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Key Transits for the Third Quarter of 2021

As July runs the world at large will be still riding slightly off the tracks courtesy of a very powerful solar eclipse, the second Saturn-Uranus square and Mercury retrograde in Gemini that occurred in June. The phenom seemed to run along the lines of the usual misunderstandings, miscommunications, hacking incidents and malfunction of communication devices, while bathed in an aura of general resistance or blockage of forward progress. Projects will continue to move slowly throughout the summer, due to strange material and labor shortages; costs will continue to rise due to panic buying and a penchant for profit gouging, as long as interest rates stay so low.

Meanwhile, many of us will be making valient efforts to end repeating past patterns with job, family, friends or self one no longer cares to service or engage with any more. The nihilistic net affect can sometimes seem to drain potential future plans of any real value, purpose or meaning however take heart, this is just a phase that will pass while indeed transmuting the shape and function of those nuggets of value we do wish to cultivate.

We are entering an intense zone in the continuum wherein those who are awakening and raising their conscience feel pretty good but need a safe space in which to operate, while the various polarities out there social, religeous and political will begin to clash more violently; locked in a desperate fight to gain an upper edge that is an illusion anyway. Through the next four or so months consider tending one's own home ground; work diligently on honing personal skills, and extend the capasity for love and positive self-empowerment. Hey, we even officially have UFO's out there who just may be able to stop us from the worst of the atrocities we can now visit upon each other and the earth.

July 1-8 2021: The first week in July is marked by the frequency of resistance (to the truth?) and a general whitewashing of the facts anyway, as Mars opposes Saturn retrograde from Leo to Aquarius at 12° 20' of the signs, then squares Uranus in Taurus at 13° 54' of the signs. Meanwhile Mercury at 23°10' moves in square to Neptune at 23°10' pushing frequencies of disillusion and dishonesty. Then Venus will oppose Saturn retrograde at 12° 01' Leo-Aquarius, followed by squaring Uranus in Taurus at 14° 04' of the signs; the goddess of love comes ready for a party but her date is cheap and withholding, so she will bolt out the door to go on a walk on the wild side, as it were. Waves of ominous fear may visit suddenly but chill and these too shall pass. Many will be engaged in lots of family action; it's a great time to enjoy the babies, trot out the secrets, resolve old wounds or dump those who have been abusive.

July 10, 2021: A New Moon of opportunity shines at 18° 01', in applying trine to Neptune at 23° 08' and approaching opposition with Pluto retrograde at 25° 44'. Meanwhile, Venus at 15° 34' and fresh off of a provocative square with Uranus is closing in on a meet up with Mars at 17° of the sign. This lunation tends to lend ongoing support to staying in la-la land, while the other aspects promote hit and run romance preferably at some exotic venue that allows one to star in their own virtual reality show.

"An escutcheon containing a harp and a gauntlet.' Noble aspirations and refined tastes are favored. Those who have family connections with the musical or military worlds, or who has tastes in one or the other direction will show much aptitude, but in music the executive powers will transcend the ability to compose. Those who can interpret the works of others can shine; character is prone to an admixture of gentleness and irritability, of playfulness and gravity which will render some difficult to deal with. A degree of EXECUTION.*

July 13, 2021: Venus moves in conjunction with Mars at 19° 48'. The two personal planets representative of attraction and libido in Leo will lend a passionately dramatic flair to any sort of liaison, be it for business or pleasure. Speculation will feel sexy and exciting; take risks and otherwise consider conception of a child of some sort, be it literally or in reference to a new creative project.

July 15, 2021: Chiron the wounded healer and prince of mavericks stations retrograde at 12° 55'; the planetoid will resume direct motion on December 20, 2021 at 08° 26'. Chiron in Aries is all about the timing of taking action, as in when to hold, when to fold and when to play through. When caught in the backflow of this frequency it can be easy to give up, to not take the initiative as the self-esteem is low, or the goal too high or a general lethargy can rule the hours of the day. Conversely, a tendency to act from impulse without thinking can be enhanced, leading to various problems with the recipients of one's trigger-happy temperament and actions.

July 21, 2021: Venus the Goddess of Love and Creativity enters the tidy sign of Virgo, the sign of her Fall. The Venusian vibe in this sign is prone to nit-pickiness, a neurotic preoccupation with diet, health and detail and a critical attitude in general. Romantically the frequency is ambivalent, on one hand demanding a certain standard of performance, emotional affect and accountability while on the other hand fascinated with some sort of kink in sexual practice which can range from the overly-fastidious to a penchant for polyamory, S & M adventures, bisexual dabbling or other variations away from the simple romance.

