Mystic Marguerite's

Sun Sign Predictions for 2018

Aries: The Ram is arrayed with heavy-duty planetary power this year, especially as pertains to career and public reputation. Charisma and inspiring speeches will loom large and partners will support your rise in the world. Hopefully the goal is to be more materially or communally productive, rather than sponsoring terrorist events. For some, challenges will involve the affairs of aging parents or complications around parenting and abuse. Expect to be particularly surprised by certain developments or energized to complete a conquest in April and May, however actions carried to extremes may completely disrupt the usual schedule, or even lead off the road into injury- so do try to keep the throttle down, please.
Expansion comes through being the boss, doing lots of hard work for a canny boss or jumping on the bandwagon of prudent investment schemes. The tide of your own funds will ebb and flow, but financial gain is favored overall, with some Aries scheduled for a windfall from inheritance. Ruling planet Mars in retrograde motion from late June to the end of August signals a perfect time to rest and re-group, research a change up in group support or networks. The eclipse energy puts the focus on love, friends, creativity and children in late winter and summer, with the July solar eclipse marking a major ending in some aspect of family relations. Venus retrograde from early October to mid-November will redesign joint financial arrangements and tend to chill relations with women. The path of soul growth this year is directed towards materializing some long-held dreams and wishes, along with cultivating quality time with lovers and children, even though the world is calling on you to run the show.

Taurus: The big wakeup for Taurus will be the joltin' java splash of Uranus passing into the sign of the bull in mid-May. Just when feeling righteous about your philosophy on life, living large and basking in more conservative lines of thought and institutional loyalty, the maverick energy of cosmic mind-blow will change the whole Monopoly game of career and rearrange the terms of Get Out of Jail Free. The shards of old conditioned patterns will flack off in cyclic fashion as the year progresses and you might as well let it be. Some Bulls will continue to promote their power through the stranglehold of control, but this track will ruin health and bring the palace down anyway, if pursued for long.

It's a great year to teach, write and publish or broadcast if in the mood, and the public will be in tune with your offerings. Otherwise, fortune is found through craftsmanship, communication and travel in general, besides teaming up with savy partners with inside connections to high places. Some of what you say may be most usefully applied behind the scenes, or appreciated by those held in bondage or at a spiritual retreat, but it's not kosher karma to incite unrest for a dubious higher cause. The eclipses will light up family and career affairs with the solar eclipse of mid-July signaling relational endings, especially with neighbors, siblings or service jobs. Mars retrograde from late June to late August will put a pause in career progress which is best used for rest, research and recalibration. Ruling planet Venus retrograde between early October and mid-November will ask for a retread of diet and health routines. Be set to sparkle at year's end after a little too much slogging along as a role model for something high profile, while losing the usual grip on the customary reality.

Gemini: As the year starts Gems should be feeling way better literally, with Saturn the karmic taskmaster no longer opposing their sun sign. However very intense developments will build in the arena of sex, death, power, control and joint finances, that are due to explode in intensity during April and May. Now through the next couple years is not a prime time to cultivate debt but can be awesome for investments placed prudently. Otherwise, the potential for a marriage ending, taking a financial bath, buying or selling a lucrative partnership or paying a lot of taxes is quite high this spring. Someone close to you may take the ride in Charon's boat; those tangling in occult affairs or subject to sexual abuse really should relocate by the end of March. If disciplined, the same somewhat harsh energy can be used to do corporate raiding or defend from a hostile takeover, so get moving.

Expansion comes through loading up on work, but dealing with heavy guns at the top could get tedious, due to cloudy contracts or playing poker with the value of work performed. Pulling a fast one or cutting corners may tempt, but such maneuvers will be turned against you in spades. Uranus going into Taurus in May will blow open the doors on old trauma and self-indulgent-habits, fostering much new personal growth over the next seven years. The eclipses of late winter and summer indicate changes connected to siblings, neighbors, travel and talk, with the July solar eclipse marking a big sea change in the status of your own assets. Mars retro from late June to late August will feature a restructuring in joint affairs; Venus retrograde from early October to mid-November can put a damper on health and delay wages, but is good for sneaking off to a golf game or three. A few too many funerals will come around as the year wears on, but Jupiter sliding into the arena of partnerships in November should bring in new prospects to lighten the load.

