Mystic Marguerite's
Sun Sign Predictions for 2022

For the year of 2022 all the planets are clustered between the heavenly zones of late Capricorn to mid Taurus, or about 120° of the zodiac, with the exception of the Sun and Moon. Mars ruler of ambition and passion will venture all the way to Gemini by October, but then go into retrograde motion starting October 30 and trek backwards through November and December. The cosmic alignments translate into powerful engines of polarity on Gaia that have been accumulating critical mass for the last 2500 years or so, concurrent with the dualistic Age of Pisces now on its way out. The planetary frequencies are weighted towards multinational clout and strong man dictatorships in resistance to collective reform; correlated in nature via major earth events and catastrophe linked to climate change.

On the human level, the polarity tends to cloak itself as White and Black, Good and Evil, Yours and Mine, Rich and Poor, with Fear voting to continue segregation and exploitation via hierarchy. But the current allocation of assets and generally poor treatment of whole ecosystems is ruining the planet upon which we all rely upon to exist. The ancient myth of Apocalypse can be invoked to justify genocide and nuclear intimidation; the suits just want to keep making lots of money without regulation as usual. It's hard work to discern truths from lies, and then face the problem of wanting to use lies to secure entitlements anyway. There is boundless opportunity for rejuvenation at hand; However large segments of the public and their leaders appear unwilling to take adjustments that need to be made seriously.

Saturn ruler of karma, duty, responsibility, tradition and the past will be in square to the Nodes of the Moon for most of the year, translating as a heavy resistance to dropping established privileges, ideologies, and ways of living; on the personal level we can be too paralyzed by fear of the unknown and pride to move forward. Much may depend on a cosmic one-two punch that occurs in April, first from a restrictive Saturn-Mars conjunction at 23° Aquarius on the April 5th, followed by Jupiter the traditional ruler of Pisces, sign of dissolution and new beginnings meeting in conjunction to Neptune, modern ruler of Pisces at 23°58'of the sign for the first time since 1856, on April 12th.

This is a 166 year cycle for the conjunction, a 12 year cycle for Jupiter to return to its home sign, and a 165 year cycle for Neptune to return to Pisces. The aspect infers endings and new beginnings in spiritual inspiration, artistry, water-related events, power conferred through religious belief systems, and changes in treatment of the disenfranchised. In the US the last conjunction oversaw the birth of Spiritism, Theosophy, Science of Mind religious creeds and major interest in occult practices, but it also was a harbinger for the Civil War, followed by an aggressive campaign to largely wipe out native Indian populations in the US and carefully continue to restrict the rights of Afro-Americans freed from slavery.

Uranus in Taurus will travel between 10 and 15 degrees of the sign during 2022, while Saturn in Aquarius will travel between 12 and 22 degrees. Although the ruler of volatile change and the future is no longer in a tight orb of square with the ruler of stability through tradition and the past, they are still rubbing on each other in a very irritating manner by sign, meaning the tussle between go forward and pull back will continue to wreak havoc. However many astrologers suggest that a progressive Uranian current will start to win, especially as Pluto moves into Aquarius next year.

Pluto lord of life, death and transformation continues to hang in the late degrees of Capricorn, also coincident with a first Pluto return for the United States Sibley birth chart. Pluto will transit three times over the course of the year over the natal Pluto placement, signaling the end of a cycle of governance for the US, and a requirement to create a whole new structure. The polarity here appears as a split between “Blue” progressives who demand extensive social reform, equal rights for women, transgenders and minorities, environmental protections and re-distribution of excesses in wealth; and “Red” conservatives who generally demand the opposite. The populace in general also appears to be caught up in an existential crisis of attitude, with many feeling quite alienated and/or hostile.

Hope springs from the waves of humanity choosing to "wake up" in these times of tumult; the Internet continues to be a valuable resource for circulating information and images, so nothing can hide for long from inquisitive eyes. Many are experimenting with alternative lifestyles and off-the-grid housing projects. Many more are willingly walking away from old belief systems that encouraged followers not to think for themselves or question authority; many more seem willing to take up the challenge of becoming more self-aware and therefore self-responsible and interested in open-minded expansion rather than passing the buck. During 2022 this astrologer predicts that more than one Black Swan Effect will shatter the algorithms of market expectation, opening portals into life-affirming, cooperative blossomings of the sublime.

Eclipse Degrees Delineated, Modified From Degrees by Sepharial

    April 30, 2022: A partial Solar Eclipse occurs at 10°Taurus 28'. "A man seated on a throne, holding a sceptre, crowned, and with signs of wealth around him." Those born wealthy will attain eminence by means of their care in the affairs of life; those born poor can acquire wealth and fame. The position will come due to shrewdness rather than integrity, for the chief characteristic is watchfulness. A degree of SELF-SERVICE.

