Mystic Marguerite's

Sun Sign Predictions for 2019

The overall rhythm of 2019 is governed by Jupiter in Sagittarius, plus Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn traveling at about -22°southern declination in parallel with each other for much of the year, which is equivalent to being in conjunction. This noted because Saturn and Pluto are moving into conjunction by longitude exact on January 16 of 2020 but within orb of great influence to each other from roughly October of this year onwards anyway. These three planets in strong cyclic relationship have much to do with endings and interesting new beginnings in the realm of religion, politics, government and positions of power the world over. Taken in sequence, a Saturn-Pluto cycle (the time from when Saturn meets up with Pluto by longitude, travels on around the Sun and meets up with Pluto again) lasts about 33 years; the coming meeting in authority and status conscious Capricorn can translate into the breakdown of governments and companies, followed by a restructuring in to some other form of function. Capricorn is a cardinal sign, so the breakage happens quickly and completely, there are no half-way measures or other forms of fudging in play. My best guess is there will be a further consolidation of power by the oligarchs (read strong men) of this world, namely individuals with so much wealth and by extension power, that the governments with which they are most affiliated cannot tell them what to do. The problem is, this earth is of finite size and resource, so whomever ends up with the most chips will also be saddled with the commanding responsibility of saving the planet from human devastation, or not.

The Capricorn Saturn-Pluto vibe will also visit its disturbing influence on the collective, none of us will be spared. Superficially, the earth signs of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo should all be able to make considerable hay in enterprises with a practical bent, but the option of being utterly blown out of the water by stupid moves in speculation, trusting what one is told or waxing overly dominant in the wrong arena is equally possible. The Sun signs of Aries, Cancer and Libra will be challenged by opponents and obstacles indeed, or can present as a juggernaut of oppressive aggression and/or bad temper to others. The remaining Sun Signs will be affected too, but hopefully in a more modulated fashion; do expect some sort of major shift in your natal house affairs where the two planets are transiting in the closing months of this year and on into the spring of 2020. Life in 2019 can certainly be stimulating, abundant and liberating, with the right attitude. Or lead to an existential meltdown as the powerful song of Neptune in mid-Pisces can lead us down the path to LaLa Land, especially when the relentless materialistic pounding of Capricornian, dogged determination to stay in control and in the country club no matter what, just doesn't give it a rest. Even if determined to stay detached and non-consumerist, most of us will have to pony up or bow down for something.

There will be three sets of eclipses to make a tidal mark on worldly affairs during 2019 and early 2020. The first set is a Solar eclipse at 15° Capricorn 25' on January 5, 2019 followed by a total Lunar eclipse at 0° Leo 51'on January 20, 2019. The solar eclipse series signature is Saros 2 South, which has to do with group involvement; if not liking the current affiliations, this would be a good time to look for new ones that would provide more fulfillment or inspire new horizons. At the time of posting the first set is just over; feedback buzz mentioned a need to rest, hide and heal; a tendency to feel as though everything is meaningless, also a general blockage and delay in getting basic tasks done. The second set is a Solar eclipse at 10° Cancer 37' on July 2, 2019, followed by a Lunar eclipse at 24° Capricorn 04' on July 16, 2019. The solar eclipse series signature is Saros 3 North, which has to do with a tendency to over-react or become compulsive, in response to some sensational news or an event. So heads up on impulsive choices made in the heat of the moment, or compulsions that would make the police pay attention to you. The third set is a Solar eclipse at 04° Capricorn 06' on December 25, 2019 followed by a Lunar eclipse at 20° Cancer 00" on January 10, 2020. The solar eclipse series signature is Saros 3 South, which puts the focus on the sudden ending of close relationships which could be traumatic in nature. Note that all three sets of eclipses fall in or right next to the Cancer-Capricorn axis, accentuating the already turgid atmosphere stirred up by Saturn and Pluto in that sign. The South Node of the past and spiritual development will be conjunct to Pluto from March through much of May, then it will conjunct Saturn from May through much of July. South Node movement here means we will be met with effects of causes from our past, especially regarding fears, hang-ups, prejudices and issues with power, control and authority, so enjoy.

