The Natal Astrology of Magic Workers

By Marguerite Hafeman, © 2008-09

World famous witch and astrologer Sybil Leek once noted, "All human beings have magic in them. The secret is to know how to use this magic, and astrology is a vital tool for doing just that." Access to astrology in the past was restricted largely by demonizing it, while the informed elite continued to use its services in secret; today advocates of "hard science" routinely debunk astrology, applying "objectively reasoned" test conditions in a context that does not adequately apply to the dynamic functionality of the art. Astrology is the one discipline that can unite the cognate, sensate, emotional and intuitive realms with the phenomena of physical manifestation, not only as pertains to earthly affairs but as connected with the larger cosmos. However unless one is strongly motivated to get past reading daily sun sign predictions, the personal empowerment available through utilizing astrological technique often goes untapped.

In examining the magical potentials to be found in a natal chart, it isn't really a question of whether an individual has more "magical ability", "healing power" or "spiritual awareness" than anyone else. Active magical ability is a function of the degree of will invested into the awakening, development and use of latent abilities available to all of us. One must choose to actively (1) cultivate authentic self, (2) align willingly with the natural laws of the cosmic creative grid and (3) be willing to sacrifice parts of egoic construct, in order to engage with a living process that stretches far past human preoccupations with comfort and profit.

The terms "witch" or "warlock" or "wizard" still have a somewhat negative connotation around the world. These are terms that conjure up one who allegedly traffics in amulets and voodoo dolls, who mysteriously chants in the corner or grovels at the alter of some dark chthonic spirit, allegedly forsaking enlightenment as reflected in a sky-based god and by extension, logic and reason. The fear commonly chasing a discussion of "witches" is all the more ludicrous since according to physicists such as David Bohm and Fritjof Capra, our reality exists as a product of consensus observation anyhow. (1)(2) We are all actually doing magic consciously or unconsciously, all the time as co-creators embedded within a matrix of infinite power and potential.

A specific category of mystical arts practitioners is favored in this discussion, namely those who interact with nature as the concrete, creative product of Divine Awareness. This sort of practitioner seeks communion of mind, body, spirit, soul and nature, rather than dividing the physical from the disembodied as something of lesser value. Divinity is seen as existing not only in the sky, in the mind or in the eleventh dimension but also as manifest in the earth and its processes. The Wiccan Way, the teachings of Carlos Castaneda and the works of J.R.R. Tolkien are well-known examples from this school of mystical orientation.

Unfortunately, some practitioners are driven to seek dominion over others or circumstances, can misuse sex magic or do experiment with necrophilia. Negative Satanists are given a nod here but their practices would seem to be a reaction to status quo religious tenants or social brainwashing. Paradoxically, just like some of their church-going counterparts, nature for a Satanist can be regarded as a lesser substrate intended primarily for utility, torture or destruction. Chaos magicians can present as either negative or positive in orientation; inherent in their rather loose creed is the principle that reality can be changed through paradigm shifts in perception, experienced out of a mind state called gnosis.

The term "workers of the Light" is a concept also easily misused to questionable ends. Yes, one can work to bring the Light of consciousness to others, but right next door to such intent abides the kingdom of the Sun Worshippers, or Atonists, who actually practice a form of "materialistic spirituality" as is well defined by mystic Michael Tsarion. (3) Those of this faith would put the human being at the center of the universe and superior to all other forms of life, tempting one to define God in human and essentially entrepreneurial terms; therefore opening the door to blessing excessive exploitation of the earth and subjugation of life forms through domination or coercion.

According to those who have rigorously pursued the magical path, far more than school learning, drug-induced states of euphoria or hanging out with a guru is required to gain empowerment as an adept. A personal change of perception evolving out of an intimate acquaintance with death is also required. Many "primitive" and "pagan" cultures initiated community members at puberty through a vision quest; commonly the individual was left to their own devices in the wilderness for a number of days, perhaps fasting or taking hallucinatory substances to speed the inducement of alternative states of being.

One can also be brought to this threshold through extreme experiences of abuse, illness, despair, an accident or some other event which triggers an annihilating interface with this ultimate power. The point of the exercise is to remove one's sense of boundary, definition and personal control relative to the experience of sensate reality; also to decrease egoic dominance of the five physical senses. In this altered state contact can be initiated with split off parts of self, other dimensions and other energetic forms of disembodied life. The problem remains that one can indeed be forced to make the journey, only to rebound back to old habits of "surface living" when utility permits.

For many, too much domestication conditioning within a dominator culture has cut us off from nature, our own bodies, the healthy instincts and intuition resident within. We are thus also cut off from experiencing and working with our own spiritual-magical powers in wholesome manner. The other problem is that once choosing to become a pilgrim in this territory, one must take conscious, enlightened responsibility for self, otherwise degradation will surely follow. Unfortunately, karmic justice does not always follow in one lifetime, if an individual has made a contract with negative powers; it seems that the sins of the fathers can thus be visited upon consequent generations.