    May 16, 2022: A total Lunar eclipse occurs at 25°Scorpio 17'. "A man swimming in an angry sea." A resolute and brave spirit, reckless of danger and disposed to take great risks upon himself for the benefit of others. Life can be troublesome, with many changes of fortune and more than the usual amount of buffeting by the waves of adversity. Yet by enduring and in spite of a disposition to help others at one's own disadvantage some will meet with recognition and even honour, as the leader of a forlorn hope. A degree of SACRIFICE.

    October 25, 2022: A partial Solar Eclipse occurs at 02°Scorpio 00' "An old man seated beneath a shady tree, his head bowed in thought. A pilgrim." An index of one given to solitude and deep philosophic thought, a lover of the mysterious and abstruse. Impressed with the unreality of things around him and the changefulness of human relations. Disposed to the study of eternal verities and feels in no need of companionship. Not a misanthrope nor a pessimist, but developing a true perspective of life and regard of things and persons according to their true value. A degree of DISILLUSION.

    November 8, 2022: A total Lunar Eclipse occurs at 16°Taurus 00'. "Two white cows are standing together in a jungle; behind them is a tiger ready to spring." A sign of one who will have many advantages in early life, will make a prosperous marriage, but through a false sense of security will afterwards come to ruin and sorrow." A degree of RELAXATION.

Sun Sign Forecasts

Aries: The Ram is on a challenging journey this year, moving from money and power alliances with others to establishing a stable beachhead of their own, hewn from their own visions of noble sovereignty. A wound around self-image must be healed and a compulsion to just rescue the needy must be laid to sleep. It’s past time to roll out one’s own traveling show; the karmic block to overcome is hewn from prior community associations that didn’t adore you before, and the Ram’s own willful tendencies to play the superior outsider. But don’t worry, every time progress stalls Eris the planetoid of progress through calling upon creative chaos will lend a hand, upending any job or project prone to bleed you dry. Believe in the warrior’s own considerable ability to channel the general angst out there; summon the support of guardian angel Haniel to keep the sword edge sharp and your fans can’t help but be intrigued.

Your magic will coalesce around visitation into other dimensions to mine for winning strategies; the danger can involve getting sucked too deeply into darker ancient dragons of the collective that are now trying to tip the balance into meyhem out there. Some of you may need a lengthy retreat or two away from the path of worldly affairs to sort it all out, or perhaps heal from certain nagging chronic illnesses that have no name; but come June one must choose wisely between the paths leading to Asgard and Helheim. Wishes and dreams will come true in practical ways but there can be polarity problems, as fighting prowess can be derailed by a sexy group cause, family tiffles or other-worldly eddy, or lured into a trap by the glamor of vice or the promise of escape from the general stress. April will bring collisions of synchronicity between spirit world and earthly plane; obstacles can suddenly be surmounted by a spectacular burst of inspiration which can be deeply disturbing if loyalty remains bound to a traditional creed, or if striving to remain valiantly agnostic.

Wishes and dreams will come true in practical ways but there can be polarity problems, as fighting prowess can be derailed by a sexy group cause, family tiffles or other-worldly eddy, or lured into a trap by the glamor of vice or the promise of escape from the general stress. April will bring collisions of synchronicity between spirit world and earthly plane; obstacles can suddenly be surmounted by a spectacular burst of inspiration which can be deeply disturbing if loyalty remains bound to a traditional creed, or if striving to remain valiantly agnostic. The eclipse action of late spring and late Autumn will focus concern for one’s own money and values versus joint financial affairs and power plays, so expect to win some and lose some. Choose projects and platform carefully, as considerable power, yours and others, will be in play up through August. Public profile can be raised up or cast down due to red tape and ego contests with certain authorities. If in the market for romance or new friendship, some can be found with people of a different type from the usual palette. Use the summer months to get the craft of choice into the water and seaworthy, as matters will hit a snag by Halloween, when ruling planet Mars goes retrograde in Gemini until January 12th. Use the remainder of the year to stay out of pointless battles and frivolous trips; better to retreat to re-tool the usual mental and verbal patterns, and/or do some in-depth research, writing or classwork. Preserving precious resources will help the Ram find the map to guide their craft to the proper hub of activity, specially designed for winning a place at the proper gaming table.