Aries: This year the focus is on making money in ways that support higher mind and personal values, while being practical enough to attract a tangible stream of revenue. The cosmos will be frontloading the arenas of career and public reputation, plus sparking connections to the power and joint resources of others that will support the pursuit of your Camelot. Avoid getting knee-jerk reactive when work demands throttle the customary wind in the hair or a sudden mad desire to say, move to Isaba and open an incense shop, especially in March and early April. Tapping into past lives as a controlling, greedy tyrant when progress isn't made fast enough over summer, therefore making the life of compadres too much of a relative hell to stay on your page won't yield dividends either. Guaranteed, the larger story line will do best by keeping the empathy sensors bubbling. Remember to nurture and encourage yourself and others, rather than do the whip and kick.

Taking good care of the support system at home will lead to much better results at work; cultivating new and community-minded female cohorts will also be of benefit, so try to de-fang the usual competitive urges. Fortune lies in being methodical and organized at work; remember that concise information must be conveyed verbally or written down, instead of hoping others will read your mind. The quality of health and work conditions will directly connect to your emotional state; tune into what is actually real, instead of some lavender vision of the laundered life. Consider taking a fun trip or two during summer, far enough away to satisfy the heart. The real heavy action will kick in late October and intensify as the year draws to a close; a heavy burden of power and authority could lead to a misstep and fall from grace, due to arrogance or overstepping. Perhaps the parental role or your own mother's well-being will be subject to increased duties for you. Stay in inner harmony with humility and be prepared to bend and sway with the rollercoaster, instead of simply sending it up in flames.

Taurus: Since Uranus the spirit of fertile, creative chaos is now solidly in the sign of the bull with foot firmly on the gas, the bull is going to be a feature at the big rodeos, albeit not likely staying at any one corral for long unless completely decrepit. Engagement in teaching, philosophy, publishing or foreign travel, along with a penchant for spiritual development is going to make the bull a juggernaut for whatever ambitious plans cook on the burner. Goals will be fortified by the funds of supportive others-if you don't rock the boat with boorish behavior-and career projects get buoyed along by opportunists looking for your kind of expertise. No more clinging to outmoded fear, self-imposed limitations or old family conditioning patterns that seem so safely predictable, or those will trip you up. Some of the heavy dancing could involve parental business and/or potential inheritance issues, which will demand resolution. Or going to funerals of friends, foes and lovers that haven't kept up with the relentless vibrational tweaking going on out there.

Some of you fair bovines could get tied up with a gaggle of interested associates in doing something truly oceanic- magical, musical, artistic, vice, healing or religion oriented. Being swept into rosy undertows and promising fantasies will come easy, so do please leave a trail of bread crumbs to follow home when wandering too far into the enchanted forest. Take care and go slow especially in March and early April, as sudden impulses will tend to encourage bringing Rome down in a day, rather than negotiate with the patricians for a gentler takeover. Take the summer time to do a review of joint resources and agreements, perhaps re-organize the business or alter the deployment of investment funds. Whatever is put in motion during the first eight months will take off in October, with a rather shattering culmination at year's end. Do expect to start a new chapter with different players in career and social association next year; let's just hope the confab happens at the Hilton golf resort out of Tucson instead of the Motel 6 in Calcutta.

Gemini: Those born under the sign of the twins will have the big guns of transformation, authority and duty meeting up with past sticky habits allied with sex, death, power and control during 2019. The basic premise is to liquidate any agreements that have outlived their time, in favor of a more personally nurturing arrangement. The close collision of cosmic heavies in the closing days of the year and on into the next will completely change the nature of your closest ties anyhow, so better to try rolling in front of the 8-Ball this year instead of behind it the next. Career matters will swim in fairly strange and numinous waters, especially in March and early April. What the boss is up to exactly may not always be clear and you will not always be tuned in enough to this world to care, consistently. There can be fogginess concerning choices about parenthood versus what to do with partners or children who seize the rudder of direction from you anyhow.