Where does astrology fit into magical operation? Simply put, one cannot do without it, for intent and action are framed within an archetypal web, comprised of life forms in coordination with planets and stars; all interfaced with other dimensions and inter-woven against the backdrop of the zodiac. The physical forms and locations of the planets, asteroids, the Sun and calculated resonance vortex points constitute living symbols for the workings of the whole, whether within a person as representative of the organs of the body or components of psyche, or as phenomena cycling through external states of manifestation. The zodiac itself is but a localized demarcation of twelve "blueprint zones" of resonant tonal potentials that uniquely characterize the cyclic nature of existence on our earthly plane. Consider that the paths of gaining skill in natural magic, seeking spiritual enlightenment and seeking atonement are one in the same; the horoscope chart functions as the most excellent tool presentable in linear form, for exploring and learning on this path.

In this spirit, the following natal chart astrological designations are offered as key indicators expressive of one who would be active in the field of magical activity, with the proviso that there are many different styles of witches, warlocks, wizards and shamans at large. The conclusions formed below were backed by a study of the natal horoscope charts for 30 known magical practitioners, most of who lived within the last 200 years. Birth times were obtained from various sources; two charts of unknown birth time were rectified by the author to reflect known events in the life and two others were left as noon charts, reflective of known events in the life as they stood.

(1). The 6th house rules ritual and is the natural house of Virgo, the original priestess and healer. Ruling planet Mercury and co-ruler asteroid Chiron would thus also be key representatives in the work witches and shamans do-which traditionally included healing. Astrologer Robert Hand defines well the terrain associated with this house which "…pertains to all activities pursued not for their own sake… but for the sake of something else. This something may be another purpose one chooses, external necessity one does not consciously choose, or circumstances that limit one's freedom of choice…It also indicates relationships formed out of necessity, duty, or responsibility rather than out of self-expression or pleasure."

The sixth house is right next to the seventh of partners, open enemies and projected parts of self. Hand notes, "It represents the part of the unconscious mind that absorbs energies and influences coming down into the inner self from conscious experience. It is the house where experience is incorporated into the psyche. This is undoubtedly one of the bases for this being a house of illness." Hand suggests that the pathology of the house can be founded either in mental or physical resistance to energies coming in from the outside environment, or "in reaction to activities that have become divorced from supporting self and self-expression." (4)

So this place is where experience is incorporated into the psyche. It is the crucible wherein all factors from without the individual are brought into union for synthesis with all that is within the individual; the magical product is one result of this interaction. To the extent that the results might not match some collective icon or what peers and parents prefer, the individual can constantly undermine or undervalue themselves, the services they are performing or the service they receive from others.

The 6th is the house of discipleship- where the ego must surrender its shoes at the door, and heart must be given equal value to head. Here one is asked to die to that which no longer holds value in the larger web of life; to surrender oneself as a substrate, in order to incorporate into the web of life. To the extent that we resist this process, we can become ill. Sometimes, illness or handicap is required to make the individual slow down and value aspects of life otherwise treated carelessly or disregarded.

Based on personal observation, it is suggested that one of the water signs or Virgo, Capricorn, Sagittarius or Aquarius would be well placed on the cusp of the sixth house and/or one or more planets or points-namely transneptunian Hades, Black Moon, Moon's Nodes or Chiron- would be placed within. Of the 30 occult practitioners studied, all but four had complex and powerful aspect patterns involving the planetary ruler of the 6th house and/or planets within the house; the signs and/or ruling planets mentioned above were always involved. Of the remainder, one had a strong Leo stellium in the 12th and 1st houses; another had a powerful, multi-aspected Saturn operating out of the 11th house; the other two represented individuals who were likely better at publicizing occult matters, rather than being potent practitioners themselves. No clear and definitive pattern could be established for either Mercury or Chiron, save for that they were often very active by aspect somewhere in the natal horoscope.

(2) In western culture, Saturn and its home zodiac sign of Capricorn were the original significators for witchcraft, in times before the transpersonal planets were discovered. Saturn is a representation of time and the limitations of form; perhaps the quintesimal zone of most sensitive interaction for the magic worker is to be found between Saturn (earthly limits) and Uranus (transpersonal cosmic creativity), with Chiron representative of the force that attempts to bridge them, consciously or unconsciously. The 10th house is the natural Capricornian abode; it is the house of authority, both one's own expression of it in public and the power held by "the boss" over the individual. Capricorn and the 10th house constitute one of the occult "gates", the place where we are judged for our actions in a particular lifetime and where the soul would exit the earthly plain after death.

