Relating: Table for Two

We all participate in relations with another. The situation certainly isn't confined to romantic attraction. Consider also relations between parent and child, two friends or business partners, between various relatives or even yourself and your dog. Relating close-up is one of the major learning experiences of life. Beings get together for all kinds of reasons that may or may not include "strings attached". Someone might have a unique style, stability of nature or talent that another feels they lack and therefore need to obtain elsewhere. Sometimes two people get together to work out issues stemming from childhood conditioning or abuse; one may have something to teach the other or the other is simply a worthy opponent. Sometimes the principle of karma and past lives of prior contact really does provide a useful explanation for why two otherwise disparate souls are brought together to experience each other for a time. However there is no such thing as a looming difficulty that is really all "the other guy's fault"; each being with whom we relate also functions as a mirror, reflecting back to us aspects of ourself, whether conscious or unconscious. It can be through those more difficult contacts with others that reveal parts of self we have disowned, or that which we might have a distorted judgement; likewise biases, ignorance, emotional baggage, even disowned talents and skills can be presented to us through the lense of those with whom we dance.

In astrology, looking at the planetary contacts between two natal charts can provide a great deal of information towards understanding and working with the potentials, challenges and themes of relationship expressed therein. We can see whether there is potential for ongoing inspiration and creative growth through inter-supportive partnership, but also where old family-based patterns and tendencys towards aggression, control, emotional turmoil, repression, boredom and growing apart over time may be factors to consider. No relationship is perfect; knowing the strengths and weaknesses of a bond can help two people participate with better awareness and flexibility in those areas in life that not only may call for healing of past karmic conditions, but also point the way towards evolutionary growth and realization of the best in personal character.

In romantic liaisons, passion explodes and we want to know if what we feel is real or just an infatuation. Goals in life, values, the handling of emotions, educational level and social status can matter greatly in determining the chances of partnership success. In some cases, family ties, educational level, religious or career expectations can carry great weight. Will the togetherness still be there in the future? Does the other have what it takes to honor a long-term commitment? Do the two of us have enough in common to keep our bonds warm and alive, even when the going gets rough? What if someone has years of loyalty put into a partnership that is going through a difficult phase; are matters going to improve or is it better to cut and run? What if a partnership is founded on compulsion, fear of loneliness or money concerns?

Issues of interest in a romantic synestry reading might include:

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