Mystic Marguerite's

Sun Sign Predictions for 2017

Aries: The Ram's quest this year is to coordinate with more conservative colleagues who can benefit career or status, as you transform into a much more commanding role. Sometimes you may play second to a powerful partner who is not completely loyal to your interests, but then are you totally supportive of theirs? When Venus turns retrograde in Aries; the money may dry up for a while, or the way of making it changes or assets will need to be deployed in a new direction. The inner compass of values must be re-calibrated and a new spiritual platform built that will catalyze the way authority and power is handled.

Just after spring equinox some old habits must be left behind, as Venus passes by the Sun on her way to rebirth as the Morning Star. Expect some grinding between old versions of you and the birth of a newly-minted image. What was disliked most in others must be loved in yourself so misbehavior can be handled with a cool head. No more rude rebuttals, weird little self-sabotaging quirks or sudden disappearing acts, because it's pointless. Come the end of April, life will shift into high gear with teaching, learning, travel or publishing projects. Some might react to the hot craziness out there by getting even more tightly wrapped, making new contracts with old institutions and holding onto more conservative directives; do please make sure of where the high road is and get used to dressing up more. The eclipses of August will usher in another big shift in financial position, relative to other people's money and power, and your own.

Jupiter moves into Scorpio in October; shifting the action to alliances with those vested in power, money sex or good team survival skills. An inheritance or new partnership could also come your way in the next year, so start thinking of where to invest it. The rest of 2017 is all about heavy responsibility in career or parenting; also putting fresh inspirations into practical form and making them work for you. At year's end Saturn will shift into its home ground of Capricorn; expect huge moves by the elite to keep power and privilege just where it is. You may be their golden god or be out there leading the revolt, but the Ram will be one of those in charge.

Taurus: In the past year financial prudence has been well matched with lucrative opportunity for the bull, unless you died. If still alive this trend continues by flexing and adapting to new game rules, cultivating more connections and opening to alternative ways of doing business. The power maneuvers still need to take place behind the scenes, rather than paraded out front. Patience is needed for first four months of the year, as unexpected road blocks and changes in direction occur via eclipses in February and Venus, planetary ruler of Taurus and Libra going retrograde in Aries in early March.

Expect to stay behind closed doors until late May in order to complete a major facelift. You can channel some angst into a secret love affair or repenting at the ashram, but homework on the body must still be done. Please also make a lemon meringue out of old notions of duty, so that new ways to balance work with play and spiritual fulfillment can surface over the summer; long held creative dreams can also be taken off the shelf and assembled in real time. Expect a major shakeup in home and career affairs during August; use the juice to reorganize the office, buy a new home, tweak the leadership profile or delegate more responsibility to others. In October powerful new alliances must be forged with the more Scorpionic elements of society who hold the keys to offshore accounts, increased status or political positions of power. Being more attentive to the sensual and physical needs of those close to you will pay off, especially if messing around on the side and finally putting it down.

Saturn going into Capricorn at the end of the year should bring relief to any long, ongoing lockup with the murkier side of joint finances, sex, money, power and control. The emphasis shifts to higher education, cultivating culture, traveling for business or just doing something about being a repressed fuddy-duddy. The more tyrannically inclined Bull may leverage their way to high position, because they still believe in the divine right of kings. Those imbued with wisdom may be groomed for a higher instructional, political, cultural or diplomatic calling. At least pretend to be modest, because others shouldn't really know too much about your total worth or how playtime is spent.

Gemini: The Twins should expect a big a pause during the first quarter of the year, during which a big wrench should be applied to the usual attitudes, perspectives and communication style. Do also expect to make a U-turn around some of the usual associates starting in early March; re-assess who to do business with, which group to support or which friends to keep until the later part of May. During this time aggressions should be aired out in the back forty; letting that nice, butterfly-lite Gemini façade crumble at the wrong moment may lead to a major loss of face. Conversely, allowing an abusive lover or lousy contract to continue is déclassé.

The cosmos is arrayed this year to help Gem be the life of the party, the guru of the smart set or marvelous maven of the corporate mergers, but none of it will click unless absolutely relentless about health and deportment, sigh. Talking in general platitudes or using shallow, nicey-nice tactics will not work either; facts and details must be crisp or you will not be taken seriously. Expect one or more partnership changes during the year- some will be coming apart as others come together; someone else may also hold the power hand, but extremely lucrative terms can still be got. Starting in June the right kind of speculation with the right kind of opportunity can pay off extremely well; others can enjoy wonderful times with lovers, children or creative endeavors, if business affairs are put in order first.

