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Key Transits for the First Quarter of 2022

As the year begins all the planets and the Nodes of the Moon are situated within six signs of the zodiac, setting up an even more intense energy of polarization for the next several months then what occurred last year, due to the Nodes moving into the fixed zodiac signs of Taurus and Scorpio that traffic in physical stabalization and union for means of survival. On the personal level frequencies are wildly fecund for new creative projects and activities involving children, however work and health matters will still be subject to disruption and blockage. The push is also on to seize more personal initiative, however expect doughty resistance from certain partners, authority figures or freeloaders trying to evade responsibility. The answer is to flow like water and seek like-minded alliances elsewhere; discard any useless ballast instead of fencing openly with the usual monoliths.

A comment must be made too, about some of the astrological commentary going on out there on You Tube, as this astrologer suggests some dangerous assumptions may be made about the coming new age and the benefits to be accrued thereof. We are indeed at a crucial tipping point in challenges experienced due to evolutionary pressure. The term used is "awakening" and we are collectively being called upon cosmically to do so; however while some are welcoming this pressure and indeed thriving under it, many other millions are experiencing the shift as an invitation to reactive behavior, violence, paranoia or some other variation of crazy, take heed.

Another issue is that of self-determination; we are indeed supposed to cultivate individual sovereignty, however once again many millions haven't a clue as to who the hell they authentically are in the first place or what to do with it. This concept has been dished out along with the assurance that the powers of magical co-creativity are increasing out there and indeed they are, however as these powers awaken in the average human the first manifestations will involve resolving any karma, baggage, ignorance and repressed material hitherto held in denial. The means to do so will present in challenging external circumstances that force the individual to shift perception and re-structure in a different response format, a further spiral up the path as it were, before passage past the "ring pass not" is granted. The magical synchronicity also does not cater to wishful thinking in avoidance of hands-on working for what is desired, even if one is a Crystalline Child.

In other words, before being awarded a wand from Hogwarts, one will have to deal with their personal dragons-and/or those of others nearby and otherwise cope with the inevitable distortions in manifestation that occur on the road to mastery of the co-creative process, including responsibility towards connection with Nature, the body and the natural laws so entailed. That said, as 2022 begins January will be sparky at first but then slog along after mid-month due to retrograde activity. The time can be well used to tidy up old business, get the tax returns off and otherwise get squared away for the big earth events, sudden social structure changes, government downfalls, coups and other destabilizing activities slated to occur over the course of the year. The pinball in play is fear and a disinclination to cooperate; a compulsive desire for individual rights and freedoms is entangled with the necessity for group limitation to allow space for a diverse ecosystem to sustain life as we desire it.

January 2, 2022: A New Moon of beginnings shines at 12°Capricorn 20' with Uranus in Taurus at 10°55' in trine, lending the lunation a sexy revolutionary flavor. However the Green Lantern will still be in square to Saturn in Aquarius all the way through the year, meaning conservative reactionary forces will still desperately try to legislate us back to the past while liberal progressives try to throw taxpayer money and woke culture at complex social problems. The degree by Sepharial is "A tripod with flames of fire issuing from a brazier." A spirit that is aspiring and active, disposed to lead a life of adventure and hazard, but honorable in the pursuit of lofty ambitions. Military service is highlighted, or some other form representative of the fiery and devouring element at play. Travel and exploration are favored, as is lighting up dark places and uncovering ancient sites in the quest for new food for the mind. Chastity and purity of life will support concentration and bring success. Consider action as an ambassador, consul, spiritual researcher or explorer. A degree of ASPIRATION.*

At the lunation the Nodes of the Moon will have backtracked into the survival axis, with the North Node at 29°Taurus and South Node at 29°Scorpio; there is nothing like the drive for material control, power and greed to shake up the action. As of this writing in the US many folks are on the cusp of eviction from their abodes, because they can't keep up, but the status quo doesn't want to imperil local real estate values. Those who cannot be bothered to discard syringes in the trash or tidy up their Mad Max camp domains don't inspire neighborly affection either. Mercury, ruler of all things communicational freshly into Aquarius at 0° is in square to the Nodes and therefore coldly critical, however the stringent subtext can be somewhat softened by expansive Jupiter freshly moved into Pisces at 0° of the sign.

Jupiter is the traditional ruler of Pisces so its expansive and generous nature can mitigate some sorrow, however as Jupiter is representative of authority that is benevolent if one obeys the organized belief system or set of laws en suite, the benefit of this empathetic and higher vibrational frequency can be rather nebulous. Jupiter is slated to do a one-time conjunction with Neptune also in Pisces exact on April 12 around 13:30 UT at 23° 58'. This writer believes the aspect will be momentous in kicking off the new spiritual current that is crystallizing out there around sacred geometry, pagan Christ Consciousness and quantum physics, but as with all fomentations on the material plane, it can also inaugurate extremist ideologies into radical action. Jupiter as traditional ruler of Pisces is meeting up officially with Neptune as the modern ruler of Pisces for the first time since March 17, 1856; which weirdly enough was within a month of the official establishment of the Republican Party of the USA.

