Just What Is Going On?

The stars can speak about matters of fate in a very precise way. basically, we pose a concern as a question and then cast a horoscope chart for the time and place of the question. By using intuition and psychic awareness along with planetary position and aspects, a reading can be done that serves to divine what is going on or likely to happen in the real world, relative to the question asked. This sort of query to the stars is known as horary astrology.

How could astrology work this way? Consider the notion that all things in nature, cosmos and mind are connected together in some way, are pieces of the same wholeness. In fact, all of astrology could be said to come from stellar observations made over many years, in which it could be seen that the movements of heavenly bodies and the harmonic and electromagnetic vibrations they make alone or in angle to one another serve as a mirror for cosmic intent, all activity here on earth and even the workings of inner self.

The next question often asked is if the planets and stars are "making" us do stuff. Some of us would also infer that all power of influence necessarily belongs to God, while others of us will place our trust in the measurement and mechanics of science, that is to say human eyes and logic. Therefore, much debate and many wars have been generated over the role of Fate, the hand of God and the extent of free will in life. ,p> Formerly as a scientific researcher and now an astrologer, I have witnessed that nothing in apparent reality is really separate from anything else; neither is the substrate of reality indefinitely controllable by human will or explained by human definitions. Forces both manifest and from dimensions invisible to this world have influence on everything that happens, as do the collective forces of the society and culture around us. Over and over again I and others have also witnessed the workings of what is so far best explained by the concept of reincarnation; not all ingrained habits, compulsions, relationship choices and repetitive patterns in life circumstances can be explained solely by reference to heredity, environmental factors or childhood upbringing.

There is something both "out there" and "within myself" that participates in bringing events into being or phasing them out of existence, in a synchronous, in-your-face way which cannot be avoided; the outcome of which often lies outside of your conscious control. Free will can be exercised in the choice of action taken in responding to the event, but it cannot overcome limitations imposed by a person's place in space, their state of mind, choice of company, outstanding karmic business or social conditioning. On that note, some of the questions for a horary reading could include:

There are some limitations to obtaining a good result. The question should contain specific detail, and be asked with serious intent. Wanting to know just when you are going to win the lottery will not work. However some success can be obtained with sporting questions, such as "which team will win this soccer match?" The question should concern one matter at a time; asking about a marriage proposition and a new job all at once will not bring a clear answer about anything. You can ask two questions if they are related, for example, will I find this missing object and if so, where? If you have two serious questions, ask the most important one first, then wait a couple weeks to ask the other. Repeating a question because the first outcome is unsatisfactory generally does not yield a better answer the next time, unless other circumstances have dramatically changed.

If you are interested in obtaining an accurate horary reading, you should write down the time and date when your attention first becomes very focused on the issue at hand. Usually a divinatory horoscope chart is cast for the time and location of the person asking the question. Sometimes the astrologer may use the time and place at which they receive the question from the inquirer, as sometimes that chart will yield a clearer reading. Occasionally a chart will indicate that there is no use in proceeding with serious consideration of the query; either the outcome is moot or there is no point to pursuing the matter. Sometimes a scamp is moved to query nonsense just for fun; interesting how the heavenly bodies can give notice of this possibility also.

Best book for learning Horary and Electional Astrology: Simplified Horary Astrology by Ivy M. Goldstein Jacobson, Pasadena Lithographers, Pasadena, California, 1970.

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