The Astrology of Asteroids

Once we know more about the major themes in our horoscope chart, much more detail can be added through examining the placement of certain asteroids at the time of birth. When many natal planets are in aspect to a certain asteroid, the social, personal or relational dynamics represented by the asteroid seem to work as a powerful force of influence in a person's life.

Debunkers would be quick to point out that there are zillions of little pieces of rock out there; how could asteroids with names like Misterrogers or Maynard have a bearing on human affairs? The asteroids of prime interest generally are the larger ones, some even technically referred to as planetoids or dwarf planets. Others maintain a wonderfully odd orbit pattern between major planets, that becomes incorporated into the archetypal meanings associated with the rock in question. Following the synchronic pattern observed in the discovery and naming the planets, every named asteroid does seem to carry the symbolic meanings attached to the name given it as it makes aspects by orbit to other heavenly bodies, even though a science geek of non-mystical inclination did the naming.

An easy example is the asteroid Chiron, which orbits between the planets Saturn (the material world, frustration, limitation, debt, tradition, stick-in-the mud people) and Uranus (cosmic spirit, the new, untried, creative or revolutionary). The old Greek story behind Chiron has to do with a centaur who becomes a wounded healer and teacher; he was very wise and good but was constantly bothered by a painful wound that never heals. To extend this principle into real life, aren't we always struggling between the desire to find and express a higher level of of cosmic creative inspiration (Uranus)and barriers erected by our station in life, physical handicaps, social beliefs, earthly desires, income or level of learning (Saturn).

Where Chiron is in your birth chart, is generally where you very badly want to do, be or attain something, but have a very hard and frustrating time getting there. Chiron can also come to represent where we feel entitled or where someone else will step in and do for us; when the rescuer does not appear one might feel justified in being a victim of circumstances. Periodically throughout life we are all treated to Chiron lessons, wherein a challenge arises which must be met with an attempt to master that which eludes us. At its highest expression of mastery Chiron becomes the sage and the sacred warrior, the one who has experienced a quantum shift in apparent reality through the activation of their own mature, magical self. To learn more about asteroids and planetoids of special interest follow this Link.

Since the planets and asteroids are always in movement across the heavens, each person has a different combination of asteroid influences in their birth chart, An asteroid reading is not for everyone; you would need to feel comfortable exploring the shadow issues of life. The major asteroids in general symbolize behaviors, reactions, obsessions and compulsions that have their roots in family and social life, sometimes brought forward through many generations. An asteroid reading can help someone get to know themselves a little better, bring a little more love around in the struggle for personal growth and change.

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