Taurus: The last few years have been dutifully co-opted to the demands of business, partners or parents; the Bull has learned how to hold healthy boundaries and command respect when speaking. Last year should have been spent doing a final dump of old conditioned patterns that have so inconveniently held you back from loftier ambitions. So now it's time to finally lay new bricks for your own foundation, establish personal sovereignty on the stage of your choice. If still in one piece, Taurus should be used by now to the constant power-wash and spin-cycle action of planet Uranus traveling long-term through their sign, so welcome a chance to make big impact in public profile and/or career, should you want it. A crucifixion by Saturn-Mars will be followed by a Jupiter-Neptune resurrection in April, which will blow open new connections to like-minded groups and associates happy to graze in your pastures. Then the cosmic juice percolating out there will make Taurus too restless and highly strung to just stay home or stay quiet for long, even if just taking on a golf-club membership.

Taurus has been on an extended exploration of advanced knowledge, belief systems or foreign cultures in the last few years; some may have become identified with a far left or far right stance in keeping with the times. Some may now use their charisma, rhetoric or You Tube channel to influence the masses, others may be drawn even further into polarized positions out in the community. The goal should be to bond with like-minded others around a worthy cause worldly or spiritual, and put reforming action into motion; otherwise we can only hope you will not lapse into dictatorial strongman politics or cultish devotions. The eclipses of late spring and late autumn will put focus on grooming a radical new persona that can either charm away or laser-blast the intimidations and projections that others used to keep the bull penned in before. The months of March through July are great for writing, networking, training runs and market research; the August heat will still have your back but determined Mars traveling in home sign Taurus will meet with volatile Uranus in the first week of the month, which can lead to ill-timed outbursts or accidents.

The Bull’s magic cardinal current of Venusian charisma will magnetize supportive power players, penetrate into the arts or organize a new business; the right new string-pulling position can be yours by September. The polarity to ground involves pouring too much attention into a lover, cause, group, career or perfect parenting to the point of losing the soul; or forcing one’s views too stringently onto others, therefore attracting pitchforks and torches. Try to have projects in a structured format by the end of October, as Mars going retrograde for the rest of the year will mess with your money, values, and the general raison d’etre. If not handicapped by age or infirmity, 2022 will get pretty hectic for most Taureans; use that fixed, powerful will to balance the worldly shock show with plenty of down time, both to buff up the horns and to enjoy those who can tolerate living with you.

Those born in the sign of the airy Twins are in for an exciting year, as they move away from old family health problems or outworn work alliances, and into a whole new role serving as a manager, teacher, traveler, guru or social influencer. After a long time of drought many will also be set free to explore new sensual experiences that feed the soul and break old bondage to dysfunctional family patterns that have turned to ash. Consider sampling other cultures, design styles or tool sets- anything that will break the old vice grip of giving too much to those who could care less. This action will actually be necessary for you to be of best inspirational service, whether taking on responsibilities of parenthood, climbing career ladders or supporting the community in some way.

The landscape could get strange in early April as old insecurities, family disruptions or a lack of proper certification could block progress forward. Please either delegate or get the right paperwork submitted as Gem will be cosmically wowed by whole new vistas of opportunity and creative challenge that soon will open up for their delight, courtesy of the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction near mid-month. The eclipse action of late Spring and late Fall will help Gem move away from any survivalist workaholism and towards a gentler sort of service as power behind the throne or nurturer of the natural world. Accept the guidance of more adventuresome colleagues as needed and drag the ass forward during the summer months, despite fears about stepping out of the usual caste and getting dinged for not "knowing your place." The progressive Uranian current will trust you forward like a hot jet pack, towards lofty new heights of hobnobbing or romancing with some sort of elite, so keep the slinky dress or pressed pants handy too.

Some Twins will need to bend and flex under the direction of powerful egos with a vast corporate, spiritual or artistic vision, but that exercise is well within the usual Gem’s toolbox if the sincerity is genuine. This year your magic is of the non light-weight Plutonic type, catalyzing others through consultantship, management skills, financial acumen or powerful chanting, at which you will succeed with the proviso of setting aside pride, prejudice, or cravings for control and status. Polarity problems may arise for some if trying to balance partners who demand extra attention with the necessity of grasping opportunities when the buzzer goes off. If in doubt, the cosmos says you really are supposed to keep the eye on the main chance up through September. When Mars ruler of libido and assertive drive goes retrograde from October until early next year, the whole world is going to be sort of circling the drain anyway. Then it will pay to hole up somewhere safe and dedicate hours to a total spa rejuvenation program for self-image and vitality; otherwise review core leadership values and consider how to communicate clearly and concisely to those who will want to know where you stand and what for, starting next year.