On the plus side trusted business partners and close friends can be a perfect font of good fortune; on the wild side there will be dustups at home base or down in those dark alleyways on the edge of town. Romance with a Bohemian flair will be on tap for some; also more than a few funerals on the docket if focusing on a more conservative sort of entertainment instead. No more hanging out in mediocre mid-level bardos of numb rationalization, or you will get physically sick. The crux involves a fervent Air sign desire to stay mental, rather than embrace those dark, chthonic emotional currents oozing goo into the middle of your gated, well-manicured urbane brain. That stuff is gonna get you out fighting at street level by this fall, so you might as well participate graciously. Running with friends, spirits and lovers who honor the road of higher inspiration and advanced cultural panache definitely do hold the key to new doorways of passionate living. The last months of the year will crystalize a crisis in joint financial affairs and tricky dicks like death, debt and taxes, so clean your clock well and try to have your own surplus funds in hand, when the big poker game kicks in.

Cancer: During 2019 many crabs will be ready and willing to don the feathered bonnet of the high shaman; ditch the usual cup of tea and nap with a Teddy-bear to hang out at Machu Picchu, (or the equivalent should you be stuck in Iowa). Be ready to sample the brew of expanded consciousness, leap into lavender-perfumed canyons of artistry that can blow billows of cottony fluff between you and the harshness of regular life on earth. Why, fortune may even be had by working in some sort of venue attached to the temple, the law or animal breeding; perhaps even teaching urban muggles the call of the wild. Like a fire-fly you can flit about, sampling new kinds of groups and associates that surf the edge of the born-again Aquarian consciousness dedicated to the Eon yet to be birthed. But then at home and at work there will be very, very heavy lifting involved with partners, open enemies, maybe kids, maybe friends; maybe parts of yourself that are uncomfortable with ruthless power politics will be projected and bite you with dirty tactics, just at the most sublime moments of partaking in the soma of the gods.

A rather clueless March and early April will be followed by a slow and steady wind-up of power-politics with others for the rest of the year. The key theme is freedom of movement and maybe looking at plans for a tiny house on wheels. Consider a reversion back to the ancient Cancerian occupation of traveling here and there, collecting new ideas and lending a healing touch to this tired and crazy world, especially over summer. Financial benefit can come through pacts with progressive female associates, while new community connections can be made through hobnobbing with luxe-minded guys. Do check in regularly with your crystal ball, to get clear about who is really worthy to polish the throne of your Merkabah. Old bulwarks of stability are slated to shatter into a whole new terrain in the closing days of the year and on into the next, with or without those you relied on to always be there for you. A real shaman walks the bridge between heaven and earth, bringing back and uniting those missing pieces of soul that make the heart whole-and freely available to others, regardless of where home is or who is in it.

Leo: Somehow you guys have had to bear a Lion's share of jolts and readjustments in general status over the last few years. Back in the day you could prowl with regal pride down the avenues of luxe life, looming large in corridors of power. But now, even if you are still a millionaire, the usual ground of command is not so plush and the rules of play keep shifting. This phenom can be chalked up to the powerhouses of transformational Pluto and burden-of-responsibility Saturn, hanging just out of direct line of sight, messing around with your work and health situations. This year fortune really depends on doing work on any resistance to taking on whatever family, important social connections and basic survival imperatives demand. Disruptive Uranus now in Taurus will be squaring the Leo zone for the next nearly eight years, which will require a radical retool of what you are doing for career, or its going to mess with parental affairs and demand new adaptions there. Children and lovers may be a joy, however they may be out romping a lot, therefore prone to vanish, crash and burn just when dependability would help.

To complicate the picture even more, joint financial affairs and intimacy will be subject to bouts of fantasy thinking and paranoia, interfering handily with any process of nailing down commitments or really taking work demands seriously. Female relatives and close friends will jangle the status quo and be prone to whims and unexpected maneuvers; invoking chauvinistic privilege or doing the diva act to secure a pact will only backfire. If pressured too much by the Leonine inner mush versus outer bootcamp at hand, the tendency will be to rebel and stir up discord, play or gamble recklessly instead of cleaning up loose ends. But powerful earth energy voodoo will be moving with you, should you make the effort to invoke it. Assertively cultivating those who abide in citadels of wealth, looking for practical and service-oriented ways to make money, changing the attitude about what you can or cannot do and most of all, making a religion out of diet and health will go a long way. Do expect the closing months of the year to bring enormous pressure to bear on any lazy, outmoded ways of conducting your affairs; use the summer months to wisely to get affairs in order or risk getting poached by circumstance as fall progresses. The closing days of the year will bring a crisis in survival that will be easy to handle, if you have laid the groundwork of usefulness in service to others, passionately enough.

