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2017 Sun Sign Predictions

    Key Transits for the Month of May 2017 (UT)

    As the month of May gets underway the Sun travels in Taurus, which would normally be supportive of all things related to pleasure, beauty, home and garden, along with the pursuit of luxury and stability. However we live in unusual times, when a long-running aspect of Pluto square Eris in cardinal signs with Jupiter not far behind in a t-square, is keeping the world in general on edge and restless, ever prone to disruption without a lasting, positive resolution, so far. We have just moved through prolonged period of complication, delay and frustration courted of Venus retrograde in Aries and Pisces, moving to square Saturn, followed by Mercury retrograde in Taurus. These aspects have not inspired great honesty and trust, or supported much altruistic compassion. The current trend is towards governmental nonsupport of many social and environmental programs, while sabres rattle and military spending flourishs.

  • May 3, 2017:: Mercury ruler of communication and commerce stations direct at 24° 17', which means that after a few days of sorting things out the flood gates will open and any stalled projects will start to move along. Merc in Aries is in a hurry, blunt and impulsive; rude pushiness and an increase in road rage are favored. Actually, in the heat of considerable cosmic cardinal energy pushing disruption, amping up aggression and demanding speed in action and thought for the rest of the summer. Finding any meaningful rest or repose could become difficult; already over-stimulated minds could simply do a melt-down sometime this summer, but most especially when the eclipses of August come around.

  • May 6: Mars at 10° in semi-square to Uranus at 25°. Mars rules action, passion and aggression, which feeds the naturally disruptive, irritable and impulsive spirit of Uranus. In semi-square expect considerable high-frequency tension and friction. This aspect serves as a tense prelude that builds through the next few days as the Moon waxes towards full.

  • May 10, 2017:: A Full Moon of Climaxes occurs at 20°24',just a few hours past Mercury conjunct Uranus at 25°. The lunation moves in harmony with Pluto, which can play as positive financial developments if using the right groups, associates or networks. Even through Scorpionic currents make the mood penetratingly deep, mental stimulation runs to the excitable and is inclined to taking risks. Romantically, we may seek a fleeting tryst with the darker elements of society, or they may seek us out for a hit-and-run transaction. So take care to choose potential engagements wisely, or be prepared to suffer accordingly.

  • May 11, 2017:: Mars moves in square to Neptune at 13° - , which is an absolutely fabulous aspect for light theft, creative talking or otherwise trying to flim-flam one's way out of a tight spot. Otherwise, the energy can be used for collecting fresh artistic, musical or mystical concepts, but be prepared to write them down as the movement in space and time will tend to be restless, unfocused and fleeting in nature.

  • May 15, 2017:: Mercury the ruler of communication and commerce will enter Taurus where thankfully, we will finally have some stabilisation of thought and dedication of activity towards more sensible ends. Merc in Taurus favors a calmer, more pleasant and happy disposition, however the focus is very practical and determined. The attention turns to sex, pleasure, the arts and refined recreation; exchanges can become obstinate with fixed opinions and strong likes and dislikes. The natural inclination is towards the acquisition of money, possessions, stable income and maneuvers in the financial world.

  • May 20, 2017:: The Sun enters Gemini, wherein the general mood can lighten up and the capacity to be sympathetic, kind-hearted and open-minded increases. Matters related to teaching, learning, writing and science are favored, as is versatility, dexterity and the urge to go out and socialize. Expect affairs at large to pick up in pace, but at least the lingering heaviness of early spring should have dissipated.

  • May 25, 2017:: New Moon of Beginnings at 4°46'. The days around and including this lunation will be challenging as the Sun also moves to sesquiquadrate Pluto (unscrupulous power-plays, manipulation); Mercury ditto with Saturn (log-jammed decision-making or feeling violated). At the same time Mars (aggression, action, passion) is moving to oppose Saturn (blocks, limits, karma, work, fear), which translates into direct attacks and resistance, driving with the brakes on. New Moon in Gemini is not the most stable block in the pile either; one may be hit with difficult information or feel pushed to make a choice while at their most vulnerable. Really, the best action to take in the days around and after the lunation is no action at all; rather wait a week and let chips fall and matters sort themselves out before making any big changes or commitments, please.

  • May 30, 2017:: Mars sextiles Uranus at 26°. Let's end the month on a happier note; this aspect will favor the search for independence, innovation and stimulating activities. Whatever the station in life, we can always find a way out the door and away from irritating confrontation. In the northern hemisphere summer will be well on the way, so consider getting out and enjoying the soft breezes and new growth; above all, remember not to take yourself too seriously and expect ridiculous posturing out there.

    The Lunations of May

  • May 10, 2017: A Full Moon of climaxes occurs at 20° 24'. "A wolf standing upon the carcass of a horse." A predatory and adventurous spirit, with a mind that is avaricious and cunning, quick to perceive and enforce its own advantage but slow to cultivate the more useful and social habits of life. Such will lead to a distressful and contentious life wherein the benefit of conquests will not be long enjoyed. An advantage will be snatched but one will be forced to surrender it to others; friends will decline company due to selfishness. A degree of SEIZURE.*

  • May 25, 2017: A New Moon of Beginnings occurs at 04°46'. "Two men standing in a wood in the act of fighting a duel. Between them lies a rich purple and gold vesture and a casket of jewels." A jealous and war-like nature, winning competence through great hazards. Efforts can be made to gain wealth and position but one will be met by opposition, therefore either succeed or perish in the attempt. A degree of CHANCE.*

    *Modified from Sepharial's The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized.

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