Who Is Marguerite?

Spirit song has called to me from my earliest memories. The arts of astrology and energy healing have provided an open doorway, passage leading to levels of Being beyond our human time, space and definition of reality. The purpose for practice is to witness, to learn from and participate in the out-breath and in-breath of intelligent Life force that vitalizes all things. There is a sense of homecoming for me in both in far kingdoms of galactic twilight zones and the bowers of earthly nature. Work with clients began in 1980 and has continued since that time; hopefully my best service rests in journeying with others to their own portals of expanded awareness.

Formal education includes a Bachelors of Science in Horticulture from Colorado State University, Ft. Collins, Colorado and a Masters of Science degree in Horticulture, awarded from Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA. Becoming a horticulturist requires an understanding of the chemistry, physiology, pathology, anatomy and Latin of plants, plus a dose of practical business savvy. Formal scientific training also expanded my ability to follow developments in other fields such as physics and astronomy. I worked for 25 years as a commercial horticulturist, along with other assorted odd-jobs depending on where the wind took me; restless, curious Gemini rules the second house of money-making in my natal horoscope.

In the cosmos today, I am an NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research)Level 4 Certified Professional Consulting Astrologer. This certification was awarded after over two years of intensive study within an internationally recognized educational program, which maintains high standards by requiring the candidate to successfully pass four tiers of rigorous testing. Experience came from several years of international phone service with AstroLive Link, over 10 years of numerous metaphysical fair venues, a private practice stretching over 25 years and ongoing research done to further understanding and to write about various facets of the art. Published writing projects include several contributions to Dell Horoscope Magazine and an essay published in the Mountain Astrologer, and I do have aspirations to produce a book or two.

Along the way I realized that although astrology does an excellent job of delineating the blue print of incarnation and how planetary transits past and present do accurately point the way to understanding of past trauma and past life experience, choice of present direction and best options for pursuing meaningful change, it could not provide all levels of the healing and releasing experience needed to free an individual of ingrained behavior and belief patterns, trauma, defenses and blocks to further evolutionary progress. To attain this I was guided to undertake a seven-level training course in the energy healing art of Life Alignment. This is an extensive healing technique developed over 30 years and more by Jeff Kline, an extremely talented healer from South Africa.

I undertook the lower levels of the training program in search of steps that could be taken to free me from my own lingering baggage, and ended up traveling the full way to vastly expanded perceptive abilities and first hand, sychronistic experience of healing on a very deep, totally transmutative level. This is turn was able to be applied to other aspects of magical practice and complex interactions with the experience of being here; the remarkable package of healing skills and access to alternate dimensions that Jeff has put together cannot be praised enough. His methods apply to healing not only people and pets, but cleansing and energising water and food, restoring right balance to any dwelling or professional space, even re-aligning the frequencies of whole cities and waterworks, for example. Today as a Level 3 Certified Practitioner I can offer deep energy healing sessions in person and via long-distance, to facilitate any aspect of liberation, growth or past-life resolution a client may wish to pursue. Indeed, there is a specific Life Alignment balance devoted to working with astrology to facilitate a healing or directional experience.

The art work as displayed on this site was developed as a way of channeling the visions and resonance that move through my soul always. In the intuitive realm I continue to absorb technique and insight from many sources including global myth, the Golden Dawn, Kabbala, various international, web-savy mystics and even Jordan Peterson. I have past-life affinity for Neolithic stones, sacred springs, the Tao, also classical Egyptian, Indian and Old European culture. I enjoy giving astrology presentations and have taught classes in various esoteric subjects, in addition to teaching beginning and advanced astrology classes at Colorado Free University. In the past I have served as secretary for the Rocky Mountain NCGR chapter, also program director for the ROMA astrology group in Boulder, Colorado. Colorado is my native home, with the spirits of the high mountains; but the song of the sea always dwells in my heart.