2020 Equinox Chart Magical Work Predictions

A horoscope chart erected for the time of Spring Equinox works well as a predictive mirror for the year in question, whether speaking of a nation in general and the collective at large or as pertains to personal affairs. Charts located for the capitol city of the country of residence can be eerily accurate as portents for what to expect economically, socially, physically and mentally in coming months. This effect is enhanced not only because of collective saturation in the penetrating wonders of internet technology; those of you who swear they never go near a TV or computer are still aligned, as the veil between the worlds is thinning as we exit the age of Kali Yuga. We are all connected via the quantum mechanics of mass Mind and Egregors (cells) of mass psychic activity.

That said, let's consider this chart in terms of magical direction for the focused individual will. The first striking feature is no planets located in the upper hemisphere of the chart; all the planetary action is contained in Houses Two through Six, which has to do with the affairs at the personal level and immediate one-on-one interactions with others, most particularly the family, neighborhood, lovers, children and co-workers.

The chart axis is Fixed-Mutable; survival oriented Scorpio-Taurus rules on the key relational axis of the ASC-DSC; the mutable MC is ruled Virgo with the IC of Pisces opposite, lending a note of karma, wounding and sacrifice. Ironically, Virgo is also the natural ruler of the Sixth House of magic workers, a signal that giving cleanly organized projects a whirl can promote desirable new developments most particularly in parenting, home and real estate, career, animal and plant husbandry, public profile, healing and hygiene.

The overall combination of axis signs suggests an apparent openness to change and adaptability in terms of career and home affairs (Mutable), but a stubborn determination to keep affairs physically at the same status quo they have been (Fixed). Magically, this axis can serve as a sturdy platform for physical manifestation, however forcing others this year to participate or behave in certain predetermined ways relationally will certainly distort the desired results.

The Chart Sixth house has Aries on the cusp, with Mars ruler of ambition, action, fever and intensity as the planetary ruler. Mars in this chart would also be considered an energetic locomotive for the whole Equinox planetary grouping. It is first in line to ascend on the eastern horizon and travel overhead with everything else in tow, in addition to being the traditional ruler of Scorpio on the chart Ascendant. The Ascendant always sets a keynote, therefore Scorpionic themes related to life and death, power and powerlessness, transformation and transmutation are highlighted. For example the Covid virus, as represented also by inflammatory Mars as ruler of Aries and the Equinox sixth house of health and disease is the pied piper leading the pack and calling the shots.

At the time of Equinox Mars was just getting ready to transit over slower moving Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all in earth sign Capricorn; Mars would go on to trigger off pyrotechnic events on every level, personal, political and global as spring progressed. The Capricorn power cluster is in square with planetoid Eris in the Sixth House, she who brings change through discord and provocation also placed in hot-headed, aggressive action-oriented Aries. The earth sign arena of activity is in the Second House of our personal assets, money and values, also the Third House of neighborhood, hands-on service jobs and grass-roots level communication. As of this writing, we have already been subjected to the lockdown and economic meltdown of the Capricorn transits, so it is obvious that the Mars-Jupiter-Pluto-Saturn combination is exceedingly powerful in actual manifestation potential.

Just as we pick up the pieces and creep out and about more, May marks the beginning of an extensive planetary retrograde period, most notably with Saturn retro on May 5th, then Venus retro on May 13th, followed by Jupiter on May 14th and Pluto already retrograde since late April. The next few months may be prime for conducting banishments, cleanses and purges, but not at all positively energetic for invocations and catalyzing operations.

Heads up for the eclipses listed below, as the time between eclipses is normally very powerful for doing inter-dimensional travel, meditation and certain magical operations; however this year's trio can be a portal for black magic operations and negative entity invasions from elsewhere. Do focus on boundary protection, inner work, research, re-evaluating and repairs instead. Traction for real forward progress and well directed ceremonial magic comes somewhat more available by mid-July, when both Venus and Mercury will be direct. Obviously, if your operation would require invoking the powers of the benefic Jupiter for example, one should wait until the planet stations direct in September, however other retrograde complications will have arisen by then.

Summer Eclipses June 05, 2020: Lunar Appulse Eclipse at 15° Sagittarius 34' "A black hole or cavern in a rock." A mind given to futile or vacuous projects, inconsistent and fruitless work, so that fortunes will be meagre and position of no account. If open to receiving benefits from others but yielding nothing of his own, one will fail ofr friends and fortune and in the end afford a black and barren prospect. A degree of VACUITY.

June 21, 2020: Solar Annular Eclipse at 0° Cancer 21', Saros Series Number 4 North. Restriction, inhibition, restraint, separation, illusions. Events seem to block individual action; one is prone to misjudge their strengths or the situation and is best to wait until the eclipse day passes before taking real action. "A well-fruited vine hanging upon an old wall beneath the sunshine of a summer day." Tender sympathies and strong attachments capable of extreme self-devotion to one who is beloved. Fruitful in good acts, happy and contented in disposition. Strong associations to country and to kin.A degree of SYMPATHY.