July 24, 2021: A Full Moon of climaxes shines at 01° 26', setting off the point of recent conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn that occurred back in December like a gigantic tuning fork. The vibration will be extra itchy due to a quincunxing opposition between Jupiter and Venus, which of itself points to a spirit of excess and clashes involving values and beliefs. Meanwhile Mercury in Cancer moves in a dreamy trine with Neptune in Pisces, certainly pushing an exploration of alternative opportunities. By the motion of the Moon this may be a good time to raise consciousness but don't deploy it into stock market maneuvers, as the results will likely be disappointing, even if running a scam.

"A book on which stand a compass and an hour-glass.' An index of one who has a scientific and highly versatile mind. One is disposed to the study of the laws of nature, will gain an intimacy with the principles of scientific and philosophic investigation and may be the inventor of some instrument or the discoverer of some force in Nature, by which the elements of space (the compass) and time (the hour-glass) are annihilated to a great degree. Those of considerable depth of thought will make some useful discoveries. A degree of EXTENSION.*

July 27, 2021: Mercury ruler of all matters communicational and commercial enters Leo, wherein plans and notions can wax large and in charge and talking about them is inclined to the loud and dramatic. Positively, social interactions can get spicy and direct; there will be ample courage on tap to make one's point. On the tiresome side, politicians and world leaders will wind up the boastful, threatening or enticing rhetoric without much of it necessarily being tied to the actual reality of what needs to happen for the greater good.

July 28, 2021: Jupiter retrograde backtracks into Aquarius, where the spirit of abundance and expansion may try to roll back more voter rights, community programs and progressive social reform; in short regressing into more conservative and traditional belief systems where it feels safe. There can be delays in receiving payments for work done, however fortune can still be made from community service, past connections or long-established accounts.

July 29, 2021: Mars moves into Virgo wherein efficiency, orderliness and an aptitude for detailed work will get more support. All things associated with health, hygiene, good diet and beneficial exercise are also highlighted, however the sex drive may be repressed and directed into work instead. Judgement, nit-picking and a critical attitude is also enhanced, as is a tendency to kiss those who annoy us off, so take care in the choice of words and actions and remember to be tender with yourself if under the weather.

August 7, 2021: The cross-quarter day of Lughnasad occurs at 6:53 am UT. The Sun in mid Leo will be in nearly perfect square with Uranus in Taurus and the Moon is just being reborn into Leo. The original celebration for this day marked the time of harvest, also the day when the consort of the Great Goddess or Solar King is sacrificed and begins his descent into the underworld in order to be rejuvenated and resurrected into new life. Symbolically, the harvest is brought in and stored, repairs and winterization done, so that one has the time to focus inwards, to begin to process what has happened since the beginning of the year and to take up whatever course of study will stimulate the opening of new aspects of inspiration and perception.

The four cross-quarter days in general are times when the veil between the worlds thins and a portal is open into other dimensions and worlds, therefore an excellent time to light a candle and toast the spirits, give thanks for the bounty bestowed by Nature's grace. It's also an excellent time to conduct meditation and ritual directed towards communion with higher self and integration with shadow material. This year's chart suggests that a retreat to work on health, well-being and diet, practicing on development of clairvoyant gifts or withdrawing to organize and do hands-on work will bring good rewards later. Because of trine energy at work in the earth signs moving in tandem with other dimensions, energy devoted towards desired physical manifestations will be particularly potent for promoting strong, formative results.

August 8, 2021: A New Moon of excellent Beginnings shines at 16° 14', augmenting the recent Venus-Mars conjunction on that point. Mars at 06°06' is in square with the Nodes of the Moon in Sagittarius and Gemini, while Venus at 20° 58' moves in opposition to Neptune retrograde at 22° 42'. This lunation is quite potent for carrying the work begun at Lugnasad forward, however there is a push-pull in play, wherein some may prefer to stay lost in dreams or indulge in risky vices, along with a tendancy to pull power trips just when joint cooperation with powerful others will bring much better results. As noted in the following degree description, what a good time to plan a long trip somewhere, with someone you love.

