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2016 Sun Sign Predictions
2017 Forcast Here in January

    Key Transits for the Month of December 2016 (UT)

  • December 1, 2016:: Chiron as the spirit of the shaman, maverick and wounded healer stations direct at 20° 40', while forming a square to taskmaster Saturn in Sagittarius which will stay in orb of aspect for most of the year to come. This aspect is reflective of a tendency to depression, victimisation and the loss of ego identity. The higher purpose of the square is to heal disillusionment and redirect faith that has been misplaced, particularly into belief systems that support oppression by an elite, instead of supporting personal empowerment towards cosmic consciousness.

    Chiron in Pisces can sharpen the desire to escape through drugs, alcohol or other forms of distraction; it can also open doors to heightened psychic sensitivity and weakened boundaries that are porous to negativity or co-dependant manipulation. Meanwhile, Saturn in Sagittarius demands accountability towards oneself in the healthy integration of mind, body, soul and spirit; on the dark side the Saturnine spirit may not tolerate outsiders, such as emigrants of a foreign culture or different religion, very well at all. Moving meditation can manifest dreams into reality with uncanny and speedy accuracy; just be very, very careful what you ask for.

  • December 7, 2016: Venus the ruler of beauty, creativity, attraction and desire moves into Aquarius, where she develops a taste for intellectual pursuits and/or a dash of the strange and exotic in romantic affairs. Venus in this sign supports the drive towards progressive thought, independence and experimentation with alternative lifestyles. Financial gain can come through community groups, networking, friends and well-structured alliances with influential others; don't expect certain love affairs to have a shelf life that lasts much past the holidays.

  • December 13, 2016:: A Full Moon of Climaxes occurs at 22° 25', just past an opposition to Saturn at 19° 16'. The lunation also features a t-square with Chiron in Pisces and a heady shot of fire from Uranus, Eris and Ceres; the emphasis is on conditional versus unconditional love and the wounding that comes from not having one's ideals and dreams respected. The potential for financial shenanigans involving other peoples' money is high; unexpected changes made by those in leadership that impact on the workforce are also to be expected. The best solution may be to throw a great yule-tide party at home, where family affairs may be in disarray but folks are eager to celebrate the season in rowdy fashion anyway.

  • December 19, 2016:: Mars, ruler of assertiveness, drive and passion moves into foggy, idealistic and artistic Pisces while Mercury, ruler of communications and commerce stations retrograde at 15° 07'later on the same day. Expect not to be thinking clearly or taking action with all pistons firing in sync for the three or so days around the station. At the time of solstice two days later, the energy to meet the challenges of physical life will be at quite the low ebb. Try to have most of the Christmas shopping done, and expect that certain plans concerning jobs, money or other tangible assets may be derailed or detoured in some way. Also expect authority figures to go back on their word or simply change direction in business strategy.

    Mercury will be halted just short of a meeting with Pluto, so what communications there are can be quite intense and heavily charged with power plays; the possibility of demonstrations or other forms of mob action cannot be ruled out either. Otherwise, there is opportunity to experience great clarity about parenting style, one's status in the community or who really is or isn't your friend. Do try to avoid feeling sorry for yourself and just let some practical considerations slide for awhile. Mercury will station direct on January 9th of 2017, which is a great excuse to cut back on the work and fully enjoy the holiday season, unless glaring inconsistencies in management have been exposed; requiring someone to clean up the mess or seek out a new accountant.

  • December 29, 2016:: A New Moon of Beginnings occurs at 07° 59'in Capricornian company with Mercury retrograde and Pluto. Uranus ruler of rebellion, revolution and sudden breakdowns in the name of change stations direct a few hours later at 20° 33'. World events tend to get quite volatile indeed at the time of a Uranus station; especially now as Eris, ruler of discord and creative chaos and Ceres, who is currently nurturing in the martial Arian mode are also in conjunction with Uranus. New Year's Eve will likely be pretty wild this year, with folks a tad argumentative and bossy whether at home or out on the streets. We are also coming to the end of a whole ten year cycle of collective development; expect next year to require a whole new set of dance moves. The same old tendencies to sink back into old habits, customary ways of doing business or making sense of reality will not wash; by mid-April the world will be moving onto a whole new movie script, and a whole new kind of game will need to be played to get the brass ring. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    The Lunations of December

  • December 13, 2016: A Full Moon of climaxes occurs at 22° 25'. "An old oak, without leaf or bark, splintered by the storms through which it has passed, stands alone upon a desolate moorland." Desertion by kith and kin and the passing through of many trials can occur through one's own actions or the force of circumstances. The storms of life may sear the heart and blight the spirit, ere the world of our dreams can grow up around us to shelter and protect the times of falling leaf. A degree of ABANDONMENT.*

  • December 21, 2016: The winter solstice, when the hours of daylight are at their least in the cycle of a year, occurs when the sun reaches 0° 00' at 10:44 am UT. This year features a collective focus on ideals, belief systems and glories of the past; also a pervasive sense of woundedness and victimisation that needs to be redeemed, hopefully by the right kind of authority figure; who in reality will simply demand sacrifice. Compromised financial structures will continue to break apart and the fast pace of change continues in all matters connected to financial dealings-whether personal, partnership, or communal in nature. None the less, winter solstice heralds rebirth of spirit into new form for the coming year. Comfort can still be had from striking lucrative new deals with like-minded people, trysting with a secret lover of another class, age or culture; or literally traveling somewhere else to get out of the grind, for awhile.

  • December 28-29, 2016: A New Moon of Beginnings occurs at 07°59'. An eagle carrying its prey in mid-air. A mind that is given to extraordinary flights of fancy, making of purely mundane things the substance of many and prolonged solitary musings. The spirit is rather isolated and misanthropic, while the mind is endowed with faculties of no mean order, so that the world will afford few attractions and ordinary subjects will be only the pabulum of a more ethereal and spiritual food. There will be a wasting of flesh in nightly vigils and much strengthening of the spirit in lonely meditations. Contented, supremely indifferent to the things of this world, the taste of happiness in this life will be evanescent and brief. A degree of LOFTINESS.*

    *Modified from Sepharial's The Degrees of the Zodiac Symbolized.

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