July 05, 2020: Lunar Appulse Eclipse at 13° Capricorn 37' "A harrow standing on an open field." A critical, sarcastic and aggressive spirit, whose business in life is to dig into the common soil of the human mind to lay bare and expose its true nature, and to create dissensions, divisions and strifes, stirring up and leavening the pabulum of popular beliefs to bring to light their fallacies, impediments and imperfections. Some may be pugnacious in the extreme which may attract admirers but leave few sympathizers or adherents. In removing the weed-growth of the ages and in ruthless examination of things as they are in the broad field of human life and thought, will be the main work. A degree of CRITICISM.

To insert a note of interest, there would seem to be a link between the proliferation of 5G towers, the considerably increased electro-magnetic frequencies in which all things are bathed and the appearance of the Covid-19 virus. The higher intensity of frequency has the effect of inhibiting oxygen uptake by disruption of the bio-electrical net that permeates each living body; our bodies run by ionic pumps that move materials across and within cell membranes, up and down venous and arterial pathways. The pumping of our heart, the breathing of the lungs, the movement of blood and nerve activity for example are all rooted in electrical stimulus. When oxygen uptake is inhibited then blood hemoglobin is afflicted; causing the thymus and immune system to be compromised, which lowers our natural ability to combat pathogens or tolerate stress. Could it be possible that there is a limit on how much we can disrupt our outer environment through technology and overexploitation of resource, and still maintain a presence on the earth?

The Nodes of the Moon govern the status quo in relationships; we find the Equinox South Node of the Past in tradition-bound Capricorn is in the Second House of our personal assets, money and values with the chart Part of Fortune-where fortune is to be found-sitting close by. We can expect money from the governmental dole (Capricorn) or use our own established expertise and authority to command some excellent returns. We can also stabilize though disciplined spiritual work (South Node). However, the evolutionary path of the future is symbolized by the North Node in the nurturing sign of Cancer opposite. The Eighth House rules joint finances, sex, death, power and control issues, ancestral inheritances and connections with the spirit world. The Equinox Hades and the Vertex of Fate lurk there, also the Node in Cancer is subject to the whims of Moon-ruled feelings, mother issues and security needs, ancestral response patterns and astral interferences.

The Moon, ruler of Cancer and the North Node is in Aquarius and the Third House, intercepted with planetoid Ceres also in Aquarius nearby. This duo would be looking for answers and open to flex and adapt, but not sure where to go. The Aquarian key would be to experiment and be open to new and novel approaches to getting by through providing services related to home care, food, nurturing or travel, also finding ways both electronic and tangible, to bring neighbors and communities together even if separated by social distancing.

The Equinox Sun and Chiron in Aries square the Nodes from the fifth house of children, pleasure and speculation. We are ready for creative action (Aries), but the sense of timing can be off, school still out or energy ebb and flow erratically (Chiron). The maverick entrepreneurs amongst us (Chiron in Aries) can do well; the wealthy can snatch up stock devalued by panic sell downs.

The Nodes are positively aspected by Uranus in Taurus in the Sixth House of health and work; the innovative and progressive spirit can accomplish much with intelligent work-arounds and moving along with physical change instead of resisting.

Mercury also in aspect to the Nodes abides in Pisces the sign of its Fall. This planet and sign combination promotes excellent inspiration through dreams, communication with other worlds and dimensions, however also supports rampant spin, foggy thinking and dreamy enchantments. Please note, "magical thinking" as implied by the pundits is just like wishful thinking; just because you want something badly doesn't mean a project will turn out as envisioned or make it practically feasible.

Mercury in the Third House of grass roots communication, commerce and marketing is down there amongst the masses and can be caught saying whatever it thinks others want to hear, while doing whatever it wants. Potent magical operations are well-crafted by clear, detailed mental structures and carefully selected targeting; the more wishy-washy, ego-centric and poorly conceived the plan, the less should be expected in return. Those of us enmeshed with the lower astral as a source of amusement or made vulnerable through addictions can easily be infected by entities of a lower sort, that can play tricks, lead the depressed towards suicide or arouse useless indulgence in erotica.

The Moon, ruler of Cancer and the North Node is in Aquarius, also in the Third house, intercepted with planetoid Ceres also in Aquarius nearby. This duo would be Looking for answers and open to flex and adapt, but not sure where to go. The Aquarian key would be to experiment and be open to new and novel approaches to getting by, also finding ways both electronic and tangible, to bring communities together even if separated by social distancing.