"A man riding a camel with attendants following." Wide and prolonged travels are favored, however life may be beset with dangers of a physical nature. Some may leave a humble home and become a prominent figure in a foreign country. The spirit is stubborn, persevering, very vindictive and revengeful; not ungrateful but never forgetting injuries. Those fond of parade and self-advertisement may have opportunity to become highly successful in life. A degree of JOURNEYING.*

August 11, 2021: Mercury moves into Virgo, where he is at home in rulership. Precision in logic, attention to detail and reasoning ability can all be enhanced and put to good use for efficient planning and practical implementation of blueprints. In romantic matters Mercury in this sign can be an excellent lover, however picky in standards or inclined to be a user, when so inclined.

August 14-17, 2021: Matters get quite itchy as Mars sesquiquads Pluto retrograde, Venus sesquiquads Uranus retrograde and Mercury quincunxes Saturn retrograde and then sesquiquads Pluto. This combination makes for much posturing and argument in the world at large. The Saturn-Uranus square hovers in the background, increasing resistance to compromise and reform. It will be easy to get into a fight with one's own self let alone others, getting mired in too much detail or simply not be in the mood to work compassionately with the other side and make necessary adjustments.

August 16, 2021: Venus enters Libra where the goddess of love and attraction will be at home in a sign of rulership. So while Mars is busy tying up energy in turmoil and willfulness, the feminine energy will just want peace, luxury and a good party or two to enliven any dull dinginess. Hopefully her frequency can mend broken fences and cool the bi-polar, willful belligerence that can otherwise be a looming block against any productive communion.

August 18-19 2021: Mercury conjuncts Mars at 12° 48' and Uranus stations retrograde at 14° 47' the next day. The days around Uranus stations can frequently bring turmoil and the ignition of sudden, upsetting or destructive events. Now all five social and transpersonal planets are in retrograde motion until Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter will station direct in October. The overall atmosphere collectively can be one of resistance, regression or oppression, likely in reaction to pressing calls for freedom or reform.

The underlying issue involves a pressing need to approach needed changes with maturity and a grasp of the bigger picture, but many millions, especially those with a libertarian, Maga or racist orientation and/or any country with strong-man rulers are in no mood to change up agendas. The other way retrogrades can play out is over the top excess in anything, including depression, fear, violent resistance and lawlessness, due to a lack of boundaries. Personally, this could be a great time to lay low, research, recover from surgical procedures, or work on creative projects; above all it might be wise to keep out of and away from charged confrontations, when possible. Uranus will return to direct motion on January 19, 2022 at 10° 49'.

August 22, 2021: A Full Moon of Climaxes shines at the critical last degree of 29° 36'. Mars in Virgo moves in a tight trine to Uranus in Taurus, while Mercury strong in Virgo moves to oppose Neptune retrograde in Pisces. This lunation may well signal an acceleration in grasping for power and control, especially over whole political parties or even countries at large. The notion is that a semblance of past identity and function will be restored by clamping down on democratic freedoms; if a collective is stupid enough to believe that benefit will accrue from supporting such movements, they deserve what they will get, which will be less of everything, environmental destruction and ever more concentration of power and resource at the top.

"A scepter surrounded by a crown." Some will rise to distinction and offices of great power and influence. A capacity for government and rulership is favored and, however humble the origin, one can speedily attain to a foremost position in his own sphere and may successfully attempt even greater heights than many predecessors and contemporaries. The mind will be rigid, strict, upright and unbending in integrity; affections, although by no means warm are yet sincere and constant. Ambitions are compassed by the word AUTHORITY.

August 30, 2021: Mercury enters Libra, where in mental acuity can be balanced by intellectual detachment. Decisions can be made based on looking at matters from more than one angle, however overconcern with fairness and justifications can lead to waffling and flip-flop decision-making. Subtle persuasion, brilliant negotiation and tactful diplomacy is favored, as is graceful diplomacy, however in the current retrograde atmosphere matters can quickly degenerate into withholding or righteous zealotry over whatever pressing need presents.

September 2, 2021: Mars opposes Neptune retrograde at 22° 06' from Virgo to Pisces, which does not help us think clearly or take action effectively. As the Moon wanes into the balsamic phases it would be wise to pull back and ponder, perhaps pull out the black mirror and do a visit to the other side, where the faeries live. It will be a good time for a personal cleanse and purification, not so good for romantic interests as those who present will likely be quite fey in some way.

