Four Tarot Trump Septenaries

by Marguerite Hafeman ©2010

The concept for this Septenary pattern is drawn from an old occult book, The Tarot, by Mouni Sadhu, published in 1962. The fascination with this book is that while it contains much valuable information for understanding the Tarot in terms of Hermetic philosophy and Kabbalah as expanded upon by classical occultists such as Eliphas Levi and Papus, the correspondence between cards, zodiac signs, planets and Hebrew letters is quite scrambled in order. In addition, Mundi uses Aleister Crowley's designation of Trump Card 8 as Justice, Trump Card 11 as Strength. One of the prime tests for occult advancement is coming to understand which card belongs where in the sequence of trumps, why Aleister did what he did and the net effect it had on him in life. Another pair that can be meditated on to advantage by switching their places in the sequence is Trump Card 4, The Emperor and Trump Card 17 The Star.

The Septenary pattern that follows below contains my own designations, derived after much contemplation and active magical work. The numbers refer to Tarot Trump cards to which that number has been assigned. The Septenary as a symbol consists of an involutionary triangle, representative of cosmic energy "coming down" to be embodied in matter, interlaced with an evolutionary triangle, representative of the realizations, experience and wisdom of all living things in their experience of manifestation, returning information and experience of being to Divine Intelligence. The active presence of Spirit is represented by the dot in the middle of each Septenary; note that whatever trump is designated with the dot, this archetype becomes the initiator for the next sequence. The descending and ascending cycle represented by the Septenary is never-ending; the hexigram and corresponding Septenary is also a key symbol used in western magical work. Implicit in the interlacing circuit is the concept that Divine Intelligence is not some static definition of Perfect, is not all-knowing, rather is in the process of self-discovery and evolution itself, through the experience of material manifestation. Also implicit in this pattern is a concept that matter and spirit are equally sacred, that one state of being is simply the mirror and vehicle for the other.

Feel free to continue permutations based on this chain of Septenaries.


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