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2018 Sun Sign Predictions

    Key Transits for the Last Quarter of 2018

    The first half of September will be a bit bumpy, as we recover and re-calibrate from interesting developments arising out of the last three months of intense eclipse activity and Mars retrograde in Aquarius and on into late Capricorn. Mars officially went direct on August 27th, but fallout from the turmoil and complications it cultivated while rolling around in the back rooms will be on the table for much of September. The early days of autumn will be excellent for making forward progress in affairs both business and personal, however much activity may first have to focus on damage control, finishing challenging projects that got mired in delays and/or seeking out new connections to take the place of old, established alliances that proved to no longer be viable.

    One of the big themes that came up for many during the summer transits concerned who proved to be a solid and trustworthy friend, associate or group alliance and who was not. Another theme concerned memories of friends and groups or actual associates from the past who may have surfaced for one last examination and release from the archives of wounding. We really did go through an intense period of catharsis this summer; the earth system at large has also started on a powerful dimensional shift; if having done the housecleaning and homework we can be in good shape to greet future challenges and adapt to higher frequencies rolling through the ethers. If once again having avoided dealing with the dragons, be they internal or external, the terrain from now on will get more and more difficult to navigate with complete sanity and clarity.

    Transiting Highlights for the Rest of 2018::

    August 7, 2018:: Uranus stationed retrograde at 02°33'; it will resume direct motion on January 6, 2019 at 28°44'. This movement is worth mentioning, because during the last months of 2018 the last rather difficult degrees of Aries will be re-visited once again; conflict and disruption will arise over old hierarchies and power-sharing agreements, or the need to adjust modes of personal freedom and activity. The general spirit is one of egotistical non-cooperation and over-blown willfulness around getting one's way or getting what one wants, or not. Positively, we can go back and complete the job of breaking free from old limitations; just try not to fall back on petty tyrant techniques when conquering to acquire a worthy trophy. Expect the days around the station direct in January to pack a punch and be full of surprises; not the best time to travel to unstable venues, either.

    September 6, 2018:: Saturn stationed direct at 02°32'. Saturn resuming direct motion often brings an increase in the sheer volume of duties and responsibilities that land on one's plate. Positively, it's a great time to bring concrete structure into tentative plans and study projects, and form new alliances with practical-minded people. In Capricorn the emphasis is on dealings with authority, whether one's own or those who have authority over you. The spot light is also on parental affairs and the prudent management of duties; past that, many will be moved to ardently seek out enhanced status and prestige in some form.

    October 1, 2018:: Pluto stations direct at 18°45'. Do expect one or more major event around power-grabbing or the abuse of power in the days around this station. This is also a time when it seems like more souls than usual make the choice to leave the physical plane, and more deep issues than usual to suddenly surface and demand resolution. Plutonic power rumbling onwards in Capricorn during the last months of 2018 will amplify the already turgid political arena in the United States, however the really heavy machinations that will change the American Republic into something else will likely wait for the Saturn-Capricorn-Jupiter conjunction period that runs from around September of 2019 through July of 2020. Otherwise, Pluto in forward motion is good for executing those more risky moves, pushing that envelope a little more and consolidating authority or mastery over whatever mode of activity is featured in your world.

    October 5, 2018:: Venus stations retrograde at 10°50'. The goddess of love, self-esteem, financial affairs and attraction will pause in a sign of her detriment, backtracking to station direct at 25°14' on November 16, 2018. While she walks the halls of early Scorpio, the themes of control, possessiveness, jealousy, control and manipulation can arise, especially relative to romance and parent-child relations. In love favors may be withheld for a variety of reasons connected to power-play, lack of trust or feeling used; in business there may be devious developments around money or authority, including the with holding of financial commitment while other avenues are explored or indulged. This energy can be well used to work behind closed doors on creative projects or conduct a secret love affair; research on the feminine attitudes of the ancestors towards sexuality or legacy as a healer/witch is also favored. The particularly brave could get to the root of their sexual dysfunctions, but who wants to admit to having any?

    As Venus retrogrades back into Libra, she will enter a sign of her rulership and therefore should at least become a bit more graciously above-board in her tactics. The focus shifts to examination of relationships in general-especially any formal, contractual agreements we have with others- or lack thereof, most notably as a reflection of how we relate with ourselves. Connections from the past could come forward for review or asking for a re-establishment of bonds long expired; on a light note we could make that luxury purchase that was deferred before, or embark on a re-modeling project of some sort. The entire Venus retro period is not favorable for doing cosmetic surgery or committing to that hot new investment prospect. New financial opportunities and/or buying or selling a company or a house may be tempting, but the time should be spent examining the basement, books and financial track record carefully, just not committing yet. Do expect delays in payments due, and don't expect any special displays of generosity during this time; also do expect surprising information to unfold relative to female relations or close friends.