During 2022 the Crab will move from giving rather private lap dances to giving more of their prodigious skills, products and wisdom out to the larger community, network or world market. A fresh new spiritual inspiration, advanced training or exposure to alternative belief systems will come your way in April, catalyzing the right direction in which to go. Consider literally traveling abroad, publishing or pursuing advanced knowledge somewhere during the year, to nurture and support those tentative steps that need to be taken outside of the customary shell. Blockage comes from an old debt or taxes that need to be paid off, or fear of taking on any debt or putting money into investments. Others will have gotten tired of old sexual habits such as not really being available for intimacy, up to and including celibacy as a convenience or what to do if alternative sexuality is in play. The eclipses of late spring and late autumn will illuminate issues around the giving and receiving of love and the materialistic, conditional strings that can be attached to those transactions.
The power to break through crippling conditioning will be bestowed upon the Crab starting in late March, but it’s still up to you to navigate old control-freak tendencies, which are an outcropping of power struggles and deeper diving within that was postponed in the past. Expect to deal with authority figures who basically don’t know what to do next or suffer from inflated egos or disruptive tactics to get their way; unless it is you in the driver’s seat who needs to refer to their own inner warrior wisdom in grabbing for the next grail. Home can be a haven, however expect periodic upheavals from the sudden demands and foibles of partners, children, friends and enemies. Practice being there with empathy, but instead of solving issues for them or getting hooked into another futile fight it’s time to go forth to experiment and dabble, channel fear of the unknown into the right love affair or larger community cause instead. Very powerful Jupiterian magic can be focused through community organizations, artistry, metaphysical groups or shamanistic retreats. Some may venture to the other dimensions using appropriate substances in safe surroundings; anything that will blow the lid blown off the bunker mentality and put one in contact with delayed steps in personal evolution is encouraged.

The polarity point will require the Crab to clear the ground of nit-picky judgements, busy work and hyper-critical junk dealing. Expect the clock to get cleaned even further starting at the end of October when Mars goes retrograde; the rest of the year will be spent being introduced to denial, bondage and self-undoing mirrored to you by others. It will be impossible to avoid swamp-diving in the collective as established structures crumble, but use your newly grounded heart to keep you safe. Consider hitting the kitchen to cook up gourmet feasts as one kneads up those vast reservoirs of deep, unprocessed emotions and passions hitherto closeted away. Any passive-aggressive tactics, narcissistic self-absorption or two-faced, light-weight social faces that worked so well to skim the surface of life before, will play out like trying to pass counterfeit money now.

The regal Lion is in for tumultuous changes with joint relationships of all kinds; the focus is on moving away from mere survival-based symbiosis and going towards cultivating greater personal resilience, so one can claim a chair at the higher stakes poker tables out there. After a severe jolt of restriction delivered via an Aquarian Saturn-Mars meeting in early April, a much wilder signature involving magic, power, control, sex and death kicks off around April 12th, with the meeting of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. The frequency is expansive and fortunate, so whatever disappointments occur will be countered by sudden new opportunities that will serve one's needs much better. The eclipses of late spring and late fall will trigger big adjustments both at home and in career or public duties; some Leos will be newly engaged in parental duties while others finish taking care of parents or the equivalent thereof.
Expect authority figures in general to be erratic and changeable but that can be Leo's forte, compassionately navigating the shoals of other people's Hades using empathy gained from journeying in one’s own underworld before. Over summer the Lion may benefit from inheritance, marriage or a merger with powerful others, or get swept away into seaside tea parties with faeries and fays; either path can lead to awesome dollops of good fortune if not just holing up at some cheesy casino and hoping to score. Take care not to be misled by sketchy get rich quick schemes crafted by untrustworthy parties, or projecting your own money mis-management issues onto your partner or refusing to pony up for joint expenses. Blockage can come from a poverty mentality, or self-pride that refuses to grant the freedom and valuation needed to make progress with new joint goals. When in doubt, cashing out old defenses or resistance is the way to go; sometimes the only guide may be the torch one must bear to realize their grand passion, instead of finding more excuses to put it all off. Ancestors, guides and spirits will be there to cheer the Lion on and offer instruction, since as one redeems their own power, those who have ascended or passed on before are freed from old chains of causality on the quantum plane.

Leonine magic will have to be of the practical, nuts-and-bolts kind of hedge witchery, even as psychic ability soars and the power of sensual hypnosis tingles at your paw pads. Do take care to keep the proceedings profitable for all concerned, as others will not tolerate excess cleverness without substance well. Get the job done during summer, as when Mars goes retrograde from the end of October until early next year, it would be wise to retreat to the lair and conduct a deep re-assessment of friends, groups and networks. Some should be kept and some should be shed, due to their path diverging from yours. Consider too, how you receive love or find ways to avoid doing so, as a means to avoid deeper involvement or out of not wanting to owe anybody anything. Actually, some Leos may indeed need to pay the piper or an estate tax, therefore must work a debt off or otherwise be of service as the year closes. Still, someone should be around to give you plenty of TLC and higher inspirations with which to soar in the clouds, so enjoy the voyage!