Cancer: The sign of the crab will be a touch too much fondue this year; the drive to be king of the mountain or become the perfect parent will rage like a tempest. Dedication to a higher calling or following an urge to merge with the evil empire will be surpassed only by a temper that can boil like a teapot, then nail opponents or under-performing slaves with the sharp edge of a claw. Much can be excused by the certainty of securing territory or shoring up alliances with a stalwart group of cohorts, but there may be a whiff of brimstone around pacts made or contracts signed

The path of growth and fortune does wend through the jungle of becoming a leader or at least speaking up firmly for yourself, especially when making money or managing assets. Heads up in April and May as Mars makes a series of hard contacts to even harder customers; it's the perfect time to be a tyrant, but enemies or disgruntled partners may take you down instead. Expect to start looking for a whole new network of friends and groups by midsummer, focusing less on action and more on status and sensual comforts. The eclipses focus mostly on your money versus joint financial arrangements, however the powerful July eclipse heralds a major transformation of self and an ending of the usual family relations. Mars retrograde from late June to late August will bring major revisions in business partnership matters; Venus retrograde from early October to mid-November will slow down the love life or complicate matters with children. Work or literally working out will likely be the greatest pleasure, even if taken to the extreme of accident or burnout

Leo: Astrology is full of a lot of whanging on about the sterling individuality of the average Leo, but this year the problem is reclaiming a proper sense of self after a little too much dabbling in the pool of communal bliss. You are still very interested in buzzing down unknown roads and acquiring new knowledge through pursuits of higher mind, but a crisis in health and/or work concerns will come to fill your stage of performance in April and May. The venue will be further complicated by Uranus moving into Taurus in May, rattling the cage of career and sending further tremors through any health or family concerns that linger.

Expansion and pleasure is to be found at home, which may be subject to re-modeling or moving into another abode, hopefully either before March or after July, while fortune will abide first in cleaning up health routines and/or losing weight and secondly in good organization and attending to detail in communicational affairs. The eclipse action centers on relational boundaries with partners, with an ending to immature attitudes about how stress is handled made necessary around mid-July. Mars retrograde from late June through late August will have you once again scrutinizing how to set healthy boundaries with partners or deal with a re-visit of health problems; Venus retrograde from early October through mid-November will necessitate a retooling of career goals or trigger a change in authority at the head office. Hopefully you will have cared enough about your own well-being, home decor and sense of purpose to be primed for celebration in high style at year's end.

Virgo: After being tied to the wheel of Saturn in square to your sun sign, the ruler of duty, responsibility, fear and hang-ups moving on into fellow earth sign Capricorn last December should feel like a cake walk. It's finally not a drag to go home, new foundations in career or family building have been laid and any nagging sense of nihilism should be ebbing away. However an earthquake of another kind comes due in May when Uranus, ruler of progress through disruptive change moves into Taurus, your other fellow earth sign. On the plus side, the realm of higher mind, meddling in-laws and world travel opens out onto fabulous new vistas of exploration. Which you will need for diversion because matters connected to children, lovers, creative projects or speculative activities will get really challenging, especially in April and May. Aggressive Mars makes a series of hard aspects to Saturn, Pluto and Uranus, which makes for a potential funeral pyre of infighting or abuse which may break hearts.

In the bigger picture Virgo is supposed to be moving away from micro-managing their loved ones or co-workers and moving towards leading an endeavor that benefits a greater good, but during spring keeping watch over family members that may act out, or leaving an abusive situation if in one may take priority. Fortune is found in traveling, teaching and supporting others in their creative endeavors. Money is made especially through the arts, financial industry or any transaction involving negotiation or counseling. The eclipse action in late winter and late summer further highlights the need to move away from busy work and towards further self-definition, especially as pertains to creative projects. The powerful solar eclipse in July signals endings in customary friendships, so that new ones higher on the ladder of enlightenment can be developed. Mars retrograde from late June to late August is a good time to rework joint finances or take a class; Venus retro from early October to mid-November can delay payments for work and retool the values that motivate you. Regardless of any humbleness in work status, excellence in aesthetics or higher learning can still be a refuge that will open doors later. The main stumbling block can be obsessive association with those who do not want to see you fly, or the compulsive reach to control those who must depend upon you.

Libra: This year should be devoted to healing chronic grievances, be they emotional or physical, along with the enjoyment of stimulating new partnerships that explore whatever exotica beckons the brain. But by spring a rhinoceros lurks in the living room, one that has a willful, bossy temper and a determined disinclination to budge from what it wants done. Someone must keep their head, as turmoil and tyranny could descend upon family matters especially during April and May. Some of the racket will be due to Uranus, agent of change through disruption moving into earth sign Taurus also in May. This passage marks the beginning of seven years of ups and downs in joint financial affairs and intimacy for Libra, periodically jolting the stable solidity that earth energy craves and opening the vaults of ancestral skeletons for psychological and sexual review.