August will bring further adjustments to mind and mouth and how they are deployed. As Jupiter shifts into Scorpio in October, expect the workload to increase, while any health issues not firmly dealt with earlier in the year can flare into overdrive due to excess, whether speaking of work, sugar, or alternative love. As Saturn slides into Capricorn at the end of the year, expect to be loaded up with extra fiduciary responsibility and/or having to deal with debt, taxes or loans come due; the burden will have to be shouldered essentially on your own. Get all joint matters financial in ship-shape before Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter begin their dance in Capricorn; take out a life insurance policy or try to nail that power of attorney. Get your own investments in order and all will be well.

Cancer: Like the other cardinal sun-signs Aries, Libra and Capricorn two-thirds of the year will be dedicated to over-the-top fast change-ups, due to a plethora of planets churning up a cardinal t-square of torque in the signs just mentioned above. The Crab's claws will be full with obligations in career, at home, with parents (if still around-or you may be one) and partners; there really isn't anywhere for you to hide from the constant joy of participation, sorry. However after the last few years of mad carnival already endured, the Crab may be getting a bit punchy; try scheduling a string of weekend getaways over summer to routinely purge the jets, as walling it all off for processing later will just make you sick.

Venus goes retrograde in early March, which can play as a detour in career matters or a retreat from the usual community exposure; consider exploring long-repressed issues around family history or take a hard look at how much you actually see where you are coming from or not, for example. Until the cosmos clears at the end of May it could be a great time to flex the parental muscle in getting children aligned with fresh creative and sporting challenges, explore career options or do some home remodeling. Take any extra sensitivity, wounded pride, hidden anger or fear and write a new song to which others can relate, instead of going off to nurture yourself alone for the umpteenth time.

Summer could be a wonderful time to make career progress and imprint your own style on the face of any enterprise-however do continue to expect powerful encounters with demanding people that must be fielded with grace, instead of skittering sideways as the Crab loves to do. As Jupiter slides into Scorpio in October this intensity will continue to be channeled by lovers, business partners, children and creative projects. The plan is to have done some serious dismantling of the usual narcissism, quelled any resistance to the emotional intensity or needs of others and to have done some serious grinding down of political skills into a stylish sculpture of charm. This stuff will become a major selling point when Saturn goes into Capricorn at the end of the year; because then partners, enemies and friends alike will want to box at high-stakes levels; you will need to be expert at not only staying in the ring but swapping punches with the best of them.

Leo: In 2017 the lion's gaze will be focused on career and family matters; last year was likely a rough ride, as many endings and new beginnings had to be carved from the sheer face of new stone. Creative visions that were birthed out of chaos must continue to be refined. But practical self-sufficiency must hold first place over creative ideals or personal comfort, which is not the favorite leonine thing to do. Many will need to present a much broader profile, especially as connected to travel, teaching, consulting, social institutions, foreign cultures, spirituality, or publishing. Deep emotions may surface at times as the scenery changes a little too quickly or pressure to perform is brought to bear, but the name of the game is getting a grip and keeping it, especially as concerns organization, detail, quality of service and money in the bank.

Expect the first quarter to be a bit wonky, the home front not exactly stable. Venus turns retrograde in early March; take until the end of May to re-evaluate and re-tool the career plan and presentation, also re-think how joint arrangements should best be handled to support your needs, because new ones will be in the works. Good fortune comes through refining a marketing program, taking short trips, providing good service or putting together an educational program that appeals to a broad customer base. Re-tooling the basic persona and public image over the summer will be the key to successes in fall. Expect complications with erratic partners or family that reach a crescendo in August, when eclipses will light up the theatre of staying or leaving. Expect occasional depression or feeling extra unloved or underappreciated, as the demand for extra hours at work or heavy duties around needy children, friends or lovers may exact too great a price to continue in the same company.

Try to hang loose with expectations and keep the house shoes put away until Jupiter goes into Scorpio in October; then home base or the new office should become a joy, work endeavors will gel and the new self-presentation should be on board. As the year ends get very clear about developing balanced routines in basic maintenance; at work, with co-workers, in heath and diet. Drop any expectations of playing the lead in your own opera for awhile longer; rather expect to be an understudy in training that can pick up new parts in the play du jour, quick.

Virgo: The advanced Virgen would be deep diving this year, especially into their own underpinnings of neurosis. However, if sure you are perfect and everything else is Their fault, the attention can be trained on well-crafted speculation around matters of death, money, the occult or sexual experimentation. Venus turning retrograde in March will turn the inner focus onto partnership matters business or romantic, even bring an old lover back into the picture for another turn of the screw. Others might need to restructure their investments, retool tax payments, refinance or otherwise re-arrange how their money intersects with the funds owed to or belonging to others. It's also a good time to invest shekels in travel or higher learning in order to enhance expertise or spend real quality time recharging burnt out batteries, before pulling off the big caper.

