Consider a custom recorded astrology reading, for your listening pleasure or to give as a gift. To order one, please contact me to provide birth information including date of birth, time, city and state or country; include any other information that would be useful for providing a quality reading:

Via e-mail at:

Payment can be made through PayPal as offered below or via Square over the phone.

One Hour Birthday Solar Return CD or MP3:     $150
(Trends and predictions for the birthday year.)

One Hour Natal Chart Analysis CD or MP3: $150   
(Includes past lifes and path of soul growth, character traits, early family and relationship dynamics, health, work, karma.)

One Hour Current Planetary Transits Analysis CD or MP3: $150   
(How current transits impact the natal chart and the opportunities and challenges contained therein.)

One Hour Relationship CD or MP3:    $150
(Discusses relational dynamics between any two people of choice-
will need birth information for both people.)

One Hour Natal Asteroids and Stars CD or MP3:    $150
(Discusses asteroids and stars strongly placed in the natal chart and their meaning. The asteroids represent features in the psyche, some of which can be beneficial; others of which represent behavior patterns that can arise from the unconscious and inherited patterns. Primary stars in conjunction with natal planets likewise bestow gifts or challenges in the course of destiny.)

One Hour Natal Lilith CD or MP3:    $150
(Includes Dark Moon Lilith, Black Moon Lilith and Asteroid Lilith in the natal chart. She represents the active sacred feminine principle in men and women. Where she is in the natal chart often relates to an area of life that brings challenge, sorrow and frustration until understood and healed.)

Your Profile as a Magic Worker CD or MP3:    $150
(Discusses your natal chart rotated to read for occult talents.

and holistic relations with the Otherworlds.)

Prices include CD, chart copies, astro-basics sheets and mailing;
or MP3 recording, chart copies and astro-basics sheets;
these are sent to a designated e-mail address along with chart copies.

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