This year the focus is on leaving some rather brutal survivalist perspectives or duties connected to death behind and forging a new path to a higher, more inclusive level of relationship with more interesting people, even if that doesn’t seem immediately practical. Don’t worry, the action will still be defined by your own boundary needs and sense of sovereignty, just tweaked to align with a more pleasurable and progressive program in alignment with amenable others. And don’t worry, Uranus in Taurus will continue knocking the Virgin out of any molasses oozing in the mind, should it try to glue up the psyche. Come April a guru or someone close to you may open your eyes to a whole new panorama of spiritual inspiration and partnership that is fine as long as it doesn’t lead to joining a cult that wants all your money. And don’t worry, the eclipses of late spring and late autumn will periodically flush the toilet of old attachments and refresh the mental screen, should you try to stay with the same old choir practice.
The Uranian current powers the Libran magic wand this year, and it can be directed at attracting exposure to new frontiers of knowledge, alternative cultures and belief systems, even expanding higher consciousness in service to the path of ascension. Some may be in the guru seat themselves, inspiring the masses with brilliant blogs, webinars, You Tube clips or publications of various types if so inclined. The polarity point lies in ignoring one’s own intuition and inspiration by continuing to identify with the usual oppressor or getting too caught up in the enchantments billowing forth from other tents to do your own. Extra attention will have to paid to personal health and work situations; the higher frequencies using you as an antenna can zap the mental and emotional wiring right out, making it necessary to periodically step back and change fuses. At the same time the traditional malifics Saturn and Mars can load on too many commitments or bring pressure to bear physically through stress, pollution or inflammatory conditions. Body and mind cannot be treated like a disposable napkin indefinitely; one will actually have to honor their physical vehicle and work to integrate the changes happening right down to the cellular level, instead of staying safely at the work ethic end of the pool.

Some of the usual partners may try to derail your heading out to new pastures; consider graciously handing their issues back to them as a sign of respect for their capacity to handle their stuff, themselves. Otherwise, fantastic opportunities abound to hook up with a new crew holding the key to future awesome abundance and simple bucket loads of fun, if you are able to tolerate the lighter hand of their harness and keep any moodiness in the proper pasture. Career, parenting and public profile will flourish with new alliances, at least until October 30 when Mars goes retrograde in Gemini. Then expect to spend the last two months of the year backtracking, reviewing, researching or renegotiating your place of responsibility and rate of compensation. Joint financial agreements may need to re-negotiated and/or siblings and neighbors may need some extra help. Just know that any inconveniences arising in the last quarter of the year will allow for further streamlining of the rocket in your pocket, making it much more space-worthy for launching next year.

The initial Libran urge in 2022 could be to throw up fences for securing personal wealth or shoring up self-esteem, but the real road to redemption lies in forging new joint alliances with others who hold the resources and open doors you want. If only the others would hold your hand a little more or be a tad more selective about their choice of other friends. Once over that hang-up you could be free to proceed with a merger, but methinks there will be other personal complications with which to contend. Some are going to check out and into sexual experimentations, that will none the less slop over into Dark Eros issues hitherto blamed on hapless romantic prospects and former partners. Others could get loaded up with extra responsibilities around children or creative projects that need to yield a profit, both of which can be used as an excuse to stall movement forward in building your own kingdom by the sea. Libra may go into an all out tailspin come April, when the rare Jupiter-Neptune confluence completely scrambles the usual filters and slips the psyche over more than one groove, due to those UFO’s hovering over by the swingset.
One might be still trying to make sense of mighty changes rocking the world through old lenses of past glory that have gotten way cloudy and questionable in quality. There is also the Lord of the Underworld that lurks in the psychic basement no gracious, elegance-loving Lib would admit to owning; no way do some of them want to loosen the vice grip on private space lest the fear of embarrassment, loss of prestige or the prospect of not being numero uno at the driver’s wheel has one in stitches. But the magic of the Scales is best deployed into an exploration of the unknown and numinous, perhaps literally going into the sea or into classes on the arts; perhaps into skydiving or tango workshops? The idea is to master the occult art of dissolving, releasing control, really connecting with and cleansing the subtle energy fields that interpenetrate the membranes of physical life; go ahead, c’mon and soar on dragon's wings in the astral realms and creatively weave new enchantments of sensual erotica for your own enjoyment.

