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    Key Transits for the First Quarter of 2021

    Last year marked an eon shift courtesy of the Saturn-Jupiter Pluto dance in Capricorn, with Uranus in Taurus playing the side bar. This combination condensed both a drive towards populist fascism as the answer to alleged abuses of government power, and a freshly revitalized drive for the young and disenfranchised to find power through group action. The dance to social deconstruction and reform through social and economic instability will go on globally during 2021, this time punctuated by three squares from Saturn freshly installed in Aquarius to Uranus still cruising in Taurus. The stakes will be higher than ever as fixed sign energy is involved, which means unstoppable change T-bones into monolithic resistance.

    All the transpersonal planets from Jupiter on out are resident in the last three transpersonal signs of the zodiac for some time to come, which magnitizes a trend towards severe polarization whether speaking personally or collectively for some time. We are dangling between a powerful cosmic-collective mandate to transmute and change our modus operandi versus an equally deep-seated but delusional human drive to turn back time, to keep the alleged freedoms many of us have enjoyed in pillaging and privileging, and in basically not giving a damn about much except immediate personal gratification.

    The December 2020 conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in Uranus signaled a crucial economic game change that is going to have major impact on lifestyles and governance for the next 200 years or so. We are just staggering out of 220 years of Jupiter-Saturn cycles originating mostly in earth signs, coincident with an industrial revolution that upended thousands of years of largely pastoral existence. The next cycles originating out of air signs shifts the emphasis to communal, mental and technological affairs; in effect earth resources will not be the major storehouse from which prosperity can be garnered.

    It is not going to be easy to function simply as a crass materialist; we are under siege from a whole new electromagnetic and telluric bandwidth that has already started tinkering with our psychic constitution; besides the transmutation occurring externally, there is one going on internally that not all individuals are going to be able to assimilate and stay sane. Paradoxically, the cure and path to future growth does not originate in more and better technology or its various escapist avenues, either. Many humans presume to function on pure "rationality" without an interior world of any depth at all; some are offended at the notion of personal contact with their own soul or other dimensions of being. This type of orientation will need to be re-examined due to limitations in survival and competitive edge.

    January 13-14:Mars squares Saturn at 03° - 04'; Uranus stations direct at 06°43'. Expect acts of resistance, abuse, violence and civil disorder. Personally, anger and knee-jerk action can rouse easily, but is that the best way to win the battle at hand? Sometimes just leaving those who dwell in darkness is the best way to channel high surges of assertive energy run amok.

    January 20-23: The Presidential Inauguration Day in the US is marked by a very uncomfortable translation by the Moon as it moves from Mars to Uranus, which are in the process of closing in on a very incendiary, volatile conjunction. This combination does signal devious activity rumbling behind the scenes, possibly resulting in outright damage to those targeted. Personally, beware of chaotic impulses rising up from the unconsciousness that are triggered off by fear.

    January 30: Mercury the ruler of all matters communicational stations retrograde at 26°29'; this does not bode well for gathering at the conference table or exchanging meaningful information in open dialogue. Do make sure computers are backed up and expect some detached coolness from others. It is a good time to take classes, do research or take a trip somewhere-if Covid restrictions allow. Mercury will station direct February 20, 2021 at 11° 29'.

    The month of February is bracketed by Venus vibes; at the beginning of the month she moves into Aquarius to waltz with Saturn and Jupiter and then spar with Uranus in Taurus; at the end of the month she will move into Pisces, provoking a rather radical shift in the energy of attraction, magnetism and financial values. Venus in cool Aquarius will promote a conservatively intellectual viewpoint, sexual experimentation and devotion to freedom, whereas Venus in watery Pisces can encourage abandonment in a variety of vices, if not inclined to the spiritual and sacrifical track. At least she will be looking more for union with others than keeping distance.

    February 3, 2021: The cross-quarter day of Imbolc occurs at 14:40 UT, wherein the Sun is exactly midway between winter solstice and spring equinox. This formerly sacred day is not to be underestimated as it marks the return of the eternal flame, igniting a whole new cycle of birth and growth into the physical plane. Therefore ritual performed and intentions made at this time are particularly powerful for formulating yearly goals and banishing the evil of inertia.

