When using the Tarot cards for guidance I am open to intuition, the spirit world and other dimensions in the quest for information. The astral Akashic Record might be accessed, sometimes the spirit guides can speak through visions or emotions or angelic guidance is invoked. Those for whom I read can open to their own connections; to see and speak them is a healing practice. Distance, time and space need not be obstacles when viewing the probabilities of what was, what is or may come to be.

We are all doing the magic of co-creation 24 hours a day whether awake or asleep, choosing awareness or moving in denial; thought and emotion, intent and will, dream and intuition contribute to the reality that comes to pass; yet fate, destiny and karma are interwoven with every creative intention. We are co-creators with Divine Love, therefore the very act of drawing conscious attention to a situation can change what comes to pass later in actual experience. Any reasonable concern will be addressed with loving care by this reader.

  • Consultations by phone can be scheduled from 2:00 pm MST through 8:00 pm MST most days except Sunday. Please request to schedule a consultation via e-mail. Include your name, number, and best time for contact, also any questions and concerns that need to be addressed. Payment for phone readings can be made through Pay Pal on this website before the consultation, or by credit card at the time of the session via Square./li>

  • Consultations in person for the Denver, Colorado area are done on an hourly basis. Parties of two can split the time if desired. Payment for personal appointments can be made by cash, check or credit card at the time of the reading.
  • I am available for doing parties in the Denver, Colorado Front Range area; participents can choose between either a tarot or astrology reading. The basic party rate is $25 per person for 20 minutes, 5 person minimum. If driving more than 5 miles, a donation for travel expense will be requested.

  • Follow this LINK for more information on the Tarot and other arcane topics.

To Schedule an Appointment
or Book a Party
Please Contact Me:

Via e-mail at: ceylon101@mysticmarguerite.com
Or make a contact request at: Elodea742 on Skype.

Phone Rates

   30 Minutes: $45.00
   45 Minutes: $67.50
   60 Minutes: $90.00

Quality Tarot Reading

-Prices include a recording of the consultation which can be downloaded to your computer as an MP3 file.

A choice that vexes
Is brought to the table,
Is it the truth that is desired,
Or rather a fable?
Dreams are colored in
With shape and face,
As the seeker tears at veils
Of time and space.
Calling shadows forth
And bringing them to Light,
Answers the mystery
And clears the sight.
If health and happiness
Are the final goal,
Inner vision joins them
Body, mind and soul.
Crystal clarity dances
Out of ancient pages,
Lights the crossroads path
At a reckoning of the ages.