Mystic Marguerite's
Sun Sign Predictions for 2021

The big engine driving the action during 2021 and on through much of 2022 is a square aspect between dutiful, tradition-bound Saturn in Aquarius and progressive, reactionary Uranus in Taurus; or humanitarian, community-conscious Saturn and dictatorial, fascist Taurus, if you prefer. A square aspect in astrology refers to an actual 90° alignment between two planets, the square in general delineating the stimulation of growth and development through conflict. Aquarius of Air and Taurus of Earth are both fixed signs, as in refusing to budge, not amenable to flexibility, diplomacy or changing one's mind. So when pressure builds to the point of explosion there is, well, so much dust in the wind for awhile. If in hand of your natal horoscope chart, consider examining within which houses these planets are currently transiting, as the affairs in those abodes will most certainly be affected. The angle of aspect will move between 7° to 13° of the signs this year; if this range of degrees also aspects natal planets and points, there most certainly will be major developments with which contend.

To this astrologer the overall activity of this powerful energy in motion is beneficial in the larger picture; both collectively and individually it will illuminate and detonate areas where our shadow hides and prejudicial fears demand protection. It can further delineate a crisis in health for some, the breakdown of career, community or relationship for others; it will provoke war in areas of the world already prone to skirmish. Really, the simple solution is to back off and nail down a new more equitable or life-affirming solution, but it seems most humans balk at actual implementation. The amplified Aquarian frequencies will be tuned into our desires, wishes, fantasies and chanted spells so be careful with what you ask for, as it stands a much greater chance of being granted than usual, and God always throws in a tweak to the outcome.

Other highlights of planetary movement include:

  • Jupiter and Saturn moving in Aquarius, after a conjunction at 0°: Aquarius in December of 2020. This conjunction was a mutation that marked the beginning of a 220 year cycle of conjunctions in Air Signs. Jupiter-Saturn cycles are used as a major socio-economic indicator. In this case the aspect signals a major shift from earth-based exploitation for profit, to air-based which includes anything connected to electronic technologies, and space exploration for the purpose of mining asteroids, for example. It is useful to locate this conjunction in your natal chart and track the subsequent movements of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, as a new cycle with attendant opportunities and responsibilities relative to communal and networking associations will open up there.
  • Pluto moving between 24 to 26° still in Capricorn, still supporting the buildup of billionaire wealth and strong-man regimes
  • Neptune moving between 18 to 23° Pisces; once at 20° Pisces, Neptune enters the last decan of Pisces which is ruled by Scorpio. Positively, the power to distribute disinformation and promulgate lies in general will become less attractive and less viable as an option. Negatively, Neptune in this decan will amplify the effect of fanatics, pathogens and pollutants on the rest of the ecosystem, in addition to promoting escape and enchantment through sex glamours.

Eclipse Degrees Delineated, Modified From Degrees by Sepharial

  • May 26, 2021: Total Lunar eclipse at 05° Sagittarius 25'. A mill wheel driven by the wind. This denotes an ingenious, inventive mind, given to the study and practice of useful arts. But of such a yielding nature that one is liable to attract imposition and injustice from others. The time can be spent in bring new inventions to the service of the world, without great personal advantage. One will be utilized without gaining much credit or respect. A degree of SERVITUDE.
  • June 10, 2021: Annular Solar Eclipse at 19° Gemini 47'. Two men, well clad, are standing together, the one holding a white horse by the bridle. Much aptitude in spiritual things, a tendency to believe much in dreams and visions, and to pursue strange studies. The friendship of notable persons is given, along with a taste for science among other things. But at the same time it may lead the native into dangerous paths. If the influence falls to the hand of oneself it may work to bring one harm. It is a degree of DISPROPORTION.
  • November 19, 2021: Partial Lunar Eclipse at 27° Taurus 14'. A man is seen climbing a pole which is set upon an elevation. One will aspire after vain things and exert himself to no purpose; ambitions are in the clouds and one knows not how to reach them. A degree of VAGARY.
  • December 4, 2021: Total Solar Eclipse at 12° Sagittarius 25'. A large portcullis guarding the entrance to a prison. Doomed to seclusion and separateness in life, either on account of some incurable hurt to the flesh or by reason of a mind that is misanthropic and perverse. Movement will be within narrow limits and the walk in life will be circumscribed by stern necessity. Restraint, captivity or imprisonment is possible and life is full of dangers. A degree of RESTRAINT.