    The Imbolc chart for this year indicates tremendous developmental friction between rebellious, personal, self-serving urges and the vast benefit to be gained through community or network cooperation; also a dissolution of the customary status quo in relations pursuant to forming new ones. The very process of inward focus on and condensation of dreams, fantasies and wishes will have extra cosmic mojo behind it, so consider spending time carefully framing what you desire most and shaping it with the most detailed blueprint you can. The placement of Pluto signals key support from spirit guides and other denisens of the subtle dimensions for transmutation and empowerment. Consider lighting a candle and give thanks for the seasonal rebirth of the eternal Life into form; good things can happen in the year ahead, if not rejecting the actual opportunities offered because its not "comfortable" or what you envisioned.

    February 17, 2021: The first square of Saturn to Uranus occurs at 07° - 04'. Expect friction between the demands of partners and career; open enemies and governing authority; reactionary, control and power oriented forces versus radical-progressive mandates. On the personal level do expect challenging developments arising out of health issues, close partners, open enemies or any part of yourself held in denial. Tremendous new opportunities can open up for joint financial ventures that are progressive, nature-supportive and community-friendly, or eccentric, reactionary and repressive, your choice. Alternative sexuality is also favored, even if certain factions would disagree.

    March 3-4, 2021: March comes in with a bang as Mars the ruler of assertive action slips into Gemini, while Mercury meets up with Jupiter at 17° 32'. Expect flurries of nattering hysteria over various states of affairs, followed by more propaganda as Mercury moves into Pisces on March 15.

    March 20, 2021: The Spring Equinox occurs at 09:37 am UT when the Sun enters the sign of Aries. The planetary alignments at this cosmic portal are quite powerful for setting themes and trends for the rest of the year. In a chart sent for Washington DC the eye is drawn to Jupiter, ruler of ideology, organized religion and alleged patron of true justice sitting on the Ascendant line of the chart, with the Moon in dualistic Gemini in applying trine to it. Collectively, we would seem to be eagerly grasping at whatever is said by purported authority, looking for a rudder to guide us in leadership and the basic business of making a living. This Moon is also in square to Neptune, ruler of illusion strong in the last, Scorpionic decan of Pisces indicating that dark denial or wishful thinking still may be preferred over the light of clarity or actual facts.

    Meanwhile, two-faced Mars also in Gemini is in square to Mercury in Pisces and trine to Saturn in Aquarius, in the chart 12th house, which bespeaks further complications with the COVID virus or other disease disorders, so expect more of the anchorite life for some months to come. This planetary combination is also good for angry diatribes egged on by existential fear and literal, hidden enemies that wish to incite civil disorder. Mercury in Pisces is great for inner spiritual exploration and occult research, not so good for telling the truth or staying away from alcohol, drugs and virtual reality. The ultimate trigger of unease is Uranus in Taurus, signaling continued breakdown of obsolete social structures and enterprises in square with Saturn, amping up fear, oppression and reactionary responses. All the action is contained within five tight houses of the zodiac. In the chart set for Washington DC the energy is essentially focused on karma, self-undoing, power struggles behind the scenes; also crises in personal identity, disruption in affairs down on the street, people on the move and great potential for home remodeling projects.

    Positively, the pressure is on during 2021 to grow and evolve at the personal, individual level, as one cannot definitively rely on what our institutions of learning, governance or culture are rolling out now for guidance. Negatively, solutions will not spring from behaving like a bigoted jerk or demanding entitlement. The right wing serves up a strange collage of libertarians mashed in with love of strong-man government or other fascist-nationalist movements, all claiming to be bastions of the absolute freedom to "do what we want". Those on the left take to the city streets in protest demanding oddities such as dismantled police protection and a free ride for all the disenfranchised. Terrorists spring from both sides of the fence, simply intent on grabbing freedom and assets away from others by threat of death. Corrupt regimes would rather offload their poor and criminal class on other countries, rather than submit to meaningful reform. All of this is just pieces-parts of our own human shadow, which hitherto has been able to hide its horrific toll of damage under the mantle of righteous cause and entitled right.

    None of these platforms address the environmental problems now taking over the landscape, nor will corruption be stopped by exposure, yet; nay, the polarity in play will feed denial and allow more leeches to suck out what life is left in public coffers. The years of 2021 and 2022 will be racked with turmoil, both within and without as we are asked to travel into a new paradigm of human behavior and responsibility. To confuse you further, the natural balance of existance here is not predicated on the absolute equality of all present, it is hierarchical and thrives on progressive diversity; it is the human value system subject to distortion that flubs it all up. Both heaven and earth would prefer that we prosper this year, however do watch out for those who just don't seem to respect the terms or see the point of upholding them, so far. Peace and harmony can always be found out in what is left of nature but do please pick up the trash and try to get by with less plastic, eh?

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