Virgo: Pick your battles carefully during 2019, as opportunities for expansion at home and in career will certainly crop up, but do expect to maneuver the terrain without the predictable support of those closest to you. Children or lovers may bring sorrow or prove to be difficult burdens of responsibility-if the children are younger the year may largely be devoted to their care, maintenance and problems. If a creative project is your baby, expect to take it through significant re-engineering, in order to earn approval in the marketplace. Significant adult others may desert, disappoint or mislead you especially during Spring, so don't rely on them; have mercy as they know not what they do, but keep your pocketbook in a safe place. It will be easy all year to be a little too introvert or trust a little too much in the words of those who are not actually well-grounded or properly informed. The way forward involves networking with new groups, networks and community connections that are genuinely supportive of your efforts. Fortune is found through progressive values in the workplace, however these may clash awkwardly with conservative philosophies held elsewhere in your social structure. You may feel obliged to behave in bipolar fashion just to avoid time-wasting emotional entanglement with convictions.
Fortunately Uranus the spirit of disruptive change has moved into fellow earth sign Taurus for a seven and a half year stay, so you will be much less inclined to take guff or sacrifice yourself to hopeless causes and more inclined to find canny new ways to make money or travel on a shoestring. Prospects look good for moving to a new residence or remodeling, however it might be wise to wait till next year to actually purchase real estate or get married. Otherwise the home base can provide an excellent refuge for happy family interactions or running a business. Attendance at institutions of higher learning or culture can cultivate new depths of spiritual fulfillment; do really put in the mileage locating new work opportunities through high tech, connections abroad or progressive instruction; polish up any lucrative projects that have in the works and get them submitted. If kids need extra help, instruction or medical attention get it done. This said because the closing days of the year will bring immense changes in children's affairs, romance, work and creative spheres anyway. In the mean time encourage others to take responsibility for their own soap operas, while you cannily mind your own business and take care of your own affairs; stay open to playing with a whole new set of alien visions and visitations next year.

Libra: This year your natural focus will be on freedom, fun and if in the market, suitable sexy partners for a lot of afternoon delight. Thank goodness the priorities are so healthy, as otherwise challenges abound in home, family, parents and joint financial affairs. Endings and transformations are slated for home base, as patterns and places that have prevailed for a long time must come to an end, if you want to live longer and prosper. Crucial business concerning the parents or being a parent will take up time and energy; it can be new additions to the family or a change of residence, marriages, divorces or death or two but a major reshuffling will occur. The same scenario can play out on the career front, leading to being clueless by the end of the year as to what to do next, but that's okay. Partners, close friends and enemies will do heavy-handed and surprising things with joint financial arrangements, so pay attention as just when others should be held accountable, you may be told to kiss off and take a powder.

As Uranus is going to be rolling through the Libran territory of sex, death, control, power and joint financial agreements, do expect the next seven years to have its ups and downs in these areas. The key is to surf the terrain and take a few risks instead of digging in and imposing draconian rules of engagement, as you will lose. The key challenge this year actually involves your health, both mental and physical. Expect cyclic bouts of nagging chronic illness and a complete lack of interest in thinking rationally or engaging deeply with others. At the root is a resistance to graciously integrating with the process of growing up or older; there would seem to be certain institutions and people you rely on as a conservative doorstop to block the winds of change, but they will no longer suffice. As the year comes to a close, some of your closest beloveds may choose to exit the physical plane as well, but please don't see ending life as a solution for your own angst. You will be starting over in significant ways during 2020, and the more you can release the physics that defined your space and time before, the further you can go in the embrace of galactic bliss.