The real action gets underway at the end of May, and the rest of the year can be quite good for making money and making a mark on new professional endeavors. Do expect some jolts in money made and money lost; the point is to be well-educated on the options available and to be ready to make hay on short-term opportunities or renewable contracts. Sudden downfall can be courted either by taking more than you give, or from sacrificing too much to useless people and causes. The eclipses of August will bring up some deep material about family habits of pride, control and power-play and how this can be projected onto romantic partners. Some may consider marriage or another sort of new formal partnership contract, but do please pay attention to the pre-nups and not just trust that higher human nature-yours or theirs- will prevail. An arrangement at work may end by fall, wherein another gig must be found or new working conditions adjusted to, but it's all for the better.

Jupiter, ruler of luck and expansion will shift into Scorpio in October, which puts the spotlight on the practical aspects of learning and teaching, as well as bring benefit through siblings, short trips, marketing and providing good service. As the year ends, attention should start to be trained onto making something tangible out of your talents, be it an actual piece of art, a book, a mutual fund portfolio or a child. Putting in lots of time, space and resource into these projects is good, because it’s gonna start to get pretty weird out there next year. You want to have a product in hand and invested wisely, rather than getting tied up on the table under someone else's whip.

Libra: The average Libran has already seen and done it all or had it done to them over the past few years but well, the cardinal sign cha-cha goes on, courtesy of Pluto the power broker hanging out in home and family affairs in square to Eris the goddess of discord, thus stirring up the sauce in partnership matters. Up through October Jupiter the ruler of expansion and luck will be cheering you on in your home sign, making it easy to take worldly turmoil in stride; you may actually be one of the ringmasters running the latest soap opera or local rave, so take heart.

When your ruling planet Venus goes retrograde in early March, do expect partners and friends to need some downtime or even leave town for awhile to find themselves. An old lover could turn up to offer a bike ride, or maybe someone close will need extra TLC due to illness. Consider a review of assets and investments, maybe locate a better dividend fund or real estate venture to enhance future income; look into how assets would be divided if there were a divorce, if that is the issue. Should current obligations be ditched in favor of a venture in art or day trading? Do you have an awesome career but need to play a little more tough to keep customers in line and paying on time? Resolve creative conflicts, hone new marketing strategies and adjust any bi-polar behaviors that smudge the personal presentation; regular nights at the gambling table don't mesh too well with claims of fiscally conservative Righteousness, for example. Put new plans into play at the end of May, when the cosmic cloud clears and the year jumps into fast and furious mode.

Otherwise, the eclipses of August will uncover changes that must be made in choice of friends, networks and community involvements. Be willing to experiment as needed, and please don't be afraid of who might be alienated or money that might be lost by being and doing more of what you want. Really, the danger lies in staying too long in other people's dramas, while not really getting at your own need for spontaneous joi de vivre. The potential to really rake in the bucks goes into high gear as Jupiter shifts into Scorpio in October, sensuously enhancing your shiny public profile too. As Saturn the arbiter of karma and responsibility moves into Capricorn at the end of the year, do expect significant beginnings and endings to occur in family matters, or a decline in health if you have not taken remedial healing measures seriously. These somber developments may be deferred for awhile but not forever; surely it's better to pilot the showboat down the river, rather than get plowed under as it sweeps by.

Scorpio: So, the average Scorp's mind has been blown lately, fringed and frayed by the vivid array of events that went down in the last six months of 2016. Not in a bad way, mind you, if you were taking things with the proper resurrectional attitude. Therefore, as 2017 gathers steam you should be sitting in a catbird seat, blessed by plenty of support and opportunities to excel, but feeling a tad punchy from filling out paperwork while consistently keeping a grip around authority figures and other supervisional types. Expect further tweakage in both the career and parenting sector as the year wears on; staying firmly engaged in higher causes, minding your own business and/or not being an embarrassment to the community will work wonders.

As Venus goes retro from early March through mid-April, the work scene will get a little weird. You and co-workers will have to struggle to keep up with program demands while not knowing what the next management purge will bring. Some Scorps still must tidy up their vices or get rid of fey lovers that really, really get in the way. Some will surely persist in over-the-top thrills, but by July the cosmos will be in the mood to let trash to self-destruct and therefore make space for others. Do expect partners business or personal to be extremely demanding and controlling the whole year long; open enemies and toxic lovers may become particularly aggressive, which is why distance would be better. However do pick up the at home with slack with joint custody and home cooked meals, etc. You may be the ruling tyrant of your own kingdom, but you will be put in lockdown if pushing the peeled grape thing too far.

