Career and Money

Some of us are to the boardroom born, others never settle on any one field of endeavor. Or, one might hold the same job for twenty years, only to be laid of in the twenty-first year with no new prospects on the horizon. Perhaps one slaved away getting the prestigious college degree or did what the parents expected, only to end up one day wheeling and dealing on the taboo side of the tracks.

Astrology can also provide suggestions for the methods and modes of making money to which one might be most naturally suited; predictions can be offered as to how long unemployment might last, if a particular school or class might lead to the desired good fortune, what to expect from challenging job politics, or if relocation would improve employment prospects.

Whether one is a job refugee or a student just getting ready to take that first dive into the working world, an astrological peek at the work and money potentials delineated both in the natal chart and current planetary transits can provide valuable information towards steering the next steps in profession.

Of course, astrological analysis cannot guarantee an end to work problems or automatically deter a business failure. But the stars can help to determine solutions to problem and also which path of personal direction is most likely to lead to job satisfaction and/or financial gain. One can gain great insight into the scope of personal talents and limitations; finding where and when the positive potentials are, can help one choose the best direction to take in making the most of that dynamic dance between fate, free will and destiny. Issues that can be addressed in a work and money consultation include:

  • Which professions might be most suited to the natural talents and inclinations?
  • Is one a worker bee, CEO material or the power behind the throne?
  • Would it be better to work alone, or as part of a team?
  • Would greater success be obtained by seeking a managerial or financial partnership?
  • Should one be their own boss or work for someone else?
  • Is a large company or a small one more suited to the native's skill set and relating style?
  • Is there another location in the country that would better support what one want's to do?
  • What are the chances of becoming a financial success in business or accumulating substantial wealth?
  • What is the innate style and skill in money management?
  • Would talents previously neglected or not approved of by parents or peers actually be the key to future success?

For questions concerning business timing such as when to close a specific deal, start a new business or sign a contract, please go to When Should I Do It?. If you want to know about the probable outcome of a business deal, law suit or change in investment strategy, please go to Just What Is Going On?

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