The Asteroids of Temptation, Greed and Power: Part II

By C. Marguerite Hafeman © 2008-12

In Part I of this essay some named asteroids were proposed for use in astrology, to symbolize the human qualities of "creative temptation," greed and the pursuit of worldly power. Asteroid Lucifer was chosen to symbolize the pitfalls of creative drive applied to questionable ends; asteroid Midas was designated to represent greed and asteroid Apollo was pressed into service to represent the pursuit of worldly power. All three rocks orbit in the broad asteroid belt located between planets Mars and Jupiter. In this essay the natal charts of four famous individuals are presented, to examine how major life themes could be reflected in natal asteroid placements and aspects made to other planets and points. These particular people were selected because they are deceased and have already been judged by society at large, hopefully minimizing accusations of value judgment by the author in such sensitive areas of character definition.

In studying the biographies and natal astrology charts of those who have plowed the larger furrows in history, one is left with the distinct impression of individuals possessed with an unusual element of luck, heightened powers of intuition or even an alien Damon of genius far greater than the sum of the person, their native intelligence or environmental influences. It is as though aggregations of archetypal energy can be magnetized in potency and definition by certain souls, down through eons of contact with the human race. These concentrated archetypal potentials are then coagulated into the vehicle of a single human body during certain pivotal times in human history, when the time is ripe for maximum impact on the larger social stage.

An Emphasis on Evil: Heinrich Himmler was a small, unassuming man with the cliche appearance of a minor paper-pushing clerk. By masterful intrigue, he won control of political and criminal police throughout the Third Reich, becoming head of the Gestapo in addition to maintaining his position as Reichsfuhrer of the SS. A very able organizer and administrator, meticulous, calculating and efficient, Himmler's heroic capacity for work and irrepressible lust for power were channeled into the accumulation of official posts and the perfection of methodology for organized State terrorism directed against opponents of the regime. He was also obsessed with the uses of mesmerism and the occult, blending these practices with total commitment to the Aryan myth of white supremacy.

In 1933, Himmler set up the first concentration camp in Dachau; over the next few years he greatly extended the definition of persons who qualified for internment in the camps. Besides Jews and people of color, gypsies and anyone handicapped or mentally ill was a target. Early on in his career he noted that attempting to execute so many undesirable persons by firing squad was inefficient and detrimental to the moral of those participating in the exercise. Heinrich therefore commissioned the design and construction of shower facilities employing gas to speed the process, along with ovens to consume the human detritus remaining afterwards. He was both architect and administrator for one of the largest organized human genocides to occur in recorded history. Himmler's Libra Sun (center of identity) is located in the eighth house of death, relations with power and occult matters (1). The Sun is in trine to Pluto, lord of life and death located in his fourth house of homeland and root psyche; Sun and Pluto are in positive aspect to asteroid Apollo located on the Descendant and cusp the seventh house. Himmler likely saw himself as obediently carrying out the wishes of a regal master upon whom he projected all his visions of glory and order. The power Himmler himself held was merely expedient as the best means to a noble end.

Asteroid Lucifer resides in Taurus, retrograde in the third house of lifestyle, communications and practical skills along with the karmic South Node of the Moon, an indicator for past lives and the shadow business of social status-quo. The asteroid is in square with the Ascendant-Descendant axis within a few minutes, therefore the Luciferian current would heavily influence crucial relationships between himself, partners and enemies. In Taurus and the third house, Lucifer would be interested in absolute control over information systems, lifestyle and the social functions of nature, including reproduction. The asteroid is also quincunx to Himmler's Sun, reinforcing the proclivity to project any potential consciousness of atrocity onto vehicles of organizational necessity and executional efficiency.

Asteroid Midas is located on the cusp of Himmler's fifth house of creativity, pleasure and children, in Gemini and retrograde exactly on the Neptune-Pluto midpoint. According to Ebertin, Neptune-Pluto is "representative of the supernatural, of highly active imagination and fantasy, illusions, clairvoyant visions and second sight...a peculiar state of soul-experience."(2) Himmler did appear to others as though he were soulless. In Gemini, this Pluto-Midas-Neptune combination would be bipolar, reflective of a split psyche actively possessed by malevolent forces greedy for the destruction of human life. True to the myth of Midas, Himmler sacrificed countless children in his dedication to propounding racial purity. Note that Mercury, planetary ruler of the fifth house and natural ruler of the third house stands at the occult point of 0° Scorpio, the sign ruling reproduction, life and death. Mercury also rules and occupies Himmler's eighth house of sex, death, control and contact with occult forces.

The Ability to Make Money: Attractive Leona Helmsley dropped out of high school, however was able to marry well a few times on her way up to the top. She was working as a real estate agent when she met and married New York real estate tycoon Harry Helmsley. Harry liked Leona's moxie and started turning his business interests over to her shortly after their marriage; it was she who engineered the creation of the Helmsley hotel empire, including the Helmsley Palace on Madison Avenue. She also garnered a dubious reputation as the "Queen of Mean" by her employees and ended up doing 18 months in jail for income tax evasion, although the circumstances around her conviction remain somewhat shaded from the inclusion of heresy. She also came to be identified with the over-the-top materialism that characterized life in the big city '80's.

