Uranus-Pluto People

By C.Marguerite Hafeman, ©

The last two years have brought a new theme in clients to my door, namely those born in and around the last Uranus-Pluto conjunction, which occurred in Virgo during 1965-66. At the time of this writing they would be around 35 to 37 years of age; they seem to have been flushed out to find an astrologer by the delightful experience of just finishing the transit of Pluto in square to natal Pluto/Uranus. Often pasty and wall-eyed from extended bouts of social survival combat, they require a reading on the meaning of it all.

Frequently, as it turns out, their natal charts will have personal planets arrayed in a stellium with either of the big two, for example natal Venus and Moon (galloping looming large power-control mother complex) or Mars and Moon (galloping emotional/physical explosiveness) or Mercury (a tendency to wax critical and thus rant about whatever). Even unadorned by immediate personal influences there is a flavor of galloping anal hairsplitting coupled with a curious lack of compassion for mind-sets other than one's own (of the moment), coupled with bewilderment at not being flooded with easy companionship on the job, let alone hold a regular job for any extended length of time. If none of these items claim a place in the individual's landscape, the specter of chronic health problems does.

The Uranus-Pluto conjunction occurs about every 127 years, and constitutes one of the major planetary cycles by which sociological change is measured. In the positive sense, it is a major force behind revolutionary developments that alter the modes of life in the generation it affects. Progressive social reform is signaled; however those born under its influence will also feel an urge to do battle with the social and religious structures of the parent society. Those born under the latest conjunction heralded the computer age, the generation who detonated the information technology revolution as befits the sign of Virgo.

These Uranus-Pluto people can also have a deep interest in the occult; as the current rise of interest in ritual magical working, fantasy gaming and various alternative spiritual paths can attest. This does seem to be the first generation freed sufficiently from the wrath of the Judeo-Christian God to openly embrace alternative expressions in sexuality and spirituality; however perhaps in reaction to the powerful collective forces churning within their psyches just as many others hope to seek refuge in the embrace of orthodox religion and a more restrictive lifestyle.

The first and most powerful Uranus-Pluto conjunction occurred on October 9, 1965. A chart erected for the conjunction is set for the time in Greenwich, UK; this location chosen as it is universally acknowledged around the world as the 0° Prime Meridian. At this moment the Ascendant ruler Mercury in social sign Libra is sextile and trine the Ascendant-Descendant axis, clearly sending a message from the chart 5th house of pleasure and speculation. The powerful U-P planetary duo is in the 4th house of root psyche, opposing Chiron in Pisces and the 10th house, while also receiving a sextile from mystical Neptune in Scorpio. The Sabian symbol for 18° Virgo around which the conjunction occurred is "An ouija board"; The keyword is ACUMEN; when positive the degree is cleverness in making use of everyday insights and intimations, and when negative a bondage to superstition and a surrender to the unknown.(1)

The opposition implies a reaching out and attempt to reconcile the extensive psychic-spiritual wounding and genocide incurred during the age of Pisces. It also could point to an extreme desire to rebel against the deadening influences of the dawning consumerist age and establishment social norms. The icing on the cake is supplied by the Moon of the public at large in militant Aries, in sextile and trine to the Nodes of the Moon in the 6th and 12th karmic houses. The South Node of the past rests in the sign of Sagittarius, home of formal social and ideological structures, while the North Node path of evolution is in Gemini, sign of one-on-one relations in the house of karma, sacrifice, the collective and universal Spirit.

The second Uranus-Pluto conjunction occurred on April 4, 1966. It is a fixed axis chart and the planets involved in the aspect are both retrograde, perhaps indicating a movement inward to try and "digest" the ongoing social turmoil and mutating value system on display. The duo are in the chart 11th house of community affairs, dreams and wishes, in a separating opposition with the Black Moon, Mercury stationing Direct and Saturn still hanging in Pisces. The Moon of the public at large is in Libra and the 11th house; within a half a day it will form a grand trine in Air with Venus and Jupiter, amping up the excitement.

Neptune in Scorpio is strong in the 1st house as it forms a difficult quincunx with Mars in Aries and the Mercury-Saturn duo. It is also moving into a conjunction with the South Node of the past, so there would seem to be a tremendous desire to escape into the spiritual and sexual institutions of the past (Neptune in Scorpio, Mercury-Saturn in Pisces) while these same structures are shattering under the rays of an intense mandate for social reform and experimentation. The same aspect pattern could be said to depict a significant portion of the population experimenting with sex and drugs, for that matter.

The final conjunction of Uranus and Pluto occurred on June 30, 1966. After forming a fire grand trine with Ascendant ruler Mercury and Saturn effectively at the Aries Point, transiting Moon in Sagittarius moves in an applying square to the aspect, surely forming part of the signature of forces that this powerful cycle would unleash. The Sabian symbol for 17° Virgo around which the second and third conjunctions occurred is "a volcano in eruption". The keyword is EXPLOSION; when positive there is creative passion as a rejection of superficiality and a genuine ordering of self; when negative there is petulance and tantrums.(1) The excitable, zealous Moon is also in applying opposition to Mars in Gemini; which supplies further reinforcement for a tendency to volatile and even violent communication of needs or beliefs.

The other major feature of this chart is the presence of three other conjunctions besides Uranus-Pluto, all in water signs. Neptune conjuncts the South Node of the past in Scorpio, an indication of idealism and sacrificial mysticism associated with powerful belief systems from past history. The Sun in Cancer in applying conjunction to Jupiter, bespeaks emotive expansionism and a defensive promotion of religious fervor, be it for Science or for Allah.

Lastly, Saturn in the last critical degree of Pisces is separating from a conjunction with Chiron the wounded healer also in Pisces. This combination denotes suffering due to a lack of a grounded sense of personal identity, coupled with lack of a positive relationship with authority, whether from within or without. The tendency to weld classic forms of paternalistic judgment compulsively, thus being excused from the work of crafting of one's own redemption in consciousness, can be quite powerful. Yet the people born during this pivotal time period are surely the future catalysts for a global transformation in societal ideologies, with the attendant upheaval making itself quite apparent in the daily news several years later, when Uranus squared Pluto from 2012 to 2014.

(1) The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones, Aurora Press 1993.

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