Sun Sign Forecasts

Aries: The Jupiter-Saturn meet up in your 11th house signals both fresh obligations and fortune in the zone of money made by networking, friends and community connections, any of whom can open new doors of opportunity this year. Seriously manifesting energy will pour into the realization of dreams, wishes and fantasies too, if you can stay gracious instead of meandering into overtly pushy or fanatical. Leave that lofty temple of pride and put your boots to the ground, cultivating new one-on-one relations with neighbors, siblings, students, teachers or marketers. Bending an ear to the public land line and providing hands-on services can give you a competitive edge out in the community. Romance may be more of the fantasy type, as in slim, glittering High Sidhe who sing to you at the witching hour; or consider enchantment by chance encounter with quick-silver types out on the road. Consider spending regular time in meditation too, to heal your heart; the Ram’s psychic antennae will be extra sensitive to the wail of the collective, as millions struggle to cope with the rapidly shifting economic and social landscape out there.

Do expect some financial ups and downs, particularly in February, June and December as Saturn and Uranus duke it out between worldly traditions and the reforms of change. Positively, you can be the urban shaman that dances on the edge of new quantum strings of fractal potential, showing others the way forward or helping the dead cross the rainbow bridge. Negatively some Rams can get lost in the fantasy siren call of other worlds or tango in Q-anon-type conspiracy theories; or just settle for fresh trouble at work through disruptive power plays better left behind. The unconscious state of bipolarity consists of being so enthralled by your own brilliance or the juicy propaganda on tap, that the actual status, state of mind and needs of those close to you are basically ignored or worse yet, trashed.

Taurus: Since you’ve already been peeled wide open, sliced and diced by sassy Uranus traveling in your Sun sign, the Bull should be more ready than most for a wild ride as Saturn the karmic taskmaster newly in Aquarius squares rebellious Uranus throughout 2021 and beyond. Be prepared, as any shred of customary privilege you may be clinging to will be subject to a deep-fried process of turkey fricassee. That said, a whole new career venue sporting a fresh array of shiny bells and whistles can open up to line your pockets well, or a whole new panorama of parenting or public service unfold for your wise management skills, provided the Bull listens carefully to those they would serve or heal, and willingly adjust to sudden changes in responsibility. Your fortune will hinge on working cooperatively with a network, group or team, likewise heeding deep downloads from your own creative intuition instead of poo-pooing the data as mere wishful thinking.
Looks like you believe in something passionately so this is the year you can become a living representative of higher visions, or a crafter of fine creative products that lift the hearts and minds of many. Benefit comes especially through females and groups associated with metaphysics or the arts, or from men toiling in hands-on vocational services. Please keep the rocket juice reserved for blazing truly evolved new pathways of corporate or community progress instead of spreading manured disinformation around on vulnerable psyches. Your children and lovers should not be made to endure a disconnect that aggressively cuts both ways with a curt dismissal of opposing opinions. The unconscious state of polarity consists of being so vested in any righteous cause that the sacred space of others or the earth is not respected, as you in turn will not receive the respect, security or kudos you so dearly covet.

Gemini: Looks like partners business or personal will lead you to fresh new horizons either through out -of-state connections, foreign trade or some function connected to speaking, publishing or higher education. Gem may be the student or the teacher, or a little of both for new joint financial or cultural ventures; Some will be taking an ideology or spiritual vision to higher platforms of public performance, others can excel in the healing arts or other work associated with hospitals or the pandemic. Just remember to let others believe they hold the upper whip hand when it comes to the bottom line. be careful about basing your emotional well-being on the money you make, as the temptation to bamboozle others and cut ethical corners for reasons connected to shekels will be stronger than usual.
The demise of someone important to you may play havoc with work and health for awhile, but improvement in financial matters should accrue as a silver lining. The affairs of children and lovers may need special attention due to their health issues or wandering off into strange corners; your own health will be subject to mysterious chronic conditions essentially based on stress and/or generally overdoing it. You may be more overtly emotional than usual this year and direct this energy into getting your way, which may or may not lead to good fortune if succumbing to misinformation to begin with. Otherwise, grab the butterfly by the horns and polish up the charisma, while gracefully accommodating the bigger picture in community, corporate or family affairs. Expect old trauma and strange new content to come jolting up from the unconscious, just when chatting up the princes of this world at tea. Know that the psychic tilt could wax extremely intense in February, June and December, so plan a sultry vacation or two to process away from the matrix, please. The unconscious bipolarity involves roaming between crystal spheres of higher vision and the Monday laundry, but then isn’t surfing around in that condition your secret delight?