January 11, 2022: Eris stations direct at 23° Aries 41'; the goddess of active feminine creativity and discord is still in square aspect to Pluto and still extremely potent in undermining all attempts to keep the status quo as it was. Expect volatility and upheaval at the days around the station and try to keep one's own temper in check.

January 14, 2022: Mercury ruler of all things commercial and communicational will station retrograde at 10° Aquarius 20', followed by a station direct at 24° Capricorn 22' on February 3-4, depending on where one is in the world. We can hope for a reprieve from all the Maga clatter and Woke dictates, otherwise the verbiage can wander into business closures due to Covid variant waves and more dictatorial clap-trap due to some knowing better than others, or so they are paid to think.

January 17, 2022: A Full Moon of climaxes shines at 27° Cancer 50'. "A large and well cultivated tract of land." A spirit of broad, open and genial temperament of mind, a healthy body, keen appreciation of nature's beauties; a love of rustic pursuits, successful life, large family and many friends. Living more in the physical and emotional aspects of one's nature than in the mental or spiritual; yet the reflection of these in the life of the native will be apparent and will work for inner good. A degree of FRUITFULNESS.*

The Sun is in conjunction with transformative power-player Pluto, and the lunation complex is in sextile and trine with the Nodes of the Moon, highlighting that at least for awhile conservative authority will run the collective status quo. Venus is still retrograde in Capricorn and moving into a trine with Uranus, just stationing direct at 10° Taurus 49', which does throw a stick in the spanner. As with Eris the days around a Uranus station can signal volatility, the sudden breakdown of governing structures and sudden changes and breakdowns and breakthroughs on the personal level too.

Mercury still retrograde in Aquarius will be squaring Uranus, doubling a signature of reactionary forces likely dragging down progressive reform, which has yet to mobilize a coherent defensive tactic. Expect chaotic movement and violence born out of frustration, especially as Mars in fiery, crusading Sagittarius is moving in quincunx to Uranus and trine to disruptive Eris in Aries. The foci of action is on immediate one-on-one relations and out in the streets, while governments struggle with power issues, invasions, corruption and truth, or not.

January 24, 2022: Mars enters the conservative sign of Capricorn where it is also in exaltation. Worldly ambition does get a leg up, as does the western work ethic. Status, prestige and social recognition matter more and may be pursued ruthlessly. Good discipline and efficient organization will pay off, however the sex drive may be directed into workaholism or otherwise mainly interested in trophy acquisitions only.

January 26, 2022: Mercury re-enters Capricorn on its retrograde path, checking in one more time with any nuts and bolts financial work or business plans that need revision, perhaps further research or discussion with those who hold the purse strings. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and the mode will be to draw back and consolidate what one has, rather than go for the grab. Not the best time to ask for a loan, start a romance or make major purchases; it may however, be fruitful for certain kinds of securities trades and crypto wheeling and dealing if one knows what one is doing. Some can expect literal breakdowns in bones, skin or teeth that will need to be repaired.

January 29, 2022: Venus stations direct at 11° Capricorn 04'. The goddess of Love and Financial Opportunity and the god of War and Passion will proceed to meet up and tryst on February 16th, 2022, followed by both of them colliding with Pluto lord of transmutation on March 3, 2022, followed up by a final meeting between Aries and Aphrodite on March 6, 2022. It's like joining up to mate before both parties are translated into another shape, form or design, then meeting up once again intimately to try out the new bionic features, have fun with that one.

February 1, 2021: A New Moon of Beginnings shines at 12°Aquarius 19', in an applying conjunction to Saturn in Aquarius and in applying square to Uranus in Taurus. "A cavalier fully armed." The index of a militant and naturally aggressive nature, the sign of one who, while outwardly cautious and suave in manner, is ever alive to his own interests and on the defensive. At times one will be led into danger by the aggressive attitude as directed towards others; even if well equipped by Nature for all emergencies, one will never be so safe and free from harm as when observing regard for others. An excellent capacity either in the military world or that of polemics. A degree of ASSERTION.*

Such a signature does not bode well for making major or clever financial maneuvers at least until after the next New Moon, even if and maybe because the freshly direct Capricorn Venus is in trine with Uranus. Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is in sextile with Eris in Aries, Mars at 5°Capricorn 36' is in square to Chiron and sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius, generally whanging on about the latest victimization to which it is likely subject. The big charge rests with Pluto at 26° Capricorn 57' in sextile and trine with the Nodes of the Moon and Ceres traveling close to the North Node in Taurus, indicating big changes in the status quo with or without out our permission but generally in favor of the common man.

