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2019 Sun Sign Predictions

    Key Transits for the Second Quarter of 2019

    March 28, 2019::Mercury stations direct at 16°06'. This retrograde in Pisces is mentioned first because it correlated so well with a collective tendency to withdrawal, delay, pursuit of dreams and depression. More violet attacks and suicides than usual of young people dominated the news, as did the revelation of a massive academic admissions cheating scandal in the US. This transit also marked the extremely selective release of findings on Russian collusion in the Trump election, designed to suggest there was none. Also include an injection of Pentagon funds into the Mexico border fence building effort and a renewed presidential effort to immediately repeal all aspects of Obamacare.

    Note that the South Node of the past, ingrained habits and spiritual growth will travel with Pluto the transformer from March through May and Saturn the karmic taskmaster from May through July. Thus expect either a tendency for self and others to withdraw more than usual and/or the ruthless pushing of determined agendas harder than ever. Mercy or compassion will not flow naturally, and expect much predation on those perceived to be weak. Personally, contemplation of the past and painful memories associated with it will tend to surface for one more round of digestion and absolution. This energy can be difficult for those working on health problems; the key is to stay very simple in lifestyle, focusing on some mindfulness in the morning and dedication to good diet along with sufficient exercise and contact with nature.

    April 5, 2019: A New Moon of beginnings shines at 15°17' in company with Eris the goddess of discord at 23°. The lunation and Eris are in square with Saturn, Pluto and the South Node, so this signature can easily translate into fresh riffs of strife and volatile, impulsive acting out. It's a good time to focus on cleaning the garden out and otherwise roaming the trails, instead of getting sucked into the turbulence that will be running freely out there. Affairs that were delayed or derailed during March will kick abruptly into motion, so some of us will be running hard out of the gate to catch up with sudden developments.

    April 10, 2019: Jupiter stations retrograde at 24°21'; it will station direct at 14°30' on August 11, 2019. Jupiter in the sign of the archer shines a light on belief systems and the lack, manipulation, expansion or distortion of them. In forward motion Jupiter in this sign has so far promoted exaggeration and excess in all things; in this cycle it has yet to translate into meaningful productive activity. In retrograde motion the energy is directed inwards, or back to a more conservative mode of activity. Contracts or payments are delayed, but then abundance can come from old contacts or some production done in the past.

    April 13-19, 2019: Mercury ruler of mentation and Venus ruler of attraction, values and self-esteem will meet with Chiron the maverick shaman at 3°. This aspect pattern moves well with the Jupiter retrograde, to re-align and re-structure our mode and method of activity forward. Chiron in Aries has plenty of drive to go forth and conquer, but it can need help regulating rhythm, timing or deployment of resource without waste. So this is a good time to re-organize the office, cut out the frills and make a sensible schedule that won't lead to hurt feelings or dashed plans later.

    April 19, 2019: A Full Moon of climaxes shines at 29°06'; asteroid Juno chimes in at 29°24'. To quote from the degrees of Saphariel, a lunation at this degree supports "a narrow, servile disposition given to complaining and lamenting instead of acting and achieving. A nature self-centered and morose, of no great comfort to its owner or of use to others. A degree of INDIGENCE."

    April 27, 2019: Mars squares Neptune at 17 ° - 55'. This aspect can put the focus on inspired artistic or musical pursuit, or it can dissipate all forward energy into lethargy. Or encourage the scam games of conmen and others who wish to mount a deception of some kind.

    May 4, 2019: A New Moon of beginnings shines at 14°14'; the lunation is accompanied by Mars at 22° opposite Jupiter at 23°, both in t-square with Neptune at 18°. Besides being an excellent time to start planting up the garden, this lunation also looks good for serious study and the focused production of new creative projects. Otherwise, we can commit folly by going overboard on too much of a good anything. A degree of MYSTERY.

    May 6, 2019: Mercury ruler of all things mental, communicational and commerce-based enters Taurus, where finally we get some stable, grounded, earthy common sense on tap. Mercury in this sign favors sex, pleasure, recreation and all the arts, along with the urge to acquire money, possessions and a trophy mate as needed. Take care not to wax too obstinate and consider curbing those fixed opinions and strong likes and dislikes.