Cancer: For being such an alleged home-body, there may not be much time for that this year, or if embedded in a parenting gig, the main action will involve keeping the quislings out of trouble and/or tangling in power and boundary disputes with them. Meanwhile, the main stage action concerns endings and new beginnings in the zone of sex, death, power, control, taxes, inheritance, joint finances and/or the spirit world. If that is not enough, friends, groups, career and community connections could blow up in your face more than once over the course of 2021, leaving no option but to move on and release bonds that no longer serve. The sex life in general may be subject to restrictions, yours or others; expect ups and downs in this department, including the possibility of someone withholding in order to manipulate, or because the Crab really don’t want to be liable for intimacy with anyone now.
When the cook-book Cancer must man the battlements some prefer to leave the premises while others simply make their point with a well-placed kick, but this year such tactics will backfire. Indeed, the evolutionary path leads away from finding freedom through abdication of responsibility, burying oneself in work, pleading ill health or retreating into the customary physics of personal belief. Nay, the road leads towards surrender to a larger cause, and towards messy one-on-one encounters with the depths of the disenfranchised heart whether yours or others. Perhaps one will have to rule as the power behind the throne without due public credit, oh no. Relief and entertainment come through dabbling in the cinematic arts, virtual reality, metaphysical fairs if they are putting any on, or even just retreating to someplace beautiful in order to meld with the new gestalt that is upon us. Just remember to pay taxes and grab any legacy awarded through divorce, death or mergers. Surrender willingly into a new formal partnership if one is offered. The unconscious polarity will visit through letting yourself get lost in the back stacks of the Cairo Museum of Antiquities, versus feeling the bliss by attending the coolest square dance workshop with other humanoid life forms.

Leo: You’ve already been chased around the block a few times since Uranus in Taurus, the wrecking ball of anything outdated, crashed your party a few years ago. So just when the action should chill and the just reward is due, Saturn the karmic taskmaster freshly anchored in Aquarius is gonna make you donate the rest of your doilies to charity and do yet more pushups. Expect new leases to be signed in the partnership and open enemies department; those of you are gainfully employed can go on refining electronic expertise in guiding the ships of business or selling anything radically chic. Those of you who would rather be left alone to play can expect to have to shelve the dabbling in hobby la-la land and get out there to hob-knob with extended family or various community businesses and organizations. Those of you running out of obvious career options can consider being a fortune teller, business consultant or speaker for the dead, as everyone is wondering what the h*** is going on out there.
The average Leo’s favorite topic is themselves, but 2021 demands a deep focus on partnership matters and other people in general. To become really good at what you do, any filters of judgement and projection that clutter up your Leo-land need to be removed, especially conclusions reached in younger years about what you allegedly can or can’t do, will or won’t do. Consider how powerfully suppressed anger or defensiveness can be in reinforcing pride and blocking fresh perspectives from trickling in. Consider how well old trauma or conservative prejudices can hide under a façade of considerate charm and PC dialogue, and how tiresome it gets rolling out the usual I-am-serene-and-in-control spiel, again. Maybe some passionate tantruming is in order to expose that hidden Carmen and the Devil, walking side by side. And how, horror of horrors, you may have to sincerely embrace the expertise and creativity of others in order to power your own vehicle of joy forward into the sunshine of fifth dimensional life. The unconscious bipolar factor is actually finding that higher cause in which to throw yourself, so well the Lion forgets just who they are, to the point of forgetting where they or their pets live.