The more hard-nosed, materialistic denizens of the Scales may be preoccupied with mysterious chronic illnesses physical, mental or emotional, due to continuing to feed compulsions with control or a traditional scheme of order, but that is not my business and they will get put down a peg eventually, if persisting. The polarity point can trap Lib in a smoke and mirrors game of public reputation that won’t be kind; it's not easy fencing with detractors but the stranger issue is how close friends can become the larger source of anathema. But hey, expect Uranian jolts to hit the pocketbook and love-life especially in August, shattering any defensive bunkers built so carefully to shield you, what fun! Try to get any traveling abroad or pressing business done by the end of October, since Mars ruler of ambition and assertive drive will be retrograde for the last two months of the year. Pick a nice monastery or cozy corner in the backyard to settle in for a thorough review of your parents' opinions, institutions, ideologies and rituals that molded your hologram of identity, for the purpose of prying open that tin can full of taboos and filling it with fresh new perspectives. Folks will be available to keep company in the endeavor, unless one prefers going the lobo way of the Spirit Wolf.

For most of 2022 the Scorpion is really tied down to responsibilities around the home base; some have been couch surfing or the equivalent for a while so settling down with a partner/kids/pets should hold some appeal. However, the bugaboo comes from being loath to give up being in control of any domestic environment you visit, while struggling valiantly to share a space with someone else without getting into those tiresome one-up-one-down contests. The primary partner or friend, whether business or personal will not always be easy to manage either, in fact more prone to jolt the ground under your feet often and trigger off an invitation to make the proceedings into a blood sport. The high-flying Jupiter-Neptune union in Pisces during April can bring in fantastic new inspirations creative, reproductive or metaphysical in nature, if the Saturn-Mars conjunction just before it hasn't prompted you to issue stupid ultimatums. But please make it one of these instead of speculating on the stock market, as there will be more gas-lighting than usual and frankly your judgement will not be sharply attuned enough to sniff it out.
The eclipse action of late spring and late autumn will only reinforce the necessity of learning to live with other’s foibles, rather than bat them away like a cranky cat. Some Scorps may direct their angst into partying like there is no tomorrow, etc. and some will in effect, end up six feet under from doing so, but then who has the time these days to miss you? No, better to gimbal in the grass with housemates and keep life simple; just keep a bag packed for any sudden mad excursions your nearest and dearest feel obliged to take. If having the patience this summer would be a great time to study medicine, shamanism or cock-fighting, as you will be challenged to manage the native Martian and Plutonian magical tools in civilized form. You will be drawn to ask, "if I can’t smite something with them whatever else are they good for," but that is exactly the mystery you are supposed to solve with some deep alchemical study, even if just learning the meaning of "going within." The polarity point can help Scorp hide in seduction, career, DJing at the club or other public demands, but that mojo won’t begin to fix the steady demands happening with home and family.

The issue will become pressing by the end of October, when your traditional ruling planet Mars goes retrograde in Gemini. The focus will be on joint finances, sex, death, power and control, with a dash of the spirit world thrown in. Picture a mutable mash-up between your money, dreams and values and other’s demands, relative to blowing it all on the kids, partying till somebody drops, or snapping up a chance to buy an ashram in the Keys, sorta kinda. Having been forewarned, its good to take the time between spring and fall for you and your opponent, lover or bank officer, to practice honesty and negotiating skills, develop a protocol to follow when somebody feels unappreciated or otherwise doesn’t want to play fair. The last two months of the year are a big test for Scorp; will they have really learned to keep the stinger sheathed and summon the power of the Phoenix instead; to fly towards the light of joint compromise and freedom instead of away?

The Archer is due for some really happy times spent largely at home, including working from it, this year. As the rest of the world reels from one chaotic crisis to the next you should be at your optimistic best and feeling sure that the cosmos will sort it all out and land us all over the rainbow. This courtesy of the April Jupiter-Neptune conjunction lighting up the zone of root psyche and home base, which one could rightly say is cake. But the fly stuck in the frosting takes the form of Mars meeting with Saturn just before the fairy dust arrives, challenging the Archer with old learning blocks and harsh speaking patterns, those ones that also help you pay attention to virtually anyone else’s shortcomings except your own. There may have been practical survival purpose in nosing out and exposing the weaknesses of others, to defend from those who might win over you, take something from you, or horror of horrors try have an honest, open and equal relationship with you.
But now at the dawn of the New Age the savvy Sag is being asked to depolarize their own skillful magic of duality, or suffer from a variety of ailments physical or mental, real or imagined. During 2022 your potent magic is tied to a progressive Venusian current but Venus and Mars are demanding parity and integration between the urge to attract and seduce and the urge to conquer and smash, most particularly using powers of the air. But hey, just when ready to tackle the job the basic mental faculties will run off dancing with the Sidhe and we know how tricky they can be. The focus should be on travel, siblings, crafting new marketing strategies and transforming one's financial structure but if impatient what a great summer to experiment with sex magic and astral travel. Whatever the cup of tea that entices, do be ready to take responsibility for what has been transacted and where by late autumn, as then it will not do to simply decamp from careless commitments.