    May 18, 2019: Venus meets with Uranus at 3°58' while a Full Moon of climaxes shines at 27°38' on the same day with Mercury near the Sun. Once again, spiritual and religious studies are favored, with an overall mood of the austere and monastic. Maintaining security is highlighted, however the Venusian pairing across the way may jolt affairs in a new direction anyway. A degree of SECURITY.

    May 21, 2019: Mercury enters Gemini, a sign of planetary rulership. Mercury in Gem amps up patter in general and gets the mind racing. It gets easier to be clever, inventive, easy-going and generous. Travel, change, novelty, speculation, the writing arts, science and occult pursuits are all apt to fare well also.

    June 3, 2019: New Moon of beginnings at 12°33' while Mercury enters Cancer the next day. This lunation favors a roaming and unsettled spirit, possibly fatal to those just not paying attention at traffic lights. Otherwise, associations of a dangerous character will be easy to find, as will encounters with self-seeking provocateurs voraciously looking for advantage. Mercury sliding into Cancer increases the restlessness even if mentations have an emotional edge. Mercury in this sign promotes wandering and collecting, not sitting at home making soup.

    June 8, 2019:Venus enters Gemini where her mood turns restless and flighty. Romance is flavored by intellectual attraction and the arts of the silver-tongued devil; money can be coaxed from more than one source. Clear ideas, intuitions, originality, inventive ability humor, friendliness and mind games thrive, as does two-timing romance and a tendency to flirt. Marriage is also favored, but the union may not last.

    June 14-22, 2019: Mars and Mercury at 18° oppose Saturn and Pluto at 18°, with Eris in Aries completing a very volatile and acerbic t-square in the heavens. Debate will turn destructive and the mind will run towards grudges, jealousy, control and revenge; if out looking for a fight you will be sure to find it.

    June 17, 2019: Full Moon of climaxes at 25°53' in company of Jupiter at 18°, and in trine to Eris at 24°. A deep and sympathetic spirit is favored, however appearances are apt to count for much more. It's a good time to engage in a regular sports routine or go on a longer trip, just expect some surprises along the way and remember to dress well. A degree of IMITATION.

    June 14-22, 2019: Neptune stations retrograde at 18°43'; it will station direct on November 27, 2019 at 15°58'. The ruler of delusion, deception, artistry and spiritual searching is traveling in the second decan of Pisces ruled by Cancer, therefore promoting emotional wallowing and ease in being flaky or half-way inserted into other dimensions.

    June 20-21 marks the Summer Solstice, wherein the Sun reaches 0°Cancer and is at its northernmost declination relative to the equator. Correspondingly, the hours of daylight are at their longest and the magic of Midsummer dances in the meadows. This year's solstice features a close opposition between Mercury, Mars and the North Node in Cancer in opposition to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node; for the US it looks like a battle between remorseless, wealthy speculators(Saturn-Pluto)and idealistic, naive legislators (Mercury-Mars).

    Additional frisson is supplied by a t-square in mid-mutable signs between Venus, Jupiter and Neptune which doesn't exactly lend any grounding power to the proceedings, nor does it support any objective sense of justice served. Personally there can be quite a quite a conflict between old brainwashing and a knee-jerk urge to maintain a certifiable status quo, versus breaking free from old fears and limitations to stand for something bigger than immediate self-protection and another comfort bag of Cheetos. Consider the difference between the painful bliss of transformation towards freedom and the pain of suffering good old-fashioned abuse as an alleged moral high ground.

    June 26, 2019: Mercury enters Leo, wherein he lord of mentation in this sign favors ambition, confidence, persistence, determination and lofty goals. It can also inspire fiery, quick-tempered and ill-considered dramatic diatribe where more humble and carefully crafted dialogue would better prevail. Consider seeking out activities with children, pets, music, drama or sports but do watch for excess enthusiasm in self-indulgence and the intake of various mind altering substances.

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