Relating: It's Showtime!

Any relationship can be studied in the stars by casting a composite horoscope chart based on the Midpoints of any two birth charts. For example, suppose the natal Mars of Romeo is at 5° Taurus 30 minutes, and the natal Mars of Juliet is at 7°Virgo 08 minutes. A composite Mars would be calculated for the degrees and minutes midway between the two natal positions; in this example the "Romeo and Juliet Mars" would be at 6° Cancer 19 minutes.

All points and planets in the composite chart are determined in this way; even the boundary lines separating the twelve houses will represent a composite created from the house cusps of the two charts in question. In this case, Mars in Cancer indicates a relationship of high emotional tone; a tendency to high drama and immature reactions, amongst other possibilities.

What does the composite chart say about a relationship? It does not describe each of the two people involved; a composite is a picture of the relationship itself, the creative and karmic product of two people as they interact with one another. A composite can address any type of relationship, be it between lovers, parent and child or one friend to another. Some of the factors that could be discussed in a composite reading include:

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