Scorpio: First up this year is startling changes involving close partners and the home front; your well being rests in cooperating with them but pissing contests may prevail over venue and agenda. Add to that issues with children, pets or lovers should they be around, which can involve chronic illness, drug abuse, running away to an ashram, taking over primary custody or problems with clear communication. Which brings us to the Scorp's waterloo, which precisely involves how communicational efforts are conducted and to what end. When and if bothering to hear what is being said, the Scorp may simply do a tango on the nearest victim at hand but why stoop to this now, after having tediously crawled out from under a loathsome rock or two in the past couple years? Cosmically, travel abroad, cultural enrichment or higher education is mandated for a virtuous destiny, but the urge to escape into various easy avenues of virtual sex and reality will be overwhelming; you really are being tested this year on the ability to take the high road instead of kiss it all off for another day, or year.

Let's focus on the positive for awhile, which involves genuine opportunities to make good money, especially from taking adventurous risks or traveling to work that oops, may freak out your partners. Let's try again; joint finances will benefit from honoring formal contracts with others but hey, there may be misunderstandings as to strategy and a tendency to tangle in the wrong kind of speculation. Or getting involved with one partner too many. Sigh, looks like doing the shamanic thing and working on unity in body, mind, soul and spirit is necessary to properly regulate that furnace of energy on which all Scorps depend; so you won't stoop to flinging self-esteem and proper hygiene into a pit, will you? Yes, you do have a formidable array of challenges to meet over the course of 2019 so please keep your nose safely in a book. When the end of the year arrives, you want to be ready to ride out and meet the big changes that will be going down in lifestyle and relations during the next year, with a steady hand on the verbal throttle and having actually read some instructions before hitting the ignition switch.

Sagittarius: As Jupiter travels in the sign of the archer for most of 2019, the natural inclination is to do juicy things for yourself and why not, after several years of coping with tedious health and self-identity issues. But sugar and other forms of indulgence must be kept in check, or the fancier plans may be derailed by the spread of the derriere, et. al. The biggest challenge involves much of who and what you thought you were turning into mush and crumbling away. The process has been creeping up for some time but now it will accelerate, so make sure you are always in a safe place come nightfall. Making money, nurturing genuine self-esteem instead of just boasting and honing a new set of inspirational values is the real soup du jour, but the traffic at home base needs to be regulated. Do forgo being an enabler for any family member with growing pains or a noxious habit but consider running some sort of savvy business out of the home. Or you may just wander off to a desert island to re-stack the shells of your sanity over summer, but it's all good, man.

Benefit comes through caring for health while taking ups and downs at work in stride. Some Archers will have to deal with inflammation issues or nervous disorders, which may stoke a general attitude of kick now and take names later, but hopefully the higher consciousness-which every Sag I know claims they have-will direct them to the proper healing regime instead. Fun can be had through taking classes or going on short excursions with female friends, siblings or neighbors; physical activity can do much to offset the gapping cavern of new fertile potential that is inwardly percolating. Career endeavors will progress based on right alliances with like-minded colleagues but expect the real rewards for vigorous new efforts to materialize next year. Do expect some financial and career plans to transform radically or exit altogether in the closing days of the year. You are slated for success, but only after dumping old, outdated product lines in favor of a new, streamlined and far sexier line of endeavor.

Capricorn: : The doughty goat will be living in a daily duality of extremes, being more present, powerful and potent than ever on the earthly plane, while feeling ever so whipped cream within. Whether taking the kids to school, doing a hostile corporate takeover or piloting the latest best seller, the inner focus will wander to where the solidity of Saturnine responsibility in Capricorn gives way to the boundless, fertile chaos that is Uranus unleashed in Taurus. Benefit comes through the support of a nurturing relationship, but the one you rely on may not be firing on all pistons either. Home base will be subject to disruption and discord; it may be hard to tell when the table should be set for dinner hour versus stepping back and letting casual dining prevail. Crafting creative strategies to benefit the pocketbook and shine the reputation will arise, but the basic nuts and bolts of workplace politics often will be out on maneuvers in the Bermuda triangle, especially during March and early April. Some of you will be preoccupied with an invalid at home or hewing to your own draconian standard of diet and exercise, but please don't let that stuff take over your need for simple fun.