September 7, 2021: A New Earth Moon of Beginnings shines at 14° Virgo 38' in trine with Uranus at 14°Taurus 39'; meanwhile Mars at 24° Virgo 51' moves in an earth trine with Pluto retrograde at 24° 31'. This lunation does herald a month wherein tending to household concerns, gathering up the remaining harvest and starting the work of battening down for the winter months is favored. A review of earthly investments status is wise; it might be a good time to buy low and sell high, as the month of October will be much more volatile and prone to market bubbles bursting.

"A beautiful woman nesting two doves upon her breast, one in each hand." A most tender and humane instinct, imbued with gentleness, love and devotion; capable of service in the meanest capacity, providing it to be an office of usefulness to others. Some may be remarkable for their tenderness and gentleness; life will be successful but on account of timidity, one will be in danger of being pushed into the background at critical junctures and will thus lose credit where it will often be due to him. A degree of DEVOTION.*

September 10, 2021: Venus enters Scorpio where the goddess of love and creativity is in a sign of her detriment, which means relations can easily fall prey to jealousy, defensive maneuvers, manipulation via withholding behavior, grudge-holding and revenge. Romance and friendships will be stormy at the least, however it can be a good time to shrewdly maneuver in financial matters, especially behind the scenes.

September 14, 2021: Mars enters Libra where the god of war and passion is in a sign of detriment. Individual drive tends to be expressed through and with other people; productivity depends on the cooperation of all involved. If, in the current cosmic atmosphere, one is disinclined to get along with others, plans and projects will be stifled. In affairs of love, passion is best aroused and seduction achieved through elegant speech and romantic gestures such as a five-star dinner out, rather than engaging in rude hit and run rave a la Washington Park in New York.

September 21, 2021: A Full Moon of Climaxes shines at 28° 13', while Mercury in Libra is applying to square Pluto in Capricorn. This lunation does not telegraph well for those not used to taking initiative; as noted below if not standing up for oneself, one may be ignored or worse yet, lose out. The Mercury-Pluto aspect promotes strong sentiment and using the power of the word to get one's way. Libran energy can be righteously adamant about doing what it believes to be right, including harsh punishment of those who do not agree or stand in the way. The lunation occurs near the Aries Point, which functions as a trigger for volatility in both personal and world affairs; therefore one may not be sure of decisions made but it will be better to move forward into new alliances rather than try to go it alone.

"A man upon a raft floating in open sea." A mind that is in danger of misanthropic isolation and abandonment of self to the winds of adverse fortune. A lack of initiative, small power of direction, a wandering and uncertain mind and a hapless nature will lead to meeting adversity and of being discouraged thereby and frightened into a nerveless apathy. In some instance there can be danger of actual shipwreck or accidental submersion. Take in hand the rudder of intelligence whereby to guide the course and spread the sails in hope. Follow your chart with care and trust in heaven for a favoring wind which shall carry one safely into port. A degree of ISOLATION.*

September 22, 2021: The Autumn Equinox, wherein the hours of day and night are equal and the Sun reaches 0° Libra occurs at 7:21 UT. Featured is a powerful t-square made by Moon and Eris augmented by opposing Mercury with all three planetary vibes amplified by the expansive power of Jupiter retro in Aquarius, and the opposition in square to Pluto also retro; this compound aspect is into fighting now and sorting it all out later, maybe. A jolt towards upheaval or even just stupidly sacrificial gestures is also supplied by a vengeful Venus in Scorpio opposing Uranus retro in Taurus, and in trine to the planetoid Athene Pallas in Pisces, who remembers the good old days of orthodox dogma. Fortunately Saturn retrograde in Aquarius and Mars in Libra are both in supportive trines to the Nodes of the Moon, which means cooler heads can prevail if they want to. The equinox provides a porthole to the other side and the spirit worlds, so it can be of benefit to light a candle and offer some dark cake or cookies to the gods and guides in honor of stability and detachment, so one can go about the customary business of celebrating the advent of autumn.

September 27, 2021: Mercury stations retrograde at 25° 28'; this retrograde will greatly enhance the dampening and confusion affects already in play with five outer planets also in retrograde motion, so once again ‘tis best to chill out and go through yet one more review. Then hold on to your hat as outright weirdness could occur personally and collectively as transformational Pluto stations direct October 5th. The haze should start to clear as Saturn stations direct about a week later, but responsibilities will suddenly multiply; keep a heads up for ruthless power plays. The ruler of all things communicational and commercial will resume direct motion on October 19, 2021 at 1022° 11', so late October will become the time to seriously gain traction with long-laid plans and projects, at long last.

* Modified from the Degrees of the Zodiac by Sephariel.

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