More Fun for All

Information on the Golden Section, Ratio or Mean: Colorful site exploring the Divine Proportion, the Fibonacci Series and the golden number Phi. A must for nature and science-lovers.

The Official Hubble Telescope Site: Pictures of beautiful heavenly bodies rotated regularly.

The Dynamic Unity of Reality: Extensive site devoted to philosophy, physics, the metaphysics of science and the wave structure of matter in space. The wanderer can get lost in here indefinitely.

The Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water: Learn more about the chemistry and health benefits of alkaline ionized water. Do not, however, use ionized water in your fish tank.

The Teachings of Don Juan: A free MP3 compilation of Don Juan's teachings by Carlos Castaneda.

Useful Resources:

The Runic Journey: An excellent history of Runes and a complete set of interpretations compiled by Tara Hill Designs.

Astrological Interpretations: Excellent on-line source for learning astrology basics and an access to further databases. by the Zodical Zephyr.

Looking Deeper Magazine: Great essays and source information on astrology and other esoteric and spiritual subjects.

The Fixed Stars: By Anne Wright. A comprehensive listing of traditional astrological influences and mythological correspondences for 290 fixed stars and 88 constellations. Also provides current locations by astrological longitude.

CyberWorld Khaldea: original 3,000 year High-Precision Astrological Ephemeris, from 600 BC to 2400 AD. This site is a Rudhyar Archival Project.

Latitude and Longitude Finder: Finds any place, anywhere in the world.

Asteroid Ephemeris: Ephemeris tool for finding the astrological longitude of asteroids and other celestial bodies, along with much other pertinent astronomical data.

NASA Eclipse Web Site: Gives the date, time, duration and location for solar eclipses past and future.

World Ages Archive: Archive of ancient esoteric texts and archeological research.

WikiSky: Free Celestial Object location finder. Fantastic!

The Twilight Grove Premier site for Wicca and other occult lore. Includes traditional Wicca writings, correspondence tables, witchcraft traditions (there are several sects), animals, tree worship, sacred sites, history and wisdom.

Red Ice Creations: Global radio broadcasts that cover controversial and paranormal subjects.

The Dragon Court: Index of essays by Nicholas de Vere, associate of Lawrence Gardner. Origins of the Ring Lords, Grail Kings, Tuatha de Danaan, etc.

The Henge of Keltria: Druidic philosophy and organization for the twentieth century.

Psyche's Links: A multitude of esoteric subjects on the Web, including Qabala and related material.

Vibration Magazine: Comprehensive site resources for working with flower essences in healing, etc.

Welcome to Lilith Gate: An interesting informational source site on Lilith, especially material contained in the essays and links.

Michael Tsarion's Domain: Everything you need to know about the early history of civilization, the power behind symbols, dogma and covert organizations and their effect on our state of being today. Includes links to Michael's excellent educational site on the Tarot.

Brainwave Entrainment: Opportunities to explore sound meditation.

Astrology Organizations and Services

Astro-Live Link: Book a reading with a professional astrologer.

ROMA Astrology Group: For those of you who live in the Denver-Boulder Colorado area.

National Council for Geocosmic Research, Inc.(NCGR: Internationally recognised professional organization for astrologers. News, Links and more.

For Spiritual Growth (In Colorado)

Athene Raefiel,CCHT: Visionary author, regressionist, speaker and spiritual teacher. She communicates with those who have crossed over.

Elizabeth Leaneagh, GMT Advanced Theropeutic Bodywork and Energy Healing Techniques; couples massage workshops.

Inner Connection Institute of Lakewood and Denver: A center for spiritual growth and psychic development. Where people come to learn about their spiritual essence through meditation, healing and clairvoyance.

Kindness Yoga Studios: Kindness Yoga's four studios- Hilltop, Cherry Creek, South Broadway and Capitol Hill-serve the Denver yoga community with a wealth of knowledge and diversity of expression, featuring 350 classes every week taught by more than 60 experienced instructors from a rich range of yogic backgrounds.