The eclipses of August will put even more pressure on parenting and career, with some sort of necessary major adjustment having to be made to keep the show on track. Do expect financial pressures all year that require spending bucks and time on other people such as children, siblings or parents; or finally paying for water to keep the front yard from looking like the Gobi desert. When Jupiter, ruler of luck, expansion and abundance moves into Scorpio in October, so the urge to conquor a country, buy jewels and otherwise show yourself off will increase. But prudent budget management and crackerjack communication skills are the priority, because Saturn will slip into Capricorn at the end of the year and put the nipple clamps on exactly in those areas of activity. So please submit gracefully to getting ready, practicing diction and putting the toying-endlessly-with-others gambit in the root cellar, eh?

Sagittarius: Oh the woe of having Saturn, ruler of limits, frustration and responsibility hanging out in the sparkling, life-of-the party sign of the Archer. Cheer up, because though the rest of 2017 must be endured in the same company, some of that silver lining is going to start shining through. Actually, a nice big, cosmic trine in fire signs blazes in the heavens during much of the year, keeping extra jolts of spiritual support and fresh creative inspiration on tap for tipping arrows. The valiant Sag will just have to get over feeling slightly unloved and under-appreciated; stay focused on a regular fitness plan and dedicate each day to molding a new brick of authentic strength and shine in body and mind. The glib- talking silver-streak method won't open doors anymore; indulging in fantasies of rising above it all is just another trap of disempowerment.

When Venus goes retro in early March major re-direction will have occur relative to work or health; if children or lovers are doing a detour with their affairs you will need to avoid the impulse to meddle or fix it because you should respect them enough to focus on your own affairs. Your place out in the community may have to be re-negotiated, or another venue found for group associations or financial networking that will be of better benefit. It's time to consider fresh perspectives, continuing education, moving shop or just plain releasing the need to believe you already know it all. Even though wandering into the favored zone of nirvana may seem easier, the process of actually being in a body has gotta be the centerpiece of attention, including fresh polish on personal presentation.

If the homework is done well, you could be in great demand by early summer and the money can start to flow in. However Saturn retro and the eclipses of August could force another change in business venue, personal relations or community position. Health problems mental or physical could become oppressive; you could get shot down just when making the biggest splash. Either way, the buck stops with you and your tennis shoes, and can't be slid off until some other time. Jupiter moving into Scorpio come October can deepen the psychic sensitivities and turn you into a Syble, but beware of wandering too far into the nether worlds, as you may literally misstep. Saturn heads into Capricorn by the end of the year, putting a crimp into the usual party budget and demanding more hours of work for pay given. By next year ways must be found to stand by words with deeds; the quality of future survival depends on it.

Capricorn:The goat-fish can go for phenomenal growth and opportunity in career this year, but home and family affairs may be particularly disruptive. Public and private affairs will wobble to and fro on an unsteady axis, while a heavy, depressive, and fearful influence may play in the background of the brain, that can really mess with emotional well-being. A steady hand on the rudder can take intuitive hunches straight to the bank, especially in matters of speculation such as selling short or moving into and out of short-term gains. The temptation may be to go into ruthless mode to get the golden goose -but too much detachment, power-play or abuse of authority will not nurture the soul. Since the soul doesn't have an immediate dollar value, that issue can become a bother too.

Venus going retrograde in Aries in early March will rake across the deepest underpinnings of old family business and behavior patterns connected to sex, money and control; like the old Mesopotamian myth about the descent of Inanna to the realm of Ereshkigal, prepare to be stripped of all the usual pretentions. Rebirth will come in late May, when you will emerge with a whole new, shiny set of wings and ready to claim the freedom every Capricorn craves. The eclipses of August will coalesce new relating arrangements that will have been bubbling, building and mutating throughout the summer months. The actual point of the work-out is to re-tune your philosophy of life and how the precious intangibles in it are valued, without hoarding. Continuing as a brick wall won't work, however opening up to wild new horizons of soul-based flexibility in lifestyle will. The temptation to be a victim and deny yourself pleasure while eating half a cheesecake at one sitting must be transmuted into cruising around the meltdowns of others and indulging the inner artist instead.