Virgo: Many Virgos sure can reason and rationalize, haul in supporting data and organize any lose item into its slot; but what a conundrum when needing to appear tight and tidy at the office, while the black swan effect is turning the old school belief systems into a rather sloppily run rave. The main challenge will involve a preference to be telepathic, rather than actually speak up since when you do, the tone may be colored by inordinate passion plus the cranky mood du jour, which doesn’t go over well with all audiences. Maybe best to focus on your health, as the Virgin will need to take better care of it while major endings and new beginnings pop up in your work situation, which may fuel the occasional bout of dyspepsia. If retired, unless at death’s door you will somehow get mired in family, tribe or group turmoil rather than be left in peace knitting at home in peace or sipping Mai Tais’s in Fiji.
If children or lovers are in the picture they also will be rolling to and fro with these tumultuous times, especially in February, June and December; your first urge may be to impose some strict controls or demand that others abide by your view of the world, as said world crumbles. This strategy will not quell any rebellions either, but rather encourage others to sell you a camel for the commute in Chicago while doing what they want to do. The most delicate issue will be that of timing, as in when to spend and when to save; advance or retreat, be aggressive or compromise, open or shut. The unconscious bipolar factor involves getting so involved in career, partnership or public affairs that one forgets what one really stands for and any authentic value system that goes along with it. It all will go better if giving up any penchant for dabbling in radically dark corners; rather go for some Huck Fin humor and high jinks while polling your raft down the not so lazy big river.

Libra: Fair Libra has really had to buck up and suck it up in the past few years, while the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto trio squared the sign of the scales and demanded a steady hand in driving over steep terrain. Now, even though the world is embarking on a merry-go-round of global flux, you are emerging into the light after a grueling underworld journey of sorts. Now full of sexy new wisdom and ready to transform the prior practice skits into a whole new opera, new cycles of endeavor will kick off in the zone of lovers, creativity, children and speculation; the bloom can be restored to haggard cheeks and the imagination open to sparkling new horizons of possibility. Even in this age of Covid, consider travel abroad-even if it must be virtual- to learn new things and try out different cultures that would bring immense enrichment to the PC-numbed brain. Some of you will be able to take your brand or creative products out into the larger world, whether by publishing, teaching, exporting or traveling. You will have to carefully budget for excursions, children’s expenses or creative investments, as finances will run through volatile ups and downs. Awkward strangeness does linger in partnership or family matters; they may blow hot and cold, here and gone; the important task for Lib is to quit tip-toeing around them and do what one wants. The usual terms of engagement may be changing or a relative may need help with hoarding tendencies, for example.
The usual scrutiny of others through parentally conditioned filters of money, power, control or sex is going through some sort of exotic transformation, as that activity has either kept you detached from sampling the rich wine of deep feelings or simply bored with the results. It may also have become tiresome to keep the upper hand by fixing everyone’s problems rather than sharing your own. The unconscious polarity factor may play out as cagily dissembling behind that famous Libraen charisma, alternating with sudden harsh demands for total creative control or an hour on the stage ranting. The classic Libra ability to see both sides of any issue and then flip-flop accordingly will be in peak form but please, keep in mind that parts of the psyche will be oozing out into unexplored territory. Consider handing the croquet mallet to one of your minions in order to do some solid field experiments in new surrounds, before staking territory. Zut alors, if all goes well you will have renovated yourself into a whole new water feature complete with patio.

