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2021 Predictions for Magic Workers
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    Key Transits for the Second Quarter of 2021

    April 12, 2021: A New Moon of uncomfortable beginnings shines at 22° 24', close to the disruptive energy of Eris hanging at 24° Aries 05' and Venus at 26° Aries 42', then squaring Pluto Retro at 26° 44'. Power plays subtle and overt will abound, as we re-evaluate our connections to others and maneuver for advantage on various playing fields.

    April 14-19, 2021: Venus and then Mercury enter Taurus, where the muse of love and the ruler of skilled hands-on work would smooth out the kinks and get the garden work started. However they will meet up with Uranus at 10° on April 22-24, then square Saturn and conjunct each other at around 13° of the signs on April 25th. Pay attention to what is going down around this time, as Mercury will station retrograde and go back to kiss Venus for a second time on May 29th. The whole combination looks like wonderful for new projects kicking off with some dickering and adjustments to be made down the road, but good to go after so long delayed due to Covid.

    April 23, 2021: Passionate Mars will enter the sign of Cancer, where it will add some intense emotional spin for awhile. It will be operating as a sort of a loose cannon until trining Neptune in May and opposing Pluto in early June, so don't expect those ongoing incidents of civil disorder and mass shootings to go away.

    A powerful Full Moon of climaxes shines on April 27th at 7° 06', punctuated by the dark lord Pluto, ruler of Scorpio stationing retrograde at 26° 48'. "An archer shooting his arrows towards a flight of birds." Restless, flighty and indeterminate; effecting operations without design, using forces at hazard and frequently engaging in strife upon small occasion. Social life will be disposed to be dissolute and disrespectful of convention, love affairs can multiply; intensity, enthusiasm and nonchalance rule. A degree of INCONSEQUENCE.* The Pluto station does tend to trigger transformational events, here emphasizing the axis of survival and the exercise of power. The lunation will power up Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury all in Taurus so this is not the best time to play grudge or revenge games with partners or enemies, but we may have an invasion or two.

    May 3, 2021: Mercury enters Gemini, where it is planetary ruler. The mind lightens, conversation turns more light and breezy, the attention is drawn to matters intellectual and the collection of new information, the pace of business quickens.

    May 5, 2021: Venus enters Gemini, where the goddess turns more fickle in her favors. Venus in this sign with Mercury can turn the frequencies to a very light and shallow setting; flitting from one attraction to the next without engaging in depth will bring the greatest joy.

    May 11, 2021: A New Moon of Beginnings shines at 21° 17'. "A field of rich grass in which stands a tree, which is encircled by a swarm of bees." Efforts will be successful and diligence will lead to the acquisition of money and friends. Industry and thrift will be the source of success, rather than the unexpected favors of Fortune. A degree of UTILITY.* This lunation empowers the earth to grow verdant with abundance; strong juju gets added to any projects connected with luxury, artistry, home decorating and the financial industry.

    May 13, 2021: Jupiter enters Pisces, where he is the traditional planetary ruler. Jupiter in this sign with Neptune will really amp up the interest in all things mystical, magical and otherworldly.

    May 23, 2021: Saturn will station retrograde at 13° 06'; the lord of karma, responsibility and limitations will station direct on October 11, 2021 at 6° 52'. The period during the retrograde will serve well to lower the intensity, slow down work and defer matters of duty, at least until meeting up for a square with Uranus in mid-June.

    May 26, 2021: A Full Moon of Climaxes and a Lunar Eclipse will occur at 5° 25'. "A mill wheel driven by the wind." A degree of SERVATUDE.* Be careful around this time to safeguard your creations, work up protective contracts and get adequate pay or credit for what is done for others. Otherwise, it is best to lie low during the eclipse period and defer from making binding agreements with others until more information surfaces.

    May 29, 2021: Mercury will station retrograde at 24° 41' while meeting in another conjunction with Venus. This is a sure signal from the cosmos to slow down and reconsider the direction of projects or new relationships begun earlier in April. Once the three days or so of station are done, it's a great time to take a class or take a vacation, otherwise slow down and smell the roses of early summer for awhile. Mercury will resume direct motion on June 23rd, at 16° 09'.

    June 2, 2021: Venus will enter the sign of Cancer, where she will relax and become more intimate. Venus in this sign supports all the joys of hanging out at home and doing home remodeling. She also wouldn't mind hanging with the family or taking jaunts out into the countryside to shop for estate sales.