The eclipses of late spring and late autumn will put a sharp focus on karma, both past and present; the past containing whatever dark dragons and murky motives still extant, while the present tense is given over to locating a gut-driven reason to put all that down like a dead horse, to finally respect yourself and others enough to know one shouldn't need to compete or defend in Medieval ways anymore. The way forward comes from the Elysian fields, wherein one can be free to release and explore any long bottled-up currents of creativity. If harboring any wounded kids, friends or lovers who can’t quite grow up, its time to release them out of respect to their own choices too. If just becoming a parent take care to keep certain recreational substances out of the house and otherwise don’t substitute spoilage for actual quality personal time. Mars ruler of ambition and aggression going retrograde near Halloween for the last two months of the year will bring any issues with partners and enemies to a head, precipitating major changes in both personal or business relationships. Some of you will become aware of how negative or unacceptable aspects of self are projected onto others. Positively, the time can be used to take one-on-one commitments to a higher level; or the stress can be intense enough that the best solution will involve breaking up and moving on next year.

The Goat’s focus this year will be on translations, between networking safely within the usual group and forging into new territory instead; on giving and receiving, most particularly in the currency of love and affection. On the difference between staying in fantasy world or finally getting down to physical manifestation of some of your bigger dreams. The block will come from the Goat’s own fat self, as when disinclined to share when asked to do so with the money or free time, or the tantrums thrown when not getting your way. Matters will proceed in rosy fashion if hewing to the one-on-ones, even if just with a counselor, instead of going it stoically alone. Emotions will run high this year between you and others, there’s no way avoiding it; just don’t make the mistake of projecting all the turmoil onto them as the oracle can tell you now, it ain’t so. Somehow there must be a balance struck at home, between wounded or needy family members, their habits of disruption and the sanctity of your own space. While owning your own sense of woundedness and honoring a wild desire to run free on the wide open range, instead of falling into the usual wrangling or stoically shutting down.
But really, please believe that your best magic can be done with the hands, legs and tongue; to physically communicate, dance, sing and show up for important others like never before, because really there is nothing to lose and life is short. The key game this year requires giving up some of those fabulously rigid defensive structures so dear to the Goat's heart; there is a cosmic mandate to strip down frequently to the lightest toga and go romping in the ethers, a favorite book, exotic trip or favorite bluegrass festival. One might even find themselves turning into an excellent healer, fortune teller or bookie overnight, and be rushing out to work it on the neighbors. Just take care come April, as a cosmic one-two punch delivers a Saturn-Mars conjunction that pushes you to clamp down more stubbornly than ever, followed shortly by the once in 166 years Jupiter-Neptune conjunction sweeping you away enough to forget paying the bills. All omens do point to better health and a mind bathed in simple joy; just give yourself permission to pursue it, instead of sacrificing for a lonely sort of security or just caretaking someone else who should have outgrown their weaknesses by now.

The eclipse action of late spring and late fall will light up that giving and receiving thing, pleasure and pain, expansion and contraction, vulnerability versus prideful stealth. Over summer one may at times feel like a rat churning away down the local Lazy River but progress can be made with juicy new sexual escapades, creative projects, wild and reckless kids, and serendipitous brunches in Paris, or the equivalent thereof. Take the summer to experiment freely, as come the end of October Mars retrograde for the rest of the year will force the Goat to focus on basic health and work issues. Study the connection between repressed anger and inflammatory conditions; take another look at how dysfunction in early family life may have derailed a healthy relation with your own Martian drives. Consider the timing, content and style of your own power plays and whether they draw to you more of what is desired or push others further away, instead.