February 3, 2022: The potent cross-quarter day of Imbolc occurs at 8:37 pm UT. This day is the most powerful in the year for gathering with others, doing ritual and setting intentions for the cycle of growth in the year ahead. By old Irish and Teutonic tradition this day was when the Great Goddess lit a fresh torch from the everlasting flame and traveled across the lands lighting fires of spiritual rebirth and rejuvenation. Take heed, as the month of February is crucial for the Northern Hemisphere in general, as just when seeds are vernalized and beginning to sprout, they are the most vulnerable to the machinations of evil. Maim and distort a sprout or a healing mind when it has just burst from the shell, and such action poisons and stunts the further development to come in the cycle of a year.

This year the time of Imbolc is quite charged, as Mercury will be just stationing direct at 24° Capricorn 22' just short of meeting with Pluto and in square to Eris, goddess of creative discord, an excellent signature for travel to the underworld for rejuvenation. Couple this with a Jupiter-energized, shamanic Mars still in trine with Uranus in earth signs and the Moon meeting with Neptune for some Voodoo in Pisces, so there is plenty of juice to go around for interlacing with other-worldly dimensions. Meanwhile the feet can be nicely grounded via Sun meeting with Saturn at 14-15° Aquarius; intentions can be firmly focused on progressive creative visualizations of a utilitarian sort that can be of benefit to the larger collective too, if one is so inclined.

February 14, 2022: Mercury re- enters Aquarius wherein hopefully minds have been changed and some communal re-organization can now proceed. Mercury in its sign of exaltation when behaving well promotes emotional detachment, progressive thinking and innovation. We can cultivate a more unbiased view of our situation, or ramp up to an ever more extreme position, depending on native inclination.

February 15, 2022: A Full Moon of climaxes beams at 27° Leo 59', in square to the degree with the Nodes of the Moon at 27° Taurus-Scorpio 03'. "Two hands linked in a close grip of friendship." A very amiable and social nature, filled with concord and goodwill towards his fellows. A rich, unselfish nature, capable of those little greatnesses in daily life which make a man beloved if not remarkable. One may be instrumental in forming some large associations for social co-operation or intellectual improvement. The spirit is essentially constructive, harmonizing and humane. A degree of SUSTAINING.*

Note that the North Node is closing in on the malefic star Algol Caput at 26° Taurus, a signal that some may "lose their head" especially in pushing forward aggressively for sex, power or control. However the lord of power and powerlessness Pluto still in aspect the Nodes also sends an unmistakable cosmic signal that torque around certain survival and power balance issues will be coming to a head. Venus is conjunct Mars at 16° Capricorn, with both on their way to meet up with Pluto and add some volatile spice to the stew. Jupiter in sextile to Uranus at 11° Taurus 11' is amping up the excitement and altruism, while Saturn moves in trine to Black Moon Lilith in Gemini, likely trying to say one thing and do another to keep an old status quo intact, but really that train has left the station.

March 2, 2022: A New Moon of Beginnings shines at 12° Pisces 06', in applying conjunction with Jupiter at 14° Pisces 16' and in sextile to Uranus in Taurus at 11° 36' of the sign. "A circle within a circle, both concentric." Sharing life bounded by another, a happiness that can never be shared alone. The circle of existence will embrace the close relationships of domestic life in perfect accord. Life will be rounded by a full experience of all those sweet influences which are engendered by a life in accord with environment, a mind at rest within itself and a nature disposed to harmony. One will be given the guarding and cherishing of those of smaller attainments, and less mature life. A degree of GUARDING.*

Otherwise we have Venus (love), Mars (aggression), Pluto (life and death), Eris (mixologist) and Neptune (escape) making the Nodes of the Moon sing like a taut wire in the wind. Fortunately, Mercury will be just past a meet up with Saturn in Aquarius, which is again is pretty good for a cooperative, pragmatic and grounded dialogues about what do to about health, work issues down at the local community level. The overall signature in business is quite experimental, with certain interests quite idealistically motivated to push their agenda-liberal or conservative, which can be pretty confusing to track and make sense of. Can't put it past the powers that be to try to generate a religious mandate, resource shortage or righteous cause around which to galvanize support, but I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them.

March 10, 2022: Mercury ruler of all things communicational enters its sign of detriment Pisces, where just when we need our wits about us the mental landscape goes fuzzy, idealistic and prone to recreational substance abuse. Although psychic powers, artistic inspiration and emotional empathy are enhanced, one can get lost in sloppy boundaries between fact and fantasy.