Jupiter moving into Scorpio in October should bring relief from feeling like a nurse always on call. The emphasis will shift to community affairs, networking and friends-which you want to make a point of cultivating through autumn because Saturn, your very own planetary ruler will move into your home sign of Capricorn by the end of the year. The drone of background paranoia should finally stop, however that which is feared will soon come out in plain view. Hopefully the general state of Capricorn mind will have fashioned a new rock upon which to build its church, relative to faith versus fatalism and having versus being; throwing curve-balls with joyful ease, instead of posing as an imposing stiff.

Aquarius: The Water-Bearer really should feed those phobias; yes, stay shacked up with the Atari in the basement or go out and count chickens in the urban hutch. We have to say it this way because the average Aquari can be so willfully oppositional to whatever anybody suggests might be good for them. So hopefully you will bolt right out now into the next trip, whip that sleek new office into shape or ice that contract with the sexy new literary agent, because that's really where the grand adventures are to be had and well, we wouldn't want you to have too good of a time while the rest of us are five and diming it or changing dirty diapers through much of 2017.

When Venus goes retrograde in early March, re-think the choice of residence, re-tool the marketing program, take a class or join a new church. Anything to avoid being fixed about convictions or fused with the shopping channel. Brooding at home with some mac and cheese or going on the war path with other family members is certainly an option, but that will not bring you what you really need (unconditional affection); besides, free-floating hostility is so much better directed into juicy power plays at work. Late May will be the time to actually move on, whether to a new gig or even another country. The eclipses of August will light up partnership arrangements-business or personal- that are important to your well-being or, if you are a real bastard, enemies that have pissed you off- and what to do about them. Consider basic alterations too, in basic persona and presentation. Acquire a new team uniform, get a face-lift as it were, and join a league that is going places.

The public profile can really start to shine come October when Jupiter slips into Scorpio, especially if you have racked up summer miles on the road, diligently picked up new info and skills or otherwise broadened the scope of that airy mind. Of course, one can always slip away to Las Vegas instead of lending support to worthy causes, but that ploy will backfire; if not showing up for others, why should they show up for you? Secure that plum position in status, authority, job or home address, because when Saturn slips into Capricorn at the end of the year, the venue will become hard to change, for awhile. You will be stuck with what was learned, built up or capitalized on and who was schmoozed with during 2017. Don't just hang with the usual chaps that suck up too many Bloody Mary's and throw lots of gutter balls; aim to become the next big power behind some avant progressive throne.

Pisces: Pisceans haven't had it easy for the past few years; nebulous Neptune cruising in the home sign has been vibrating- maybe too loudly -in the chamber of far-out visions, whether speaking of the multi-dimension-mystical or the literal, as in extra drugs or alcohol. Meanwhile, the Fish has had to show up and punch a timecard or follow the 12-Step program whether in the mood or not. Due to chronic health problems or galloping ennui, some Pisceans wouldn't mind leaving Midgard for Alfeim, but something keeps holding them up at the toll gate, demanding payment. Others have bucked up and climbed all the way to the winner's podium, therefore literally becoming a symbol of Neptunian collective glamour with lucrative endorsements to match, but quality private life is not easy to find, these days.

Anyway, money and how to make more of it will dominate the show during 2017. Gain can come from short-term opportunities most particularly tied to short trips, publicity, servicing a regular route or deploying as a hands-on teacher. As Venus, ruler of finances, self-esteem, values and desire goes retro in early March and Aries, sign of her detriment, a re-valuation of what exactly turns the Piscean turbines of desire would be prudent. The mission is to get at the root of subtle choices not to honor and respect self, especially the body, so that greater satisfaction can be gotten out of the act of living. The August eclipses will hopefully demolish any vestiges of neglect, because both getting fit and grooming joint ventures with others in the community are the only viable options for future prosperity. Children, lovers, pleasure and creativity will be of particular interest for most of the year, but healthy boundaries will be an issue. Don't let anyone's demands drain the bank account or be the reason for slaving away at all hours. Complications will also arise if the Fish chooses to hide in narcissic preoccupations, manipulate through bribery or sex, or not let others contribute and collude equitably in mutual efforts. Consider whether one is actually giving the heart, or giving something else just to keep authentic interaction away.

Jupiter ruler of expansion and good luck will move into Scorpio come October, therefore into a long water trine with Neptune. The water world of inspirational creativity can skate into new fractal patterns of sublime artistry, but do not expect success if getting lost in alternative facts, extra painkillers or virtual worlds. During autumn the Fish can really step into the limelight as an inspired teacher, leader or lifestyle guru, perhaps turn out the next masterpiece of social media trendyness. But some may be singing with the angels so sweetly why bother coming back down to earth, however payment will come due in Saturn's currency of loss and limitation, when the taskmaster comes home to his own sign at year's end.


© 2017 by C.M. Hafeman, text and zodiac images