Positively, the harsh ides of spring can turn into a determined new foray on the career path or starting up a new business based out of the home. It isn't a well-favored time for starting new babies, however, as angry discord, disruption, illness or heavy remodeling can marr the serenity of home base. The eclipses of late winter and summer put emphasis on building a higher profile in community affairs and improving the ability to receive love from others; the powerful solar event in July signals the end of key relationships, be it parents, family or a career commitment. Some Librans may have to endure the death or departure of someone close and the subsequent months of tidying up and settling the estate; others may have experienced enough injury through accident or neglect of themselves that a slow recovery is required through the summer. Mars retrograde from late June through late August will chill any hot romance and require a reboot of partnership affairs; ruling planet Venus retrograde from early October to mid-November will afford another excellent time to retreat, as delays in financial maneuvers will occur anyway. The sturm und drung should lighten somewhat by mid November, when Jupiter moves into Sagittarius; maybe schedule a long trip to paradise and complete the job of healing that was begun at the beginning.

Scorpio: The doughty Scorp is sure in for a treat this year, as the laser-sharp focus of those primal instincts should be trained unflinchingly on learning new vocational and communicative skills in the work place. You could just be more of a bully than ever, but that will land you in deep trouble, especially in April and May when malefic currents are running high. Trouble could also visit via siblings neighbors and loose lips, so be prepared for surprises. With expansive Jupiter in your pocket until November you really can be unstoppable; just keep the ship of affairs pointed towards consummating a particularly lucrative partnership over the summer, honing the standard of excellence in craftsmanship and taking adequate care of health and exercise. A fantastic creative project or mystical research endeavor can also entertain and serve you well, if various vices are not made the central feature.

Uranus moving into Taurus in May will bounce around on the partnership angle for a year or so; those close to you will need the freedom to develop their own muse; do learn to hold on loose, or you may lose them. Fortune comes through the communal cultivation of experts adept at organization, discipline and fine detail, as hopefully some of that will rub off on you and keep the mind out of the gutter. The eclipse action of late winter and late summer brings changes in family and career matters, with the powerful solar eclipse in July signaling the end of certain quandaries tied to family or parenting affairs. Ruling planet Mars retrograde from late June to late August will require a re-boot around root motivations and how the tongue is deployed thoughtlessly, sometimes. Venus retrograde from early October to mid-November may slow you down with health concerns, or require fencing with demons of jealousy and possessiveness. Better to curb the claws and tuck the stinger of self-defense away; embrace the Scorpionic phoenix of rejuvenation instead. Summon the light of leadership and cultivate a deeper commitment to empowerment through self-control.

Sagittarius: After a couple years of lower profile and lukewarm reviews, the Archer will be ready to ride in the saddle once again. Ruling planet Jupiter will expand consciousness and tap into fresh fonts of creativity, which will feel wonderful after being rather stuck in a rut. For some the rut was created by major health issues; you will now be granted more leeway to ride far and wide, however expect the general status of health to still ebb and flow. Emotional satisfaction will come from working hard and making money, however Uranus moving into Taurus in May can precipitate health crises due to working too much or getting stressed out by co-workers; therefor don't push the pace, it won't pay off.

The major focus will be on making money and managing assets prudently; keep an eagle eye out for opportunities that can arise especially in April and May. However the same time period is subject to difficult challenges presented by children, lovers or reckless speculation; attention may need to be trained on damage control or curbing impulses to slap someone silly. Fortune comes from cultivating new alliances out in the community and finding new friends, also from taking some of those daffy inspirations seriously. The eclipse action of late spring and late summer center on travel, marketing, publishing, learning or teaching that put you in the leadership spotlight. The big solar eclipse in July brings an end to well-worn joint financial arrangements, especially those that enable others who don't grow up. Mars retrograde between late June to late August will call for retooling the relational dialog and money management plans, while Venus retro in early October to mid-November will want you to rethink community alliances and friendships once again. Expect to find an extra angel in your pocket when ruling planet Jupiter moves into the home sign during November, along with extra pizazz for enjoying the holiday season.

