Some Numerical Relationships between the Trump Cards

by Marguerite Hafeman

I. Basic Power Sequences: Lay out the cards in three rows of 7, with the Fool placed above. According to Paul Foster Case the following categories can be assigned: 1-7 Powers and potencies of God as manifested through the body. 8-14 Laws or agencies which are generated through use of the mind 15-21 Conditions and effects of developing contact with spirit.

   11 is the arithmetical mean of all diametrically opposed cards, for example 1 and 21, 8 and 14.

   The power of Card 1 (Magician) works through the agency of Card 8 (Strength) to modify the effects of Card 15 (the Devil).

   The power of Card 2 (Priestess) works through the agency of Card 9 (the Hermit) to modify the effects of Card 16 (the Tower).

   The power of Card 3 (Empress) works through the agency of Card 10 (Wheel of Fortune) to modify the effects of Card 17 (Star).

   The power of Card 4 (Emperor) works through the agency of Card 11 (Justice) to modify the effects of Card 18 (the Moon).

   The power of Card 5 (Hierophant) works through the agency of Card 12 (Hanged Man) to modify the effects of card 19 (the Sun).

   The power of Card 6 (Lovers) works through the agency of Card 13 (Death) to modify the effect of Card 20 (Judgment).

   The power of Card 7 (Chariot) works through the agency of Card 14 (Temperance) to modify the effect of Card 21 (The World).

II. Numerology: Add the digits to simplify, get to root meanings, meditate, make magical equations.


(a) 17= 1 + 7 = 8 New opportunities for the future (Star) are found by combining creative will power (Magician) with mastery of intellect and instinct (Chariot), which also leads to channeling desires constructively and productively (Strength).

More equations from 17 to study: 1 + 16, 2 + 15, 3 + 14, 4 + 13, 5 + 12, 6 + 11, 7 + 10, 8 + 9, 10 + 7

(b) 469= 4 + 6 + 9 = 19 the Sun = 10 the Wheel of Fortune. (Material authority) + (wise choices) + (advanced knowledge and protection gained through networking) = (19) active and joyous participation in life, protected from all harm = (10) a change of circumstances and opportunity for upturn of fortune.

(c) 461 = 4 + 6 + 1 = 11 In serious numerology, 11 is never reduced to 2! (Material authority) + (wise choices) + (creative will) = the achievement of balance between matter and energy, which manifests as justice in the material world. Eleven is also the number of va Da'ath; the so-called eleventh Sephirah of the Tree of Life; according to Thelema the abode of the Black Brethren, etc.

(d) Lay out the cards in three rows as follows:

01   02   03   04   05   06   07   08   09
10   11   12   13   14   15   16   17   18
19   20   21   (22 vis 0)

Any card will reduce in value through adding the digits, to the number in the row directly above it. The difference between the higher and lower number is always 9. Therefore, the archetype of each number is raised to another level by adding 9.

Motifs in each vertical series:

1-10-19   Exercise of personal will under the direction of divine will.
2 -11-20   Development of intuition leads to comprehension of universal justice, and allows resurrection of the self.
3-12-21   Ideals meeting up with the limits of reality turns the Wheel of Fortune.
4-13-0   Life-Death-Birth; material mastery as the other face of transformation.
5-14   Learning right use of resources and self in harmony with various social systems of organization.
6-15   Desire brings union, leading to currents of involution and evolution.
7-16   The consequences encountered while developing mastery over left and right brain functions, inherited patterns versus free will.
8-17   Enlightened use of the mastered self in realizing one's visions and inspirations in the material world.
9-18   Initiation; getting past ancestral and collective conditioning, enlightened management of fear, greed, lust, and negative emotions.

III. Three Important Meditative Sequences:

0-12-20, also assigned the Cabalistic Mother Letters Aleph, Mem and Shin

The Fool: Eternal Potential and Opportunity, the ability to take a risk and step forward, explore, grow, forgive all.
The Hanged Man: Reaching the realization that not all is as it seems. Getting past a purely sensate valuation of phenomenon in life. To reverse the customary perspective and value judgments made about life, people, events, etc. Undergoing a shamanic journey to the underworld.
Judgment: Going down to the crossroads; undergoing an initiation. Death and rebirth into new life. New perspective on the nature of life experience; the development of authentic self and realization of the impermanence of death.

8 and 11

  Is Card 8 Strength or Justice? Is Card 11 Justice or Strength? These are the two primary numbers of magical practice and they are in dynamic relationship to one another. In creating his Tarot deck, the infamous Aleister Crowley made Card 8 into Justice and Card 11 into Strength, in reversal of older and more traditional assignments. Which is correct?

4 and 13 (1 + 3 = 4)

  Mastery over the material world leads to the necessity of transformation; transformation leads to the necessity of mastery over the illusion of matter.