    June 10, 2021: A New Moon of beginnings and a Solar Eclipse will occur at 19° 47'. "Two men well clad are standing together, the one holding a white horse by the bridle." Much aptitude in spiritual things, a belief in dreams and visions and the desire to pursue occult studies. Friendship of notable persons and a taste for science, but at the same time the native can be led to dangerous paths. If influence falls to the merely curious, harm may be worked against them. A degree of DISPROPORTION.* This can be a fortunate eclipse, just wait to present until after Mercury has gone direct on the 23rd and take care not to cast pearls before swine.

    June 14, 2021: The second square of Saturn to Uranus occurs at 13°06' of Aquarius and Taurus, with Saturn retrograde. The larger theme playing in the background all year is continued standoff and conflict between progressive and entitlement-based factions. None of us can escape it; life cannot go back to the way it was, as we advance into a new age that will not tolerate much denial or careless overreaching.

    June 20, 2021:The summer solstice, wherein the hours of daylight are at their longest will be upon us. A chart for the moment of the Sun's Ingress into Cancer cast for Washington DC features a cluster of social and transpersonal planets in the 3rd and 4th quadrants, and most of the personal planets gathered in the 2nd quadrant of immediate one-on-one relations.

    The main personal focus is on home, family, children, pleasure and work, however the Scorpio Moon brooding in the 9th house bespeaks a public quite concerned about the status of our governing institutions relative to truth, power and what is done with it. The action is otherwise driven by larger collective currents that, as retrograde stations kick in over the next weeks will likely seek to fall back on the old status quo, for example by passing restrictive voting laws at the state level. Is this strategy tenable in the face of ongoing environmental degradation, immigration pressure and tech-driven mutations going on in the workplace?

    Positively, it a great time for devotion to good stewardship of home life, friendships, health and getting the work done; negatively there is tremendous potential for volatile reactions percolated from misinformation, fear and other not so pleasant human behavioral traits. Per Saturn and Pluto in the 12th house there is plenty going on behind the scenes with power brokering and deal making. Note that Mars in Leo will be acting as a trigger for upheaval as it will shortly move into a T-Square with Saturn and Uranus.

    Later in the day Jupiter will station retrograde at 02° 11'; the ruler of benevolent authority, organized religion and expansion will be moving back into Aquarius, where it will station direct on October 18 at 22° 19' of the sign. During the retrograde payments may be delayed and investment strategies turn more conservative; however money may accrue from past connections or community based projects. Personally it will be a good time to re-evaluate friendships, associations, dreams and wishes, perhaps re-connecting to associates from the past or fantasies that had been shelved.

    June 24, 2021: A Full Moon of Climaxes will shine at 03°27'. "A well appointed table with remnent of a feast upon it." Worldly tendencies and an appetite for the good things of life, which will not be denied. Extravagance and recklessness, prone to all kinds of excess and passionate impulses, whereby the fortunes will be most seriously damaged. These things arise from a certain richness of heart and camaraderie, but good will in this instance finds expression through the sensuous nature. A degree of SENSUALITY.*

    June 25, 2021: Neptune will station retrograde at 23° 11'; it will resume direct motion on December 1 at 20° 24'. This retro period is a good time to pull back and re-examine any patterns of glamour enchantment, victimization, guilt or sado-masochistic tendencies that still need clearing; chronically nagging health issues may demand extra attention too. A yoga retreat or withdrawal into the studio to work on new paintings, novels or fishing lures will definitely be favored.

    June 27, 2021: Venus the goddess of love cruises into Leo where she will put on her party clothes and reach out to others to have a good time in the summer sun. Venus in this sign can enhance the dramatic ego and theatrical displays and imposition of dictatorships on hapless countries, especially as Mars moves to oppose Pluto from Cancer to Capricorn.

    That said, do notice that by the end of June all of the social and transpersonal planets from Saturn on out will be in retrograde motion for months, with the exception of Uranus which will station retrograde in August. The pattern suggests that although great progress of a kind can be had through the first three weeks or so of May, the rest of the summer and early fall is subject to conservative mandates and blockages in worldly affairs. Paradoxically, The retrograde condition can play as a lack of good boundaries and some lawless ambivalence, too. Perhaps the point of this pattern is to sit back and delve into the simple pleasures of the immediate environment and personal life; work on production for sale later instead of aggressively humping along on the more daring plans of conquest, for awhile.

    * Modified from the Degrees of the Zodiac by Sephariel.

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