a compendum of sources including Mary K. Greer, Barbara Ann Brennan, Cyndi Dale and Elien Nauman.

Chakra Centers As Represented on the Tree of Life

Health Indicators As Represented on the Tree of Life


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