When she died in August of 2007, she left the bulk of her estate to charity and to her beloved dog, Trouble. Her will also states, "I also direct that anything bearing the HELMSLEY name must be maintained in "mint" condition and in the manner that it has been accustomed to, [therefore] maintaining the outstanding Helmsley reputation."(3) Even though Leona had no formal education in business, she was very, very good at spotting financial opportunity and capitalizing on it. She was also a shrewd operator in a challenging segment of the hotelier business that could easily have failed if left in other hands. Leona's birth chart features asteroid Apollo exactly on the Ascendant, making a direct statement about native acumen in acquiring and welding power in the civilized world. For many years, matters in her part of the universe did revolve around her and she was indeed able to order reality to her satisfaction.

Leona's eleventh house of community affairs, groups, friends, fantasies and wishes is the abode for asteroid Lucifer in the materialistic and beauty-loving sign of Taurus (4). The asteroid is in square aspect to fortunate and flamboyant Jupiter in Leo, located in Leona's second house of money, assets and self-esteem. Lucifer is also in square to the Part of Fortune in Aquarius, located in the eighth house of sex, control, power and other people's money. This T-square could represent formidable creative ability in courting the big money it would take to finance her visions, besides denoting considerable skill in creating and managing luxuriously seductive lodging. The aspect is also expressive of the potential for an excess of hubris, hoarding and the need for control that brought about the scandals to her name. The Helmleys' net worth was estimated at 5 billion dollars, at a time when they were well known for disputing payments to contractors and vendors. Leona also apparently went to great lengths with creative record-keeping and paperwork, making fraudulent declarations in order to avoid paying taxes.

Asteroid Midas of the golden touch is placed in Leona's secretive twelfth house of karma, self-undoing and mastery in conjunction with her natal Sun (center of identity) and Venus (beauty, sensuous pleasure, magnetism, association with money). All three reside in the maternal, nurturing and residentially-oriented sign of Cancer along with Pluto, lord of the masses. This potent combination of energies focused in such an influential house bestowed a formidable power-punch and air of entitlement to this woman's presentation in life. The stellium is also in harmonious aspect to the Moon's Nodes in Scorpio and Taurus and the parental fourth and tenth houses, again indicative of one who had her finger on collective survival and comfort needs. Interestingly, her only son died of a heart attack several years before Leona. At the time of his death she sued his estate for alleged expenses owed to her, leaving his widow bankrupt.

A Profile in Power: Mao Tse Tung was the son of a prosperous peasant; while working in the fields he found a way to complete his studies and become a teacher. He was active in radial student groups, becoming a founding member of the Chinese Communist Party in 1921. Soon afterward, he began to develop his theory of the revolutionary potential of the peasantry, which is somewhat different from Marxist-Leninist emphasis on the industrial proletariat. After a bloody fall-out with Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-Shek in 1927, Mao established a base in the southern Kiangsi province and began a guerrilla war against the government. By 1945, Mao and his movement were able to outmaneuver and eventually overwhelm the Nationalist army. Mao proclaimed the People's Republic of China on October 1, 1949.

Mao was rendered infamous by two ruthless initiatives for mass social transformation. The "Great Leap Forward," designed to organize peasants into communes during the late 1950s, resulted in mass starvation and repression. This effort was followed by a "Cultural Revolution," started in 1964, wherein a youth- and army-driven nationwide campaign for ideological purity again resulted in widespread repression and death, in addition to destroying some Chinese historical art, culture and architecture. The movement remained viable under the leadership of Mao's wife, Chiang Ch'ing, until Mao died on September 9, 1976, at age 82. Mao was one of relatively few men in history to weld world-class power over so many; he is also credited with causing the deaths of up to 70 million people in the name of bringing China in to the modern age.

Asteroid Apollo in the bureaucratic sign of Virgo resides in Mao's eighth house of power, control and other people's resources, in square to a Neptune-Pluto conjunction in Gemini and the fifth house of children, pleasure and creativity (5). Virgo energy is associated with the systematic organization and management of data and resources, in addition to efficient utilization of communication systems to get the job done. Mao created a very heady ideology of the communist state as a religion (Neptune) with its peasant minions as the liberators (Pluto); using it to dictate the day-to-day operations of an entire society (Virgo Apollo, eighth house).

The Gemini dualism expresses through Neptune casting a fog of enchantment, using ideals and a siren call of sacrifice for a greater good while cloaking Plutonian aspirations for acquiring totalitarian power. Under the leonine influence of a sextile to the Moon (the people at large) also located in Mao's eighth house of power, the entire fifth-to-eighth house combination denotes a detached manipulator of the masses, larger-than-life spiritual icon and talented propaganda artist. The people of China let a fox who spoke fiery words of liberation (Sagittarian Mercury in harmonious aspect to the Moon's Nodes) into the henhouse.