If children or lovers are part of the package they will be impressively on point, holding down the summer job or taking accelerated classes, but also likely surfing the Uranian current, therefore not always upholding those traditional Capricorn values of status climbing and prudent self-management. Yourself could be buffeted by disturbing impulses to travel outside the usual box looking for thrills and interesting associates with a dark edge because you can, but don't be a hypocrite about it by demanding purity out of everyone else. The key to maneuvering well this year lies in heeding those adventurous urges bubbling up, instead of making everyone around you miserable by compulsively beating a rigid work ethic to death or going bipolar with control issues. This year is actually the end of a long cycle of self-definition and social placement that will rapidly crumble away in the last days of the year and dribble on into a tentative new form during 2020. So you might be best served to ease up on the whip hand and enjoy the ride, as you will be radically switching trains and tracks anyway next year.

Aquarius: Uranus the ruling planet of Aquarius has been bumping around at the root level of the Aquarian psyche for the last year, slowly eroding away the underpinnings of basic convictions and definition of family that the Water-Bearer, as a fixed sign, normally requires to keep order in their universe. Many of them will be literally be on the move, darting here and there for work or just motivated to move the contents of the garage elsewhere, perhaps more than once. Even if staying put, the fervent chaos of family members will disrupt the customary serenity of the usual haven, guaranteed. To complicate matters further, of all sun signs the Aquari will be buffeted the most by dark and violent energy arising out of the collective unconscious in these times. If striving to stay in denial, those currents can play out as fear that can keep one trapped at home, erratically acting out or even exposed to ruthless brutality, done to you or you doing it to others. If starting to wake up into higher consciousness, certain values that hardwired you before are eroding away, which can make everything you do relative to some pretty nebulous astral mischief.

These circumstances will very much encourage Aquarius to play fast and loose with the truth, especially in March and early April- but such tactics will backfire. The support and trust of others in positions of power will be vital to getting you invited to the new game that is developing, most especially in the career and public reputation sectors. An anchor can be found by doing something that many Aquari diligently seek to avoid, namely to forgo acting as if you don't care and/or declining to either stab someone or vanish when relations with others heat up. Benefit also comes especially through networking with some new groups and community connections, especially those with a spiritual basis that would encourage empathetic unfoldment of a joyous spirit instead of repressive rule following. Indeed, aligning with new and better associates, and heeding the upper register of your dreams and desires holds the key to redemption of old karmic business, which will occur with or without your approval in the closing months of the year and on into the next.

Pisces: If we want to find you this year, follow the money because you could be making plenty of it through positive career developments; or follow the trail of nappies, as producing additional family members or nurturing them may be especially high on the list of things to do. Or we could peruse the powerful networks of friends and groups that feed the font of abundance and polish your sense of status. But actually seeing you and getting a straight answer as to who and what you are ABOUT will have to wait, because like the Cheshire cat you will be perched in a tree and smiling one minute, fading away to beige the next. Even more confusing, you will certainly speak up loudly, often and with fervent conviction; if topics are confined to travel, learning or teaching all will be well. If needing to pin you down to deep convictions, I would wait. Especially in late spring, Uranus in Taurus will mightily flamm up the jim-jam in your mind and mouth until you get used to it, while Mercury rolling with Neptune will gum up the instincts. So try to keep a low profile until April; most of the summer can then be spent redecorating the office and polishing your plaques, waiting for the merger or acquisition to firm up and gel.

Fortune can seem to bless the Fish through progressive and high-tech partnerships, but what seemed a solid prospect today may not pan out tomorrow; so it's best to rely on your gut and keep some of your own resources squirreled away for bigger developments come autumn. People won't mean to disappoint you, but their health issues, debt, jail time or other obligations will tend to delay and hinder the progress of joint projects. Group, network and community obligations may be especially pressing this year, to the point of losing your own center of being and personal direction of focus. Siblings, cousins and neighbors could also be source of stress but more likely a godsend, diverting you away from joining some cult in New Caledonia and rather directing you into interesting short trips in the neighborhood or some savvy service work. In the closing days of the year and on into the next you will need to release many of your current alliances anyhow, so that some of the more workable dreams in your repertoire can be transformed into the real thing next year.


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