Scorpio: Natives of the Scorpion will bid farewell to old habits and hang-ups in 2021, blazing strong new foundations not only in the structure of the personal physics but literally in home, family and career affairs. After flirting with a lousy attitude for years one will finally see the point and the power inherent in looking on the bright side and courting opportunities instead of sabotaging oneself out of them. Do expect some push back from partners especially in January, February, June and December; your options include bidding farewell, taking back or pulling forward but hey, ‘twill be better to embrace the new and unusual, than to rear the sting up and deliver a death blow, ok? Those Scorps with children will be very busy tending to them or expecting new additions; there is also a very creative glamour dynamic in play that can be your special magic domain. Just please be nice and don’t stoop to seduce and run tactics or promises you can’t keep, now that you are putting down roots at a stable address.
The wiser sort of Scorpion will also move away from risky speculations and sketchy personal budgeting and towards learning how manage assets at a higher level, as in partnering with the right financial services to further long term investment goals. Do expect some challenges in taking good care of health as in Mediterranean diet and soothing a tendency towards highly overstrung with lots of yoga, meditation or other relaxing activities for which one customarily claims to have no time. Do expect the apple cart to be upset periodically in home and partnership affairs, but use whatever happens to dump whatever or whomever isn’t working and go looking for what or who that will. For Scorpio the unconscious polarity can play out as a deep preoccupation with the most immediate one-on-one relationships, creative projects or home affairs, to the detriment of career, friends, family or the rest of the world. But it’s so nice to see Scorpio cheerfully humming along on a home décor project instead of dishing out the usual scathing critique on those of us not fortunate enough to be you.

Sagittarius: This year the archer kicks off a new cycle of mastery in practical communications, computer technology, marketing or the vocational trades, as these areas impact on making money and managing personal assets. The challenge will be to overcome a strange reluctance to think outside the customary box, a disinclination to give up ingrained data processing habits, or a disinterest in undertaking classes in anything new at all. Any mental rigidity will then be periodically blasted out of complacency by Sag’s own root-psyche impulses to “make something happen”. A worst case scenario involves playing out resistance to growth as major health issues that could remove the freedom for you to participate in meaningful action anyway. Evolutionarily, Sags are supposed come down from the beloved ivory tower or extended vacation, and partner up with somebody intelligent that can help make the garden grow. There will be plenty of action at home too, whether holding seances in the basement, welcoming new additions to the family or literally working from home as part of the new pandemic trend in office management.
Pluto lord of power and powerlessness will still be demanding transformations in how you generate income, and you may feel fractured and clueless about how to interface the creative vision with modern tech platforms, but that’s the point- Get comfortable not knowing the end games or even their purpose, but rather thrusting oneself into new experimental models anyway, just to see what happens. The actual work load will be short term, ebbing and flowing with demand or scheduling. Sag will really need to spend extra time and attention on health anyway, so give in gracefully to regular spa and exercise days too. A lot of focus will need to be trained on partners, close friends and open enemies, as they will have the upper hand in finances, romance and creative control; if they deviate from the usual comfort zone one may want to flounce off, but this will not take the Archer where they need to go or keep body, soul and spirit together. The unconscious polarity will lie in trying to obsessively control and critique what others are doing because you are right, suddenly alternated with flitting away into a fantasy domain or claiming (in the name of gaining an illusory sort of freedom) not to care, about anyone or anything at all.

Capricorn: Since the mega power trio of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto had a menage a trois in the Goat’s sun sign last year, there shouldn’t be any peak left to climb or shirker left to leave behind in Vegas. No really, most Caps seem to be strangely subdued these days, as if they have been to the far side of the moon and are just now squeaking back into the human realm. Correspondingly, the path of growth for the Cap is to exit the ashram, prison, boardroom, whatever wilderness from whence thou roamest and attend to the itchy experience of quality one-on-one relating. For some this might even mean intimacy with themselves, having put all deeper personal needs on hold in sacrifice to another agenda usually connected to money or caretaking. That said, the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn lights up a new cycle exploring new avenues for making money, asset management, personal values and self-esteem. As planet Venus is your new best friend, consider studying the glitz of magnetic attraction, instead of leaning into the usual Capricornian bent of holding others at arms length while you diddle with knobs and buttons to extract some practical use. The thing is, you have been through a veritable crucible of transmutation recently, and need to find ways to try out the new wings and awakened Third Eye.
The urge to work hard, be conservative in spending and prudent in association will be in sharp conflict with the desire to bust out and play in the Elysian fields. Do move any charges for which you have been responsible on their way so the Goat can roam free on the byways, just pay bills on time, be home for dinner and don’t go to bed mad. Extra attention will need to be paid to relations with co-workers as your emotional security will rest on their support. Extra care with health is also featured, as tendency to inflammation tied to repressed emotions is increased this year. Benefit comes especially through metaphysical, spiritual, or artistic avenues; one can greatly nurture the thirsty soul through exploration of these along with increased activity with siblings, neighbors and short trips to cool places. Just make sure not give too much time and attention away, instead allowing others to give to you, even if it means getting sort of…close. The unconscious polarity would involve staying inside of a tight little corral out of fear, therefore failing to let anyone or anything penetrate. Penetration is vital, to round out the big picture of what is really going on both within and without, as the whole worldly landscape will morph like a molting butterfly in the next few years anyway.