Asteroid Lucifer is immediately conjunct Mao's Mars in Scorpio, symbolic of aroused kundalini energy channeled into an amoral, life-or-death pursuit of certain desires. This planetary placement located in the eleventh house of community, groups and fantasies was ruthless, directing extreme force towards achieving social re-organization and rulership of the entire world, if possible. Lucifer-Mars is aided by a T-square with revolutionary Venus in Aquarius (cool detachment, fascist values) and a self-serving Part of Fortune in Leo. The unstoppable Mars-Lucifer combination also opposes Jupiter (expansion) in the fourth house of home base and root psyche with Mars as ruler of the house, reinforcing an extremely driven individual. Mao was tirelessly energetic and worked endless hours for years on end to acquire power on a global scale.

Asteroid Midas is located in Gemini (communications) and the fifth house of speculation, pleasure and children, immediately conjunct his Jupiter (ideology)-Neptune (spirituality, illusion) midpoint. Mao struck gold by capitalizing on herd mentality and traditional respect and fear of parental authority, blanketing the country with an inundation of propaganda. His book Mao's Quotations is one of the most published volumes in the world; in his heyday, not possessing a copy in good condition was considered treasonous and grounds for death. Mao was also denied nothing during his reign as a plutocrat; after his death, biographers offered ample evidence of a basically amoral disposition with great sensual appetites. Mao had a succession of four wives; however information about his offspring is vague and conflicting. He allegedly fathered seven to ten children, abandoning several daughters in infancy and not maintaining close relations with any of his adult children. In old age, Mao bedded countless virgins, as he believed that this practice would preserve his health and extend his life.

A Study in Mass Religious Influence: L. Ron Hubbard is sanctified by some, vilified by others but there is no doubt as to his prolific achievements, both as an author and as founder of the cult of Scientology. In 1984, Superior Court Judge Paul Breckinridge noted the following from a court case involving Hubbard and his sect: "The organization clearly is schizophrenic and paranoid, and the bizarre combination seems to be a reflection of its founder LRH. The evidence portrays a man who has been virtually a pathological liar when it comes to his history, background, and achievements. The writings and documents in evidence additionally reflect his egoism, greed, avarice, lust for power, and vindictiveness and aggressiveness against persons perceived by him to be disloyal or hostile. At the same time it appears that he is charismatic and highly capable of motivating, organizing, controlling, manipulating, and inspiring his adherents." (6)

Hubbard is on record for having contacts over the years with those who practiced the high occult arts, including rocket scientist Jack Parsons and the infamous sorcerer Aleister Crowley. He was a known womanizer and apparently indulged in heavy drug use for much of his life. Hubbard died at age 74 in January of 1986, however the social movement he founded is flourishing globally today. Active members include many well-known movie stars and respected professionals; the organization is still periodically entangled with media hostility and claims of fraud, coercion and tax evasion.

Asteroid Lucifer in Taurus is located in Hubbard's fifth house of creativity, pleasure and speculation. (7) Planetary dispositer Venus is placed right next to the base angle of the chart in militant Aries. The fourth house is said to represent root psyche and early childhood; Venus in such a place of influence would represent a font of magnetic charisma, support of feminism, boundless exploratory curiosity and an unabashed preoccupation with sensual pleasures. These values as creatively expressed in Taurus produced an authoritative philosophy with profound societal implications as expressed through Libra, also Venus ruled, on Hubbard's Midheaven.

Lucifer is also semi-sextile to asteroid Midas in conjunction to Pluto (power and money), sextile the Sun (center of identity) and trine a potent Uranus-Mars conjunction in Capricorn (futuristic genius directed towards practical authority). The whole combination is creatively fertile and dynamic; Uranus-Mars bestows a provocative, extremely driven and revolutionary spirit, placed conveniently in Hubbard's second house of values and method of making income. Mars is also the traditional planetary ruler of his twelfth house of karma and interface with the collective.

The Midas-Pluto conjunction in the seventh house of partners and enemies and Gemini is expressive of Hubbard's extreme preoccupation with making money through convincing others t. Once he made his fortune, Hubbard spent years living a fantasy life aboard a large ship, waited on hand and foot by teen-age girls in hot pants, while others oversaw the day to day global operations of the scientology organization. Dualistically, his philosophy encouraged self-empowerment through liberation from destructive social programming, while in person Hubbard allegedly was an obsessive-compulsive tyrant who brooked no crossing of his authority. The combination can also represent the formidable enemies he made in overstepping boundaries of propriety The Midas myth played out in the fate of his children by two out of three wives; one favored son committed suicide, another feuded with him for years. A daughter was disowned after allegations of abuse, the rest faded into obscurity.

Asteroid Apollo is located in Aries and the fourth house of root psyche, in harmonious aspect to the Ascendant-Descendant angles of the chart. Influencing others and getting numbers of converts to follow his bidding likely came naturally to L. Ron. With such an ambitious, pioneering and individuating energy emanating from within, Hubbard would presume such political capacities as part of his birthright. He also would have an instinctual understanding of mankind's existential angst in separating from primal paradise, out of which he developed a profitable spiritual movement that stands in opposition to some of the more damaging tenants of conditioned society.

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