The St. Valentine's Day Massacre

By C. Marguerite Hafeman, ©2005

Bright and early on February 14, 1929 seven men assembled at a warehouse garage on Clark St. in Chicago. They were all associated with Bugsy Moran's North Side gang, and were waiting for a hijacked truck full of whiskey allegedly coming in from Detroit. Bugs had been given the tip by a Detroit gangster who was actually setting him up for a fall; Bugs was supposed to meet his men at 10:30 am but he was running late. At that time a police car pulled up to the warehouse door and five men got out, three in police uniforms, the rest in civilian clothing. The tardy Bugs spotted the car, assumed there was a shakedown and decided to take cover instead.

Moments later the sound of machine guns clattered in the quiet street. The seven men had complied good naturedly with an order to line up against the rear wall. They too, assumed their visitors were just conducting a routine check on business as usual. All seven were gunned down in cold blood, breaking the back of the North Side gang and cementing Al Capone's position as head CEO of Chicago's lucrative gambling, prostitution and bootleg industries. However the excessive brutality of the St. Valentine's Day massacre also signaled the beginning of the end for Al Capone's days of glory and his love affair with an adoring public. Shortly thereafter began the effort by authorities to hamper Capone's activities, first by sending him up briefly on a hidden weapons charge. A few years later the US Treasury Department was able to convict Capone of income tax evasion, which netted a much longer stretch of time in the clink.

A horoscope chart cast for the time of the incident contains many salient aspects symbolic of dastardly activities (refer to chart on inside of biwheel) in progress. The extremely malevolent star Algol Caput conjuncts the Ascendant, signifying someone was certainly going to lose their head at that time. The Moon's nodes in the materialistic signs of Taurus and Scorpio rest right across the ASC/DSC axis signifying a change in the public balance of power; if Scorpio represents the gangster domain, the South Node of acquired skills is right at home in the 7th house of partners and enemies.

An Aquarian Sun in the 10th house of public life and authority is in applying opposition to an afflicted Neptune, representing underworld interests in the hidden 4th house of domestic (turf war) affairs. The aggressive, headstrong Aries Moon resides in the 12th house of karma and self-undoing, accompanied by Jupiter, ruler of the 8th house of death conjunct Chiron (a lack of ethics), both square to a retrograde, dissembling Mercury (communication) in the 10th house and trine illusionist, bootlegging Neptune. Mars in Gemini (reckless aggression) opposing Saturn (traditional ruler of death) in the 8th house, plus a peregrine Uranus rolling around in the 11th house of community affairs puts a nice signature of public violence on the proceedings.

Did Al Capone know about the ambush, even though he was vacationing in Florida at the time? A solar natal chart for Capone, placed on the outside of the bi-wheel with the massacre chart would seem to indicate that he surely did. Natal Pluto stands in the event 1st house (an infliction of focused will), trining retrograde Mercury (miscommunication). Natal Neptune the illusionist and underhanded grabber of power rests in the 2nd house of money-making activities, conjunct the violent event Mars and its Saturn opposition. Mars in opposition to Saturn unto itself can be as brutal as a bullet smashing into a brick wall.

Capone's own Mars in Cancer (poorly managed rage) opposes the event MC, conjuncts the Part of Fortune (head and heart agreed), squares Moon and Vertex of fateful events, quincunxes Saturn and makes nice with the transiting Nodes of the Moon. His natal Sagittarian Saturn, leader of a loose sociopathic stellum of planets, conjuncts event Black Moon Lilith (not seeing the consequences of his choices clearly) in the 7th house of enemies. Capone's Capricorn Mercury (extremely effective in business communications) sits in the 8th house of death and relations with power, square the event Uranus (ambush) and trine the 4th house Neptune (deception).

Just for fun, where was the then unknown planetoid Sedna (willful emotionality, belligerence) at the time of the massacre? Why, she was at about 16° Aries 2', almost exactly square Pluto, lord of transformation and gangster life in the event 3rd house of lifestyle, communication and service businesses. As can be seen by examining Capone's solar noon natal chart, the exact location of his birth Moon would certainly supply an interesting piece of information for completing the St. Valentine's Day Massacre astrological puzzle. The dark lady of distorted artistry was likely keeping close company with Capone on the day of his infamous deed.

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