In research of the natal horoscopes of 30 known magical practitioners, virtually all of 30 practitioners studied had two or more of the following characteristics: at least two planets in Capricorn; Capricorn ruling on one of the angles or on the 6th, 8th or 12th house cusps; Saturn located in one of these houses, Saturn angular; Saturn prominent by occult sign, e.g. Saturn in Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces. All but two charts had Saturn involved in complex aspect patterns; again, there seems to be a correlation between the more "potent" practitioners and complex, hard aspect patterns involving Saturn.

(3) The magical workers themselves would be ruled by the sign Aquarius, the natural 11th house and the modern planetary ruler Uranus; all of which also has dominion over astrologers, cosmic interface and the high techno-witch. The 11th house delineates community, friends, groups, wishes and fantasies; these are certainly useful for the direction of magical activity. Uranus as a signficator would have more to do with the source, channeling and function of otherworldly information in practicing the arcane arts, also the unusual company one tends to keep when dabbling there.

In the 30 natal charts studied, either Uranus was powerful by occult house, sign and/or aspect; and/or the individual had two or more planets in Aquarius. Only one chart had Uranus essentially as a loner, however located in its natural 11th house and disposed by the Moon located in the 12th house. Of the natal charts studied, 26 active practitioners had Uranus in close conjunction, opposition, square or quincunx to other planets; three had Uranus essentially peregrine but other placements strong in Aquarius. One had Uranus in the 12th house, in only a sextile to Mercury; This individual's main claim to fame lay in writing books on astrology and other occult subjects. Note that the traditional planetary ruler of Aquarius is Saturn; The Saturnish realm of Aquarius could include the tangible production of amulets, spells and other magical items; also operations within a coven of magical workers, for example large-scale magical operations that generate an egregor or powerful psychic cell of intent, which can be directed towards a collective ground of manifestation.

(4) The 12th house, Pisces and its ruling planet Neptune pertains to communing with the collective, psychic ability and cosmic spiritual interface; not to mention the use of drugs, potions and philters, the casting of spells, seclusion and mystical preoccupations in general. The twelfth house is also where, as suggested by astrologer Stephen Forrest, we make contact with spirit without benefit of any personal boundaries or social definitions; any sense of egoic self is dissolved here. (5) It is where we are taken apart for immersion within the eternal ebb and flow between energy and matter; every worthy magic worker must learn how to coagulate by first being able to dissolve at will, a paradox indeed. Jupiter, traditional planetary ruler of Pisces would seem to associate most strongly with tapping into collective currents of socially sanctioned belief; it can, however function as an emissary in work with the dead or as symbolic of an easy death when in aspect.

As was the case with Saturn, Uranus and their signs, Neptune, Pisces and the 12th house were represented very strongly in all 30 charts studied; by house and sign placement, planets in the 12th house or in Pisces and/or Neptune by aspect to other planets and points. All but seven had planets or points in the 12th house; the remainder either had many planets and points in Pisces, Neptune angular or placed in the 6th or 8th houses, Neptune or Jupiter involved in strong and complex aspect patterns. Also of note was transneptunian point Hades, which was often found in powerful placement by occult sign and/or house, angular and/or in conjunction with other active planets. Hades has to do with that which is ancient, besides being involved in the process of breaking things down into rich compost for re-birth; expressive in the lower vibrational octave it can be involved in the commission of nefarious and violent activities.

(5) The venerable 8th house is host to transformative power, occult activities and communication with the "other side of the veil" including the astral zone and realm of the dead. Here too, is the domain of sex magic and the darker associations of magical practice for the purpose of gaining power over others. The eighth house is dangerous, as one can lose their way in attempting communion with entities and arcane forces. This domain is where the inheritance of the ancestors is to be found, including obsessions and compulsions; also where mutations and re-combinations of DNA would be triggered.

The natural sign of this house is Scorpio and the modern dwarf planetary ruler is Pluto, whose natal placement and aspects can also be dangerous, marking a place where one either has the tendency to abuse power (especially through sex magic) or to experience powerlessness. Pluto's location represents the very ground upon which transmutation of substance will occur. Of the 30 charts studied, all had Pluto active by occult sign, house or in aspect to other planets; 27 had natal Pluto involved in complex aspect patterns, often involving a combination of transpersonal, social and personal planets. Of the remaining three less striking exceptions, one had Pluto sextile Pisces Venus in the 12th house, quincunx the North Node; another had Pluto angular in the 7th house and involved in a loose Yod involving several planets; a third only had Taurus Pluto angular in the 10th house in semi-sextile to Aries Saturn in the 9th house, but this individual had other occult characteristics unique to his natal chart also.

Mars, as traditional ruler of Scorpio should also be acknowledged as a primal octave of Scorpionic activity. Its natal placement could signify persona placed in active focus and deployment of activity, working with the forces represented by the 8th house. In the 30 charts studied, Mars was active by sign and major aspect in all but three charts; the conjunction was most common followed by the opposition, the trine ranking third. Also, Mars was in aspect to at least two other planets or points. Of the remaining charts, one had Virgo Mars peregrine in the 2nd house, while another had Aquarius Mars angular in the first house and conjunct transneptunian Hades; the third had Scorpio Mars semi-square Uranus-Mercury in the 12th house.