    November 09, 2018:: Jupiter as ruler of expansion, good fortune and benevolent authority moves out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius for a twelve-month stay. Jupiter is mightily at home in its sign of rulership; the spirit of entrepreneurship and adventuresome restlessness will increase, along with general enthusiasm for various causes. Jupiter in Sag promotes the urge to learn, travel and explore the spiritual path, however some may be righteously moved to dogmatize and shove opinions down the throats of others who have to listen. Keep in mind that a lot of Jupiter can lead to general excess and inflation-as in in waistlines, the economies of countries, lack of ethics and decisions to cut corners or execute risky moves in business. All those sex scandals exposed while Jupiter moved through Scorpio will now get their day in court; but there is a force of conservative push-back in play that has no intention of passing the Equal Rights Amendment or really sanctioning those who, upon rising to the top, feel they earned the right to bully others for sexual gratification.

    November 17, 2018:: Mercury the ruler of all things communicational and commerce-connected goes retrograde at 13°29'; it will resume direct motion on December 6, 2018 at 27°16. Mercury retro in the sign of the archer connects with derailments in enthusiasm, energy and inspiration; it also signals a need to stop and redirect attention into the foundation of what is believed to be the truth. As the planet backtracks into the suspicious and brutal last degrees of Scorpio, the urge to dig deep and get at the heart of the matter grows ever stronger; or some may take extreme means to keep the truth from being found out. sagittal is the sign of organized religion, therefore new information may surface around the abuse and corruption allegations currently dogging the Vatican. As with any Merc retro, it's not the best time to travel, make major purchases or commit to anything at the days around the stations; once firmly into the retro period it can be a great time to take a class, do research or just take a break.

    November 25, 2018:: Neptune ruler of Big Pharma and Big Oil, mystics and artists, arbiter of wishful thinking, disillusion, fraud and subtle deceptions will station direct at 13°41'. Whatever undermining, dissolving or deceptive activity was running quietly in the background will now surface and what a surprise that can be, especially if referring to a health issue. On the plus side, if tending to stall or do escapism as a coping mechanism in general, Neptune moving direct can bring fresh determination to fix whatever was avoided before, help commit to new spiritual or creative endeavors, and cease the more annoying aspects of victimization behaviors. Since there seems to be a general preoccupation out there with avoiding responsibility as much as possible, we can hope that fresh inspiration will flow in from other dimensions and bless us with a re-invigorated sense of idealism that can inspire souls to stand up for some cause that matters in support of the greater good.

    December 21, 2018:: The winter solstice occurs at 5:22 pm in Washington DC, wherein the Sun reaches 0° of Capricorn. The solstice chart can be useful for marking some trends for the coming year. The main feature in this chart is transiting Moon in Gemini making a square to Mars in Pisces, translating over the Midheaven between Neptune and Chiron also in Pisces. In a mundane chart the Moon stands for the people at large; in this chart the Moon is located in the Washington DC twelfth house of karma, secret activities and self-undoing, so basically is in its detriment. It indicates a restless collective spirit of divided opinions and loyalties, at odds with catastrophic Neptunian-Victim issues that won't go away- such as extreme weather involving water, the immigration problem, the opioid crisis, Big Pharma out of control in general, followed closely by Big Oil trying to get as many environmental regulations rolled back as possible.

    Really, if there is no planetary environment left to inhabit, the condition of the job market won't matter. The Chiron-Mars-Neptune stellium at the Midheaven can also symbolize the state of mind of our heads of state, who would seem to be dangerously interested in preserving certain extremely malific aspects of Piscean-style power abuse. Otherwise, Saturn as arbiter of limitation and karma sulks on the Descendant angle of the chart, opposite transneptunian point Hades on the Ascendant, meaning we are collectively being hoisted on the petard of our own ingrained fears and old shadow issues. The bright spot is a rather fun-filled fifth house, tenanted by a Jupiter-Mercury conjunction in Sagitarrius and a sultry Venus in Scorpio in trine to the deeply indulgent Neptune in Pisces. Perhaps a hopeful dream or two and an adventurous spirit will keep us moving through the twilight of our American Dream; keep us walking the evolutionary edge of figuring a thing or two out instead of giving into Twitterpation.

    Degree Symbols for the Solstice Full Moon of 2018 and First New Moon of 2019

    December 22, 2018:: A Full Moon of Climaxes shines at 0°49', exactly opposite the Solstice Sun. A well-fruited vine hanging upon an old wall beneath the sunshine of a summer day.. Tender sympathies and strong attachments, capable of extreme self-devotion to one who is beloved. Fruitful in good acts, happy and contented in disposition. Having enough of the good things of life and the will to use them wisely. A good marriage is favored, as is strong associations to country and to kin. A degree of SYMPATHY.*

    January 5, 2018:: A New Moon of Beginnings will shine at 15°25'.A wide, open seascape on which are distant sailing boats.A calm and sunny temperament, a kind, genial and sunny nature, smooth and tranquil manners and a peaceful disposition. Strength and display of power, and the forces in reserve within yielding, but cannot be reduced. The sympathies are wide and the taste for travel will be marked. One may be lead to distant countries and maybe to the pursuit of nautical life. That there will be interests in distant lands is certain. A degree of COMPLACENCE *

    *Modified from Sepharial's The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized.

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