The Water-Bearer is taking new vows of self-sufficiency this year; sculpting new standards of self-discipline, salvaging the reputation and striving for elegant refinement in self-presentation. While privately much more interested in swinging from the trees and doing extreme experimentation wither brilliant or unhinged, or both. Even though the Aquari is an air sign that prides itself on hewing to logic, one can tend to get bollixed up between conservative and progressive, country club or ashram, higher mind versus lower pleasures. The Water-Bearer is supposed to be moving away from the more public displays of power, ruthlessness or expediency, towards a more eco-friendly, cozy home base with a sincere focus on family, room-mates, caring for kids (yours or others) and serving as a role model? Boredom won't be a problem since any apples near you don’t fall far from the tree, therefore one will be treated to a big dose of their own eccentricities and mood swings from others anyway.
The purpose of Saturn strong in your Sun Sign is to cultivate some humble, shore up the backbone and work on any nagging interior insecurity or low self-esteem. The obstacle to overcome concerns lapses into status-conscious user and control freak but that too, will be quite a challenge to manage as the psyche will be a howling abyss of chthonic potency, so why would anyone pass that mojo up? You are supposed to bear a torch this year but consider doing it for a noble cause instead of just yourself (e.g. alternative sex or just simply more of it with a variety of comers.) Aquarius is scheduled for a brutal wake-up call vis-à-vis the money and personal values come April, but let’s not let that develop into just spending mo’ money better, let’s use that native networking ability to drum up the next best-selling outer space production instead. The eclipse action of late spring and late autumn will jolt one back to the main lesson at hand, namely balancing career and home life, respecting the demands of both and actually putting oneself in other people’s shoes.

Get that extra pepper out of the system by the end of October, since as Mars retrogrades in Gemini for the last two months of the year you will have to devote more attention to children’s or pet’s needs should you have them; otherwise re-assessing pleasure habits, the usual choice of lovers or investment strategies if into speculation. This retrograde will make a dent in the pocketbook and/or tempt one to cut corners or mis-represent one’s self in some way, so hopefully the attention can be put into remodeling, composing songs or painting pictures, etc. as Christmas comes on. Your magic is rather potent this year, being of the type to enchant others and sway them with a façade of friendly comradery and sparkling brilliance, however as the attention span shortens Aquarius can go for abrupt abandonment or ruthlessness, if the mark happens to see through to the man behind the curtain. The polarity point is grounded in dancing with a worthy opponent, strong enough to tolerate a joint alliance with you, if you will but share the power but really, would you never, ever consent to doing that?

Watch out for those Pisces this year, as the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in that sign come April should light them up like electric eels, and send them quivering in ecstasy, into the multi-verse of potential awesomeness the rest of us can only dream about. That said, the natives of the Fish really have a lot on their plate, starting with the state of their own mind and how relations and communications are handled, due to setting up as a guru or at least acting like one. The main focus is on moving away from alliances with super-yacht owners, sharky carnival hawkers and various other professional strong persons in favor of nurturing humble neighborhood connections and providing good personal service to others yourself. The catch with the Pisces energy will be a tendency to listen to partners too much, instead of trusting their own intuition or honoring their own needs. Another catch will be their own fear, which if cranked up enough can make it difficult to leave losers behind and use good timing in various projects; which needs to be done in order to make money or shore up financial security.

The eclipse action of late spring and late fall will push the Fish to simplify ambitious agendas, instead choosing more down-to earth approach or home-based business for care of self and those close to you. Take heed, as the psyche will be going through a huge excavation of hitherto buried managerial potencies that need to be brought forward into the light over summer and put to good use. If choosing to cling to the usual rut do note that one can be ejected from the current career quadrille sometime in August or September, due to affairs reaching a critical mass of general turmoil. Expect upsets and changes with siblings and neighbors as no one will be their old selves; consider traveling more or learning something new instead. Secret love affairs or alternative sexuality issues may intrude; fights with children if harboring some and perhaps having to move house more than once. Some Pisceans will do time in a hospital, retreat or prison; the choice (once again) is up to the sensibilities, the company one keeps and where they lead one. If you do get kicked to the curb, be glad as personal values need to change and self-respect must get a proper toehold.

The Piscean magic springs entire from the uber-powerful Neptunian current in 2022, which makes the Fishies twice as handsome, three times as charismatic and four times as unlikely to talk direct about anything, so try to remember that we can’t read your mind, yet. The polarity point may attract the attention of a wizard skilled in the dark arts, who could imprison you in a mirage of your own making; therefore cast all romance spells with the rose-colored glasses off, please. Otherwise, all that juicy cosmic mojo can be put to good use in plumping up a glamorous public profile, just remember to craft a good contract for yourself and not just rely on a handshake. Expect Mars turning retrograde at the end of October to tie the Fish up with home-base affairs for the rest of the year. The prudent course would be to stick close to the bar in the basement in order to retool financial strategies and define future goals more clearly. But most particularly do spend some quality time dancing with the ascended masters and high faeries who come to visit; rejuvenate that tender inner child who has been too hungry for too long.