(6) The 4th house, natural ruling sign Cancer and planetary ruler Moon are reflective of root psyche, the past and inner personal contact with Divine Intelligence; also the unconscious, instinct and inheritance from the immediate family. Here too, is located the ancient house of divinity as manifested through Gaia, nature worship and the father as Pan, the Dionysian principle of creativity. As Jean Clement, Ph. D. notes, "The fourth house represents the filter through which you view your core beliefs…it is the wellspring of all the best, most creative, and most powerful ideas you will have throughout your lifetime." (6) Cancer and the 4th house constitute the other major occult gate, where the soul is said to come forth into earthly life; this house is where Divine Consciousness makes contact from within the life form.

Natural planetary ruler Moon symbolizes the id, the knowledge of the ancestors and the contents of the unconscious; it is also where our instincts, feelings, dreams and creative visions interface with nature, or not. The Moon is also where one would need to be made aware of how the past, outmoded security needs and family myths can interfere with the present, distorting what happens to the practitioner relative to magical product. Lastly, by transit or progression the Moon functions as a potent trigger point for mundane events, therefore is a key factor to consider when performing magical activities.

In examining natal Moon placement in the charts of 30 active magical practitioners, no particular zodiac sign stood out in terms of numbers, with the exception of Pisces (nearly 20% percent had it, as compared to 7.20% in a sample of 500 newsworthy people); and Capricorn (none had it, as compared to 9.40% of 500 newsworthy people). Otherwise, the zodiac sign and house in which the Moon is found would seem more to do with the individual style and mode of action taken by the practitioner. It was speculated that magnitude of magical activity might be related to the Moon making many aspects to natal planets and points; correspondingly, 28 charts studied had the Moon very active by occult sign and/or house placement, also making two or more aspects to other planets. Of the remaining two, one had Leo Moon in the 12th house only conjunct the Part of Fortune, Cancer ruling on the cusp; the other had Taurus Moon in the 8th house dispositing Uranus in Cancer on the Midheaven.

In talking about Moon-related matters it shall be noted here that the Moon's Nodes and Black Moon Lilith were often very involved by occult sign, house and/or aspects made to planets in all 30 charts studied. Natal Black Moon on an angle or involved in a challenging aspect pattern can be equivalent to having natal Pluto active on personal planets. All but a few charts contained planetary conjunctions or squares to the Nodes, perhaps symbolizing occult involvement in past lives or handed down through ancestors. The rest had trines or sextiles involving the Nodes, perhaps delineating an easier rapport with the public.

(7) Jupiter as natural ruler of Sagittarius and the ninth house of philosophy and organized religion is in its glory as an indicator for organized coven activity and structured systems of witchery, for example Gardnerian Wicca or Anton LeVey's Satanic Church. Those interested in influencing the masses or gaining income through mass distribution of product would do well to have an active ninth house in their nativity, as it is the domain of organized religion, law, philosophy and other structured products of human reason. Here one could look for indications of how the one fits in-or not- with social institutions; whether the higher arts of communicating inspirations can be refined, or if one prefers the ivory tower of a perennial student with little inclination to practical application in the field. Publishing one's activities to the outer world is a ninth house activity; formatting creative products into practical form and marketing them is a third house activity.

The ninth house delineates ethics as manifested through socially pertinent achievements; therefore an individual's inclinations to honesty or dishonesty, proselytizing or propagandistic manipulation can be found here. The art of charismatically leading a flock through inspiring rhetoric or sonorous chanting is a ninth house activity; to promote abandon through group sex is a fifth and eighth house activity. Such activities do not necessarily lead to enlightening interface with alternative dimensions or the spirit world. Group ritual can serve as an energy sacrifice in service to certain forces; or to focus mutual will into a powerful psychic vortex to be directed onto a selected target.

What of the signs and planets not given specific occult status in the proceeding paragraphs? Of course they play a role in the phenomenon of magical activity but more often in ways more related to personal style and preference, also an individual's unique orientation towards working with the elements. There does seem to be some unifying principles at work in the natal horoscope charts studied for this essay. The signs, natural houses and planets of water; the 6th house, Virgo and Chiron, plus Saturn, Uranus and the signs they rule are very active in the charts of those drawn to immersion in the magical arts. The Moon's Nodes, Black Moon Lilith and transneptunian Hades were often involved by aspect or house and sign placement as well. These characteristics can be mixed and matched in a variety of ways; it is the sum of them that presents as an astrological pattern of consistency in theme.

Birth data for 33 Magical Practitioners is provided by clicking on this Link.

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