But the Third House is also tenanted by karmic Saturn at a last critical degree of Capricorn, just getting ready to slide into Aquarius for the first time. This Saturn is essentially not aspected by anything, although it is keeping company with the Jupiter-Pluto-Eris square, encouraging a narrow-minded and tradition-bound attitude, prone to doing essentially whatever it wants. Saturn as a traditional ruler of witchcraft in such a powerful position and in its ruling sign can operate unimpeded in its influence over vulnerable minds with propagandas of fear or bigotry; it can fuel the urge to embrace a controlling ideology (as it moves to Aquarius), in the mistaken belief that a strongman will fix everything, and it can push a desire to acquire status and privilege to obscene heights. Positively, it can provide the practical planning and a material basis for increasing personal skill level, bring matters to a head with siblings or neighbors, coagulate new service routes or promote vocational training.

Neptune ruler of all things spiritual, mystical, and magical sits in the chart fourth house of home base and root psyche. In the literal sense Neptune here can indicate many people staying at home due to sickness and disease (Pisces-Virgo axis) also likely self-medicating with various intoxicants and vison-inducers (Pisces and Neptune also); maybe pursuing occult studies artistic projects or undergoing a spiritual revelation or two (Pisces too). This Neptune in sextile to Venus in Taurus and the Sixth House denotes that with a little bit of elbow grease we can attract what we need in the way of pleasure, work and good health. Neptune is also sextile the Equinox Mars, Jupiter and Pluto, indicating that we can manifest new forms of prosperity and power on the material plain by drawing on our own wellspring of spiritual strength.

Later in the year starting on September 9th and running through September 11, action trigger Mars will station retrograde in late Aries and start a long, slow square to the same planetary grouping in Capricorn that it crossed in spring. So we can expect a repeat of shock issues and other extreme complications erupting in the later part of the year. The time of the square is not the time to push the will out there and force matters into line, although the desire to do exactly that will be very intense.

The best plan is to pull back from useless quarrelsome engagements and lay low. Some may have to settle in for long, somewhat frustrating sessions of negotiation which will be further complicated by a Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio from October 13 to November 3rd . This planetary transit will hopefully pry the truth out of otherwise oblique power cabals, fake news and other noxious forms of dissembling. From about October 15 through November 5 or so will be opportune for black magic and other poisonous endeavors to rebound, so stay protected and take careful note of how the desires are directed during that time.

In summary, putting vigorous energy, inspiration and focus (Mars) into personal projects of practical, mainstream value (Capricorn) can bring in abundance, despite the tragedies going on out there. Even if sequestered at home, it's not a year to do things as usual. The planetary emphasis both this year and next is on self-sufficiency, not sitting around waiting for a hand-out. Getting serious about personal hygiene, diet, exercise and spiritual practice is recommended. Ritual can be directed towards asking for help with finding information in the Akashic record, cultivating enhanced meditation techniques for inner growth or locating healers and other on-line services that will facilitate a well-integrated program of self-care.

Next year's Equinox chart will put the ball even more dramatically in the court of self-definition, self-education, self-incentive and cultivation one's own foundation of survival. So-called higher authority or governing elders will still be at odds over spending, law and ideology. Perhaps a higher percentage of death for certain strata of society will be deemed appropriate collateral damage for the price of doing business.

This very challenging year will end with another pair of eclipses, once again marking a corridor of time wherein the portals to other dimensions are opened and strange new frequencies rush in. Information that was withheld before will be put out there. Remember that Mars will be moving in square to Saturn-Jupiter-Pluto until the second week of January 2021, keeping tensions up and cooperation at a minimum; just be ready to spring into action in the first months of the new year.

Winter Eclipses
November 30, 2020: Lunar Appulse Eclipse at 08° Gemini 38". "The figure of a woman holding a globe in one hand and a sceptre in the other." Wide knowledge and power, a position of importance; a mind fit for governing and a position of security after middle life. Indications of pride and self-love, but dignity, conscientiousness and self-reliance are prominent features. A degree of DOMINION.

December 14, 2020: Solar Total Eclipse at 23° Sagittarius 08', Saros Series Number 4 South. Strong emotions roll around relationships and money, anger or lust. This eclipse shines on fated events, namely relationship events that are beyond personal control. Sudden urges may arise to end a relationship however emotions are blocked or checked, leading to frustration; avoid sudden rash actions until after the holidays.

"A broken tree struck by a lightening flash." A mind occupied with abortive projects, vain ambitions and unfortunate relationships. Life may be cut short and endings sudden. Ambitions will fall short of accomplishment and dire catastrophe will cut off hopes ere endeavors can be harvested. A degree of "ASSCISSION".*

*Please note that these degrees by Sepharial do not need to fortell a fated disaster; if giving a negative caution it means that poorly built structures will fall and one is not best served by proceeding with new relationship commitments, ambitious projects or contracts until getting more clear information. Better to wait and let the eclipses clear away veils of illusion and deception first.