Aquarius: Guess the Water Bearer is in for a whole lot of character development in 2021, just when they think they have been there done that. Technically, the year-long Saturn-Uranus square will be demanding more personal definition and discipline from the Water-Bearer while simultaneously disrupting affairs at home base. On the plus side one gets a huge dose of that Uranian urge for experimental innovation, as Uranus rules Aquarius, how could one go wrong? But Saturn the karmic taskmaster also rules Aquarius and he always demands accountability, responsibility, duty, etc. while that unruly Uranus in Taurus, can shatter things like material security into bits, quickly. As they move in square in mid February, June and late December, do expect repeat shut-downs over any destructive personal pattern involving the sidestep and expectations of getting away with the usual schtick.
The new Saturn-Jupiter cycle is kicking off in the Aquari first house of persona and image; this means throwing out old costumes and masks to make way for new ones, because your choice of finances and friends is shifting elsewhere and you do so hate to be left out, even if rampantly ever so precious. Some Aquarians may have been immersed in the corporate or generally groupie orientation, but the focus is now on one immediate one-on-ones, especially with clients, lovers and children. Many Aquari have been rather relationally dysfunctional over the past several years while dark lord Pluto and ruling planet Uranus have not been on the best of terms. Now just when one may want to be more willfully independent and impenetrable than ever, the pressure will be on the Water Bearer to mind manners and cooperate. Not saying one will actually get there this year; the general health status will be in wash and spin, so the first order of intimacy will have to be taking real care of your own body instead of gallivanting off on one more escape from diets and exercise. The unconscious polarity will involve extreme, willful concentration of will and defenses; while blind as to what partners are really up to, the state of your own joint finances, or the actual ethical basis for appropriate business operations.

Pisces: Of all the signs, Pisces excels at not being what they seem, because they know everything is relative and subject to dimensional shifts to begin with. Those fish in good balance can cope with this state of affairs just fine, it’s the far ends of the Piscean spectrum that can be alarming, such as oblivion in cults, drugs or alcohol on one side, steadfast dedication to crass materialism or fundamentalist beliefs on the other. The Saturn-Uranus square will be working on the Piscean psyche big time this year, stoking the fires of fear and alienation on one hand, while urging an impulsive and experimental mind-set on the other. For example romance will be subject to the itch to shop around or just talk about it, while assuring actual partners that you are their rock of Gibraltar until inconvenience occurs. On the higher register, Pisces is supposed to be starting a whole new cycle in spiritual self-realization, relative to the new Age of Dwapara Kali Satya Yuga. If the stalwart Fish is in basic acceptance mode for swimming with the flow of existence, this year will be full of wonderful adventures and opportunities for learning. If deep into a fixed preoccupation with materialistic rational or substance abuse, the ride will not be so fun, only a grueling interface with instability and shifting alliances.
Many Pisceans will be on the move, whether just for short trips or service routes in the neighborhood, while others will move somewhere else altogether, perhaps more than once. The fair Fish might be more comfortable at the office or attending high profile soirees, but the nuts and bolts of responsibility will be at home. Expect big changes especially relative to children, friends or lovers as in having them, caring for them, being passionately involved with them or throwing them out when necessary. If not having already made the change, many will be working from home or running a home-based production line. With assertiveness comes many opportunities to make money, but timing is the issue- when to go and when to stay, when to initiate and when to wait. Part of the challenge is that Pisceans will be able to pick up on the thoughts and emotions of others at will; these intercepts may be addressed directly and freak others out. Alternatively, one may ingest poison from disturbed minds, which is not recommended in this year of winnowing the wheat of truth from the chaff of lying. The ability to move psychic energy through like a river instead of digesting it wholesale will become vital for health and well-being; however brushing off heavy info as trivial won’t fly either.