Capricorn: With ruling planet Saturn going into the home zodiac sign last December, can we escape your weighty opinions looming over the countryside, probably not. Because Pluto the lord of power is already there and has compromised the electoral process. You can still be a lot of fun and absolutely awesome for gourmet dining experiences and sensual spa dates, but we all better duck for cover come April and May, as Mars rumbles over the mighty countenance and sets thunderbolts rolling through the home base and clattering into career affairs. Instead of being Tyrannosaurus Rex the energy can be directed into securing a particularly desirable partnership or starting a new enterprise based out of the home. Uranus the agent of change through disruption moves into Taurus for a long-term stay in May, stirring up challenges with children, lovers and creative projects; expansion and good luck comes from not getting bogged down in moody family politics.

The path of the past has kept the financial focus somewhat dispersed into picking up after others, however now the Goat-fish can forge a new alliance or build a bastion that lets them be the mighty god or goddess they know themselves to be.The eclipses of late winter and late summer will bring endings and new beginnings in intimacy and financial affairs; the July solar eclipse will end relations with one partner in particular but you will be freed up to pursue better prospects. Mars retrograde between late June and late August should be taken as time to rest and re-group, perhaps clean out the closets at home. Venus retrograde from early October to mid-November will highlight any difficulties with children and put a temporary chill in romance; financial reward from career endeavors may be delayed as well. Do expect to end the year with a flourish, however, and in a great position to rock the world some more next year.

Aquarius: What a taffy-pull you are in for, as the customary Aquarian desire to either be independent or stay in charge will be quite at war with the urge to merge. Yes, set up a serious nesting enterprise (gasp), with someone or some corporation that doesn't always cater to that unique center of the universe that all Aquaris think they must occupy. This quandary needs to be mulled over especially in April and May as shooting yourself in the foot, feeding mental health problems or committing some other honking indiscretion in the name of will to power becomes a distinct possibility. Another play on this scenario is to be a little too avant-garde and adventurous in spring, therefore letting a real wolf in the house that does take off with the best china or worse. That said, expansion comes through Jupiter shining up career and public reputation, and fortune can come from making the right ruthless moves behind the scenes.

The issue is timing and taming the impulse to ravage the whole chicken instead of taking a modest number of eggs. Some of you will plow all this ambition into becoming a parent but the same cautions hold true, especially if expecting the infant to be an immediate genius and/or not interfere with quality time. The eclipses of late winter and late summer will focus on partnership adjustments. The July solar eclipse will end one or more relationship at work, or nail home the sacrifices one must make in becoming a parent or sharing space with others. Mars retrograde from late June to late August is a key time to re-tool personal presentation and mode of assertiveness instead of leaping for another throat. Venus retrograde from early October to mid-November will delay financial maneuvers tied to career progress, but is good for backtracking to pick up specialized knowledge that sweetens the deal later. Jupiter slipping into Sagittarius in November will bring more freedom, fun and new acquaintances into your life, so plan accordingly and hope you're not in jail.

Pisces: The fish has had a rough ride in career, parenting or home base matters, with Saturn opposing their sun sign for the past few years. The karmic taskmaster passing into Capricorn last December should feel better, but nagging health issues can still drag you down and pressure to bring home the bacon still applies. Community connections, friends and associates are crucial to furthering financial security, however the usual resources will not be of much support. April and May will be the time to spring forward and start putting dreams into reality; the key is to expect to travel and scout out new possibilities for yourself, also be very proactive in chatting up potential clients. With Uranus in Taurus starting May, any rustiness in mental acumen will be cleaned from the clock, or else. Expansion and good fortune comes through finally taking those classes in business management or adding the computer skills that will land quality clients.

Other possibilities include securing a lucrative teaching or research position, musical gig or finding benefit through foreign cultures; you will have to pour on the charm and show up twice as much to secure the trust of new venues, but it will be worth it.The eclipses of late winter and early spring put the emphasis on stepping out of the usual circle of associates or dependency on others, also being very proactive in taking care of health and showing up to work. The solar eclipse in July brings an end to the usual arrangements with children or lovers, or otherwise finishing some sort of enabling situation. Mars retrograde from late June to late August brings delays in completing projects or making money, but is a good time for taking classes or otherwise backing off whatever associations aren't working for you. Venus retrograde from early October to mid-November puts a crimp in the usual charm and decreases the flow of jointly held funds, so the vacation getaway may be postponed. Career and public profile can vastly improve by the end of the year; expect to put some peacock plumage on and strut your stuff.


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