March 18, 2022: A Full Moon of climaxes illuminates the land at 27° Virgo 40', forming the handle of a Bucket with the array of planets opposite it in the heavens. "A wide-branching tree laden with fruit." A full, rich and generous disposition, superior intelligence, industrious and husbandly habits, pre-destined to success in life by reason of inherent merits. One can gain many friends or be in support of a large family or domestic group; whatever else is needful to success and peace of mind will manifest to one who abides in the frequency of their higher self. A degree of FRUITFULNESS.*

The overall cosmic statement has to do with eat your oatmeal, bathe regularly, get regular sleep, stay tidy and grounded in simple living, and this will keep one sane as shakier psyches run amok with various mandates such as reactionary law passing, religious references, shooting sprees and illusionary trickery. Notice that 27° of the signs has been highlighted several times, coincident with the Nodes of the Moon now at 25° Taurus-Scorpio 23', and Pluto at 28° Capricorn.

We otherwise have Venus and Mars still in orb of conjunction in Aquarius and in square to Uranus in Taurus, complimented by Mercury at 13° Pisces, Chiron at 11° Aries 29' and Athena Pallas at 12° Aries 02'. Looks like alternative relationships of many shapes, colors and sizes are in the works for getting by. Actually, be grateful as for the first time in a few years we do not have to contend with Mercury retrograde in Pisces during early spring, which did an excellent job of gumming up general clarity magnificently in addition to accelerating the spread of misinformation.

March 20, 2022: The Spring Equinox occurs on this day at 3:33 pm UT, when the Sun crosses the Ecliptic at 00° Aries. A horoscope erected for the moment is often used by astrologers to give predictions for the rest of the year ahead. This year Saturn at 20° Aquarius 56' is in applying T-square with the Nodes of the Moon at 25° Taurus-Scorpio 21' of the signs; not a particularly warm, fuzzy signature and actually rather prone to paranoia, stubborn resistance and overbearing dictatorial gestures.

Neptune ruler of illusion, disillusionment, fraud and spirituality is also in the mix at 23° Pisces 08' along with disruptive Eris at 24° Aries, neither of which will provide a sturdy arm to lean or any magnitudes of clarity. The Moon as representative of the people at large is void of course at 29° Libra 53' which is excellent for spiritual studies at an ashram but otherwise not reliably present for substantial engagement with what is actually going down in relations personal or political. Mercury moves in conjunction with Jupiter at 17-18° of Pisces, which is great for artistic inspiration and lots of wishful thinking or talking.

On a personal level the equinox signature smacks of hard work and health issues, while trying to cope with partners, friends, children, politicians or even ones self in the grip of some ideology, silver-tongued minstrel or entrepreneurial scheme that may or may not have any chance of working, if not possessing the outright capability of draining the bank account. One cosmic current seems to be pulling towards a consolidation of conservative power, while another current pulls towards brilliant new horizons of spiritual discovery and liberation from conditioned patterns of the past. What is for sure is we all must rely more than ever on only ourselves in navigating the murky waters ahead, even while being pushed to forge alliances for mutual benefit. The temptation may be greater than ever, but this is not the year to go reactive, put on blinders, resist progressive change or blindly depend on authority figures posturing as spiritual, commercial or governmental masters.

This is the year for waking up to and cultivating one's own spiritual potential and finding a central ground of strength, clarity and empowerment within that. You will know you are on the right track if there is no exploitation of people, rape of nature, assault rifles, gospel of prosperity especially benefitting the clergy, corporation or caste system at hand, or relinquishment of rights over the care of one's own body involved. Unfortunately, some parts of the USA and other countries in the world will split off and try to impose limitations on personal rights that no longer serve us in the struggle ahead to save the planet environmentally, nor serve the droves of immigrants already trying to escape tyranny and brutality occurring on their home ground. Sadly, whole collective subgroups may be assigned to travel all the way down into a climatic Hades, rather than allocating to a more progressive path.

March 27, 2022: Mercury enters the zodiac sign of Aries, wherein the Prince of Patter will stop daydreaming and speak up immediately and directly about what's on the mind. Debate, arguments, impatience and shoot-from-the-hip activity will increase apiece, as will curiosity, exploration of new concepts and mouthing off at whomever is blocking the view to one's own greatness.

March 28, 2022: The month ends with Venus moving in conjunction with Saturn the karmic taskmaster at 21° Aquarius 44' and planetoid Juno ruler of formal committed partnerships at 21° Aquarius 27'; all three are in an applying t-square with the Nodes of the Moon. The stellium is absolutely interested in forging new alliances or signing new contracts to ensure stability and community viability, however certain bespoke notions are not fitting easily with either power-sharing demands (South Node Scorpio) or the giving up of individual entitlements (North Node Taurus). Consider sitting around patiently and making a new quilt or two with enlightened friends while the existential pot boils. Hopefully all can come to see the total folly of pulverizing projected enemies into "radioactive ash", to paraphrase Putin in mid-December of 2021. Really do hope some wise aliens are around to man the crystalline grid and keep all those engines of war asleep.